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Conrí and Spirit were making a game of eating jellybeans. They were tossing them back and forth at each other. The one who ate the most wins. Needless to say… The floor of the hacker's lab was a complete mess.

Spirit giggled silently as a blue jellybean bounced off her nose and onto the table that separated them. Conrí laughed as his little niece rubbed her nose. The door slid open and Holiday stepped in. She slipped and nearly fell on her ass.

"What's going on in here?!" Holiday demanded while holding on tightly to Conrí's plush brown leather sofa.

"We're just having a little game," Conrí said with a boyish grin that made the good doctor's cheeks heat up.

"I can see that… Don't you think that White would be a little annoyed that you're slacking off?"

"Two words for you, AI."

"Those are two letters," she quipped, "and you're lucky that your father is teaching you proper grammar and not Conrí."

The hacker gave her an amused smirk and threw a jellybean at her, hitting her in the dead center of her forehead. Holiday sputtered in surprise and Spirit hopped off of her chair and ran over to her with a handful of ammo.

Holiday stuck her nose up in the air, "No. I will not stoop to his level."

Conrí threw another, nailing her in the breast. The doctor blushed at his infuriating smirk and flicked a bean at him. The hacker opened his mouth and ate the tart apple flavored candy.

"You're going to have to do better than that, luv," Conrí said with a smirk.

Holiday blushed and gave him a determined look. She flicked one and it ended up hitting him on the chest and sliding down into his pocket.

Spirit watched as the two adults burst out laughing. It was nice to see auntie Sarah act like a kid for a change. She was usually so serious and intensely focused… It was like she forgot how to have fun! Uncle Conrí on the other hand, was never all that mature… He was, however, usually pretty closed off and kind of sad. It was nice to see his eyes smile with his lips for a change. Usually they remained a little sad but auntie Sarah made him really happy.

Spirit decided to play matchmaker…



She slipped out unnoticed while the two geniuses were throwing jellybeans at each other. Sometimes the best way to bring people together is to do nothing at all and allow the sparks to fly. It was in one of those girly books that auntie Sarah liked to read. It got gross with all the kissing and stuff but Spirit skipped over that. She was more interested in the character development in such books and the psychological aspect. There were some that were just plain stupid and had nothing but the naughty parts. Spirit was amazed that she could even read one sentence out of the entire book. Then where were ones that actually tried to tell a story. Those books showed that love was painful and confusing as well as breathtakingly beautiful. It was something that Spirit feared she would never understand…

In short, romance novels were just like any other novel. It all depended on the writer. Spirit was secretly interested in becoming a writer one day… She had wanted to tell her story and share the world just how wonderful her family was. Daddy and papa were in a romance. Uncle Callan and uncle Cesar were in a romance. And now auntie Sarah and uncle Conrí finally seemed to have their happy ending.

Spirit decided that until she experienced that kind of love better she would stick to writing the stuff that she had experienced first hand.

Spirit had experienced horror.

She had experienced sorrow.

She had experienced adventure.

She had experienced captivity.

She had experienced hopelessness.

She had experienced familiar love.

She had experienced happiness.

She had experienced peace.

She had experienced freedom.

She had experienced hope.

Spirit had experienced so much more but these were the main ones that came to mind.

Spirit's therapist told her to keep a journal. Mrs. Barnaby was really nice and fortunately very understanding. She understood that Spirit's family consisted of Providence scientists and agents. She did not doubt for a second that White Knight would be true to his word and take the little girl away from such a loving, yet dangerous environment in a heart beat if she did not earn her keep. Mrs. Barnaby didn't particularly agree with this but going against Providence and their lawyers was suicide.

Still, she adored Spirit, who though deeply troubled remained resilient despite the odds. The thing that stuck with Spirit the most was when Mrs. Barnaby complimented her writing. It was at this point that Spirit decided she had a story in her. Actually she probably had more than just one story… She could write them as a fiction under a penname.

'Hopefully Mr. Fishy won't be mad if I change a few things…'

It would be one way to keep busy while the adults in her life partook in the activities that she skipped over in those romance novels. Spirit was eleven. She wasn't stupid. While seeking to perfect her art and her healing ability, she read books on anatomy that were initially very confusing. Needless to say Spirit knew where babies come from…

The books she read had made childbirth sound excruciating. It sounded more like a walk in the park compared to being impaled, gutted, or shot…

Spirit sat down at her computer and began to make notes on her life so far. Part of her concentrated on her writing. Part of her was wondering what her daddies were up to…

Six had taken his jump jet to One's island. Rex, of course, was with him. The Latino teen sat behind him, trying desperately to kiss and caress any part he could get his lips and hands on. Six had never experienced how difficult it was to fly while hard.

Painfully hard…

"R-Rex," Six groaned.

"Hmm?" Rex purred as he sucked on Six's earlobe.

"R-Rex stop. Unless you'd prefer to crash…"

Rex chuckled, "Sorry…"

"We're coming in for a landing anyway so buckle up."

Rex nipped at his beloved's earlobe before leaning back into his seat and buckling up with a sigh. He looked outside and was blown away by the view. The first time Rex had been to One's island it was little more than a desert. When the poor man died due to being attacked by ninety percent of his students it became a Garden of Eden. And now it was in bloom…

Exotic flowers in an unimaginable variety of shapes and colors dotted the small island for as far as the eye can see… Six landed on the beach with a sigh. It was around this time that Rex began to feel a little ashamed of his previous actions. They were here to honor the man who raised his cariño.

Six often praised One as though he were the greatest man on earth. He couldn't help but be a little jealous…

Rex shook his head and focused on the world below him. He had never seen anything so green and so beautiful before! Well… Save with the exception of the man flying the jump jet that is…

Still… With all the beauty and peace that surrounded them, Rex couldn't seem to shake that something amazing was going to happen… Something that would change their relationship forever…

Six had been waiting for the perfect moment. There really was no such thing as a perfect moment when it came to life. Life itself was imperfect. Rex had been waiting relatively patiently for nine months without trying to press the issue. He wondered if he could do something to coax it instead…

"Six? Do you think he'd like a monument?" Rex asked.

"…No. I think he created one for himself, wouldn't you agree?" Six said with a sigh as he looked around.

"If only this island was this beautiful when I was here as a boy…"

"Do you know any of the plants?" Rex asked.

Rex felt a shiver rush down his spine as he listened to Six's deep sexy voice. Despite being crammed in that jump jet for over five hours, Six still wasn't one for talking. So his voice was slightly husky from disuse…

God, how it made him melt… Rex admittedly didn't have many memories from his childhood. But there were times where he would look back and swear that Six really was the angel he was looking for… He had been waiting for him all his life, no matter how brief his eighteen years was in comparison to Six's thirty. It still felt as though had waited an entire lifetime…

And now?

Now he got to hold his angel every night…

Rex's mind returned to the improvised botany lesson as Six admitted that there were several flowers that he didn't know.

"…I think that One may have created a few. Like this…"

"Er… Where should be pay tribute to One?" Rex interrupted.

"His mountain."

"The volcano?!"

Six nodded, "Before it became his prison, One would hold temple there. A few of us chose to practice Buddhism with him."

"Buddhism?! I thought Buddhists were all about peace!"

Six smirked, "We have our bad days…"

Rex blinked, "D-Did you just make a joke?!"

The older man chuckled at his look of disbelief, "Even the monks, though pacifists, practice martial arts. They will not fight unless it is absolutely necessary for the protection of themselves or others. Such a concept has been around since feudal Japan. These monks were called yamabushi."

Rex shook his head and smiled, "You really are amazing sometimes, you know, cariño?"

Six blushed and smiled but continued to lead the way. The island may have changed greatly, shifting its eco system from desert to tropical, but he still knew it like the back of his hand. It wasn't long before they found the cave.

"How could you tell where it was? It's been years since we last saw this place and it's changed so much!" Rex pointed out.

"As a kid I would wonder the entirety of this island for days. It's more of a home to me than Providience ever was yet less of a home to me than your arms," Six said simply with a slight blush.

Rex felt his face heat up ever so slightly at Six's words. They were a little awkward for an agent who was normally a bit of a smooth talking flirt. Well, when it came to Rex at least…

'Actually Six had been a little nervous ever since he mentioned this trip… I wonder if the same thing on my mind has also been on his…'

Rex tried his best not to smirk. Now was the time for bow one's head in respect, not to think about ravishing a dead man's son…

Six knelt before the entrance to the cave and lit some incense. He began to chant in a language that Rex couldn't understand. The teen knelt next to him and bowed his head out of respect. He listened as Six's voice became thick and raw with emotion. Rex knew that this must have been hard for his beloved to do… He could only pray that it would be a very, very long time before he had to do such a thing himself.

Just the very idea of having to say goodbye to his cariño or one of his friends or even his daughter prematurely was making him tear up. Rex bit his lip and blinked back the tears. Six needed his strength and support. He didn't need to comfort a blubbering teen who was fretting over something that would hopefully not happen until everyone was ready to die of old age.

Rex just knew that when the day would come…

When Six died…

He would go with him.


It wouldn't be suicide. Rex just knew that he would die of a broken heart. Six was his opposite and his other half. They were two different sides of the same coin. One could not exist without the other.

If Spirit were to die…

'Oh God… Heaven forbid that she would die first,' Rex thought.

Life would hold no meaning without his baby girl…

Six's breath shuttered as he sighed… He always felt at peace when he recited the prayer even if it was one that was typically given at someone's grave. It had been three years since his adoptive father's death. Lets face it; One was his master first and his father second but still…

He stood and offered on final bow.

'Even after I tried to steal from him he gave me a home and something to live for. He taught me how to be a good man, picking up where my father left off…'

Warmth and sorrow filled his chest. The agent nearly jumped out of his skin when Rex stood and put his arm around his shoulders. Six sagged against his beloved's lean yet sturdy form.

"You miss him," Rex stated.

"I miss all of them… One. Dad. Mom. Lily. Rosemary…"

Rex hung his head, "I'm sorry, cariño… I have no idea what it's like to have three families and… And to lose each of them…"

Six stood and gave his young love a sad smile, "The third time may not have been the charm but the fourth will be, chéri."

Rex smiled in return and gave him a chaste kiss out of respect for One and his designated resting place.

"I love you, Alex and we will always have each other," Rex promised.

Six blushed at the sound of his name from Rex's lips. Sure the teen hadn't purred it out as seductively as he had "Alejandro", but it sounded sweet and sensual all the same. He leaned in and kissed Rex just a little bit deeper.

"I love you too, Rex."

Rex smirked as he pulled Six into a passionate kiss. He groaned into the agent's mouth. God, Six was heat incarnate. The feverish fervor that made his toes curl and his head spin. The impassioned Latino broke the kiss and threaded his fingers through Six's hair as he kissed the older man from the corner of his mouth to his chin, to his jaw… He playfully nipped and sucked on the side of Six's neck before using it to trace around the agent's Adam's apple.

Six let out a deep husky moan as he rubbed his rock hard member against Rex's stomach. Rex rubbed his hardened cock against Six's muscular thigh. He couldn't help but feel just a little bit dirty and extremely guilty of seducing his cariño in front of his adopted father's grave.

Rex smirked and snatched Six's sunglasses though instead of putting them down and continuing his attentions on the older man's neck…

Rex stunned Six by…


Six stared after his love in confusion before realizing that not only had Rex left him painfully hard but he had also stolen his sunglasses…

"Rex!" Six bellowed as he chased after the teen.

Something red came flying towards him. Six dodged it then stared at the offending attacker on the ground…

It was Rex's jacket…

The agent shook off his confusion and began to chase him again only just barely dodge Rex's T-shirt.

'What the…'

It wasn't until he saw Rex ahead of him trying to struggle out of his skintight leather pants that he understood. Six smirked and shed his tie, which was quickly followed by his blazer and shirt.

Six quickly shed his belt and his pants soon followed. He was down to shoes, socks, and underwear. Speaking of underwear…

Rex was running ahead of him in nothing but a pair of green briefs that matched Six's suit perfectly… The agent felt his face heat up and his cock twitch at the sight of Rex's curvy bottom sporting his colors like a badge of honor.

Six kicked off his shoes and socks with surprising grace, unlike Rex who had tripped and nearly toppled over a couple of times. He was wearing a ridiculous pair of gag boxer shorts that Rex had bought him… They were pink with white bunnies. He made a mental note to never let his daughter see him in them or he'd never "hear" the end of it…

Rex stopped briefly to set down his goggles and Six's shades on a rock before quickly removing his flashy briefs and sling shooting them in Six's direction. The young EVO dove into the deep blue lagoon below.

Six laughed as he dodged the flying underwear and shed his own at the same time. He stared down into the crystal blue waters below and was rewarded with seeing Rex floating face up naked as the day he was born and wearing nothing but an enticing smile on his handsome face.

Six smirked and dove in, making a small splash in comparison to Rex's earlier cannonball. Rex rolled his eyes. Six was a ninja. He was all stealth even on a nice quiet day like this. Rex was a small tank. No stealth was required, particularly on a nice quiet day like this.

The Latino teen gasped as he felt a pair of supple lips press against his tailbone before his love surfaced next to him. Rex had been waiting for the moment… Six, the tease, made him wait nine long months.

Rex could hardly wait one second more! As an agent, Six was strong and confident. He got the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. As a father and as his beloved… Six constantly questioned if he was worthy of such titles. Rex had no idea what kind of person Six was in the past, but he had been given glimpses here and there. Six, with all his love, gentleness, and honesty was frightening… He was like a storm or a fire ironically enough. Beautiful to behold but dangerous to get close to… The man was walking lightning.

Currently Rex could tell that his cariño was more than a little nervous… Six was a fantastic lover, taking Rex to heights of ecstasy that he never thought possible. But this was going to be their first time actually making love and the only thing on Six's mind seemed to be Rex's virginity.

It was going to hurt in other words…

Rex gave him an understanding smile. He knew that Six wanted to make sure that he was absolutely one hundred percent ready. So the young EVO took matters into his own hands…

Rex wrapped his arms around the agent's neck and kissed him. His tongue ran along the agent's lips, begging for entrance. He sighed and melted into the older man's embrace upon getting it. The kiss went from a tentative caress to a full on battle for dominance.

It was a futile fight. Six was stronger despite Rex's builds. He was faster. He was more experienced. But Rex was also more durable and resilient than his beloved one gave him credit for…

Six could be as rough as he pleased but Rex knew he would be gentle…

The older man gently caressed Rex's cheek before running his fingers through his hair. He gave the raven locks a slight tug, pulling his head back and breaking a kiss to pay special attention to the young man's neck.

Rex let loose a soft whimper and brushed his rapidly hardening cock against the agent's thigh. Six smirked against his neck before leaving a gentle love bite on the side of his neck. He sucked softly, leaving a small red mark over the teen's pulse.

Rex trembled violently and nearly allowed himself to sink back down into the water. Six chuckled and nodded to the smooth rock near the waterfall. Rex blinked in surprise, not really fathoming that Six was suggesting. The only things that Rex's mind could register now were love and a burning all consuming lust. His head was spinning and his neck and loins felt as though they were on fire…

Six was swimming away. Why was Six swimming away?

Rex blinked and watched as his love climbed upon the rock and sat down in the warm sun with the refreshing water gently misting his nude form.


Rex shook the cobwebs from his head and swam over. Six offered him a hand. Rex accepted his aid and climbed up on the rock only to find him self pinned under the stronger male.

It was at this point that Rex realized something… Six was, er, well…


Six was big.

How was that going to fit in his virgin ass when he could barely fit it in his mouth?! As soon as Rex and Six started dating, the younger man would… Practice. He would use bananas. He had gotten so good that he could just swallow them whole in one gulp. Rex fidgeted nervously as he made a mental note to show that to Six one day…

Six pressed a gentle kiss to the young man's lips and purred into his ear, "Ne vous inquiétez pas mon amour de jeunesse. La douleur va rapidement s'estomper. Je vais vous faire sentir rien que du plaisir."

Rex felt himself relax against the stone at his back. It was a little uncomfortable yet smooth and warm at the same time. It made for an interesting sensation…

Six brought his fingers up to Rex's lips. He traced them with a feather light touch. Rex was the one who blushed as he took them into his mouth.

This was it…

Rex's heart raced as the agent licked him from the base of his cock up to the tip. He sucked on the head of his young love's cock ever so slightly. Rex moaned and squirmed as Six gave him a playful nip on his hip as he slid his finger's from the young EVO's mouth.

Rex whimpered as Six inserted his index finger. It was a little foreign and uncomfortable but not unbearable. His whimpering quickly turned into moans as the agent began to pump his finger in and out, preparing his love for a much larger intrusion. Rex panted as he instinctively began to fuck Six's finger.

He gasped as Six added a second finger and began to pump faster.

Rex cried out as Six brushed against his prostate. He began to cry out Six's name as though he were praying for release.

"P-Please…" Rex whimpered.

"Soon," Six breathed into Rex's ear as he nibbled on the sensitive appendage.

"Ah…" Rex gasped as the agent added a third finger.

He raised his hips up, trying to add to the delicious friction. Six chuckled as he pressed a hand to his young love's stomach, blatantly ignoring the hardened cock waving about in his face.

Rex whimpered and writhed Six purposefully brushed against his prostate repeatedly. He felt so close… Six abruptly stopped. Tears of frustration threatened to spill from the Latino's eyes. He whined in protest as Six removed his fingers.

Six pressed a bittersweet kiss to Rex's lips as though to offer his apologies. Six slicked up his hand, using his saliva as a lubricant on his cock. He made a mental note to buy some as soon as possible once they got back to the States.

Six looked Rex in the eye as positioned himself outside the young man's entrance. The love and trust that he saw reflected in his young love's eyes made his heart soar. This was something that he never had and never thought that he would have.

Rex was his everything…

Rex was his soul mate…

With those thoughts in mind, Six took a deep breath and penetrated him in one swift thrust. Rex cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure, his hands gripping Six's shoulders with a bruising force. Tears prickled the corners of his eyes.

"Deep breaths," Six instructed.

He hesitated to move an inch lest he hurt his chéri so the agent settled for holding one of Rex's hands. Rex gave it a comforting squeeze and eventually nodded. Six pulled out and slowly pushed back in. The Latino let out a breathy moan and closed his eyes.

The agent kept his pace slow and gentle, teasing Rex's prostate with the soft caress of his cock. It took a bit to find his rhythm but Rex was eventually able to match Six thrust for thrust as the older man increased his pace.

Six lifted Rex's hips up to get a better angle and greatly picked up the pace. Every thrust hit the teen's prostate dead on. Rex cried out loud and panted as he frantically met Six's wild thrusts.

Six placed his hand on either side of his beloved's head and began to regret not having anything more substantial than smooth stone to hold onto.

The dull pain blooming in Rex's back was greatly overshadowed by the stars he was beginning to see behind his eyes. He wrapped his legs around Six's waist, urging him to go deeper. Six slowed his thrusts, caressing the younger man's prostate in a languid manner.

Rex moaned and writhed despite the stone that pressed uncomfortably against his back. His body was on fire despite the cool mist from the waterfall. He felt feverish, delirious, and delicious.

He felt amazing…

Rex growled impatiently as he pulled Six in for a kiss. The agent had been too intent on watching his little sex fiend enjoy the attentions that he lavished upon his body. He had never seen anything so beautiful, so sensual, and so sinful in all his life… It was addicting.

Rex bit the older man's lip in an almost painful manner as though to chastise him for being naughty and neglectful. Six growled and quieted his complaints with a rough thrust and a passionate kiss. He ran his fingers through Rex's soaking wet hair, giving it a playful tug to remind the younger man who was in charge at the moment.

Rex went straight for Six's Adam's apple again, nipping at it a bit rougher than normal and sucking on it, leaving a nice little red mark. It stood out brilliantly against Six's pale skin. There would be no missing that…

Rex ran his fingers over the old scars on the agent's chest, causing the man to gasp and writhe out of shock and pleasure. That was something new… Rex had never really paid much attention to Six's scars as scars more often than not caused a loss of sensation. They seemed to have the exact opposite effect on Six…

The agent moaned deeply as his thrusts became more erratic. Rex leaned up and tentatively brushed his tongue over the top of Six's one scar then began to gently suck on it. Six whimpered and leaned his muscular shoulder into the touch of the teen's lips and tongue.

Rex felt Six stop briefly as he began to tremble…

'Oh… Oh!'

This was better for Six than working his Adam's apple was…

The agent pulled away, his face was flushed and his expression was stunned. His breath was ragged, as his body demanded some much needed oxygen.

'He forgot to breathe!' Rex thought gleefully.

His eyes were so dilated they looked almost completely black even in the light of the sun as it shimmered through the trees.

Rex stole a kiss from the agent's lips, "Are you okay?"

Six looked dazed as he nodded.

"Good," Rex said as he rolled his hips.

Six groaned and began to pound into him in an almost vicious manner. Rex cried out in a combination of pain and damn near orgasmic pleasure as the agent continued to hit his prostate. The teen swore he felt as though he was having an out of body experience, as the thrusts grew faster and deeper as well as much less controlled…

The stars came back for Rex. They were brighter than ever.

He was close…

He was so very close…

With one final passion-filled kiss Six grabbed Rex by the hips and thrust into him one final time…

Fuck the stars…

Rex saw fireworks and volcanoes behind his eyes.

"ALEX!" Rex howled as he came violently.

He arched his back, decorating his stomach, chest, and even the stones behind him with his cum.

"Rex!" Six let out a guttural groan as he came inside his young love.

The agent's heart pounded violently against his ribs as he rode out his high. He had never experienced anything so intense in his entire life!

Six exhaustedly propped himself up on his arms so as not to crush Rex even further into the rock. He looked into his love's eyes and saw that they mirrored his own. Love. Lust. Acceptance. Understanding. Trust. Pain…

'Pain?!' Six slowly pulled out and nearly lost it when he saw a bit of his cum drip out a long with a bit of blood.

For all the cautions he took to prepare Rex, he still hurt him. The agent nearly jumped as Rex caressed his cheek, brushing away a single tear.

"Shhh… I'm fine. I'm better than fine. I feel amazing! You're amazing! So stop worrying. I regret noting and neither should you," Rex reassured.

Six swallowed the apology that had been bubbling up his throat yet unable to escape his lips.

"You should go back into the water to ease the pain," he suggested.

Rex gave him a crooked smile, "I'm not in that much pain. Just hold me, preferably in the grass."

Six gave him a weak chuckle and they slid carefully into the water and waded their way to the shore.

He pulled Rex down for a tender kiss, "I love you…"

"I love you too," Rex whispered against his cariño's lips.

The teen curled up and laid his head on his love's chest, basking in the warmth of sun and skin, as his eyes grew heavy.

Thus, it was Adam and Adam who bypassed the forbidden fruit and fornicated in the Garden of Eden…

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