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Spirit was up at the crack of dawn, as usual. Much like her daddy, she enjoyed having an early start. Though thanks to her papa's not so good influence, daddy seemed to be sleeping in later and later these days. Spirit didn't mind too much though. It gave her the chance to beat them to the kitchen if she were feeling altruistic enough, to make breakfast for her fathers.

She stared outside her window at all the pretty horses. As the sun shimmered through the trees and onto their shiny coats, she began to see why girls went mad for these enchanting and elegant creatures.

'They are almost as lovely as the sky,' she thought as her eyes drifted from the beasts to the clouds.

Soft hues of pink, lavender, and gold filled the sky, bleeding into a brilliant turquoise. Each color danced across every flower and blade of grass in the fields as well as the horses' backs. It was breathtaking and peaceful. She wished that it would never have to change and that she could stay here forever rather than face the cold harsh reality that was Providence.

Spirit had never understood horses' appeal to girls her age until now…

So the little girl began to plot a way to take Pricilla home with her. Providence was no place for a horse though. There was no grass, no hay, and no wide open fields. There was no freedom. It was just white like snow but twice as cold. Spirit furiously wiped away her tears. It won't do any good to cry. She had a family. She had a playful if not naughty and thoroughly spoiled cat. She had grandparents now, too! Spirit decided that she could be content with that.

The little girl wondered if she could convince all of her family to gather together somewhere in the world and have a great big family reunion! It was so wonderful going from a lonely orphan to having a nice big family!

The only thing she was missing was a mother... Sure, she had a mother. Uncle Conrí had made her sound so wonderful that Spirit's heart ached for the woman she would never know. The little girl possessed the ability to heal, yet this was one life that she took rather than saved. There was no bringing her back and it was all her fault that her poor uncle's heart was broken...

Spirit felt tears run down her cheeks and drip onto the window sill. Though her life was happy her heart still felt empty. Just the thought of never knowing such a kind and loving woman made the girl wish she had a time machine at least just a little bit. Her father sounded like a horrible man. Even if her mother had lived, he still would've sold her there was no doubt about that.

'Would mommy try to run away with me? Would she try to save me?' Spirit wondered, 'Or was that monster's word "law"…'

She felt deeply conflicted... A life on the lamb with her mother and uncle would mean that she would've never have known her fathers. She loved her fathers and was deeply grateful for all that they had done for her. Spirit was also very grateful for her mother, her uncle, and oddly enough her father.

Catherine Reaper had loved her daughter the moment she discovered she was carrying her. Conrí Foley had searched endlessly for the niece he had been too young to protect. Charles Reaper had been unspeakably cruel in selling her to settle his gambling depts. But if it weren't for his selfishness, she would not have the family she has now. It almost redeemed him in a way...


Spirit wiped her eyes as she heard a knock on her door before it was slowly opened. If her daddy caught her crying he would make it his mission to do whatever he could to make her happy. This was a kind of vacation for everyone. She wasn't going to ruin it for them by being gloomy and sad. So Spirit yawned widely to cover up the real reason for her tears and rubbed her eyes.

The little girl had an epiphany that made her "sleepy" face break out into a wide grin. Her daddy stood before her in his frilly pink apron that her papa had clearly packed. Her daddy dressed her up, fussed over her hair, cooked, preferred the arts to sports, and apparently had a weakness for kittens.

'My daddy is my mommy!' She thought.

The little girl knew better than to sign such a thing. There were certain topics that were better kept inside your head rather than out in the open. Regardless, she was pretty content in knowing that her not so traditional family was complete after all. Spirit ran to her daddy and gave him her very best bone crushing bear hug.

Six scooped his baby girl up and buried his face into her soft raven curls with a smile. He couldn't believe how much his life had changed in the past couple of months… Long ago there were few things that Six loved more than stalking his prey before slicing into his victim's flesh with deadly accuracy and twisting the blade. Now, there was nothing more that he loved than being a lover and a father. He adored his precious daughter and goofy husband.

'Husband?!' Six thought, his heart racing and his mind in a mild panic over the subject of marriage.

'Where the hell did that come from?! Would Rex even want to marry me?! Did he want to get married?!'

Spirit stared up at the soft blush on her daddy's cheeks and wondered what on earth he was thinking about. She tapped his shoulder to snap him out of his stupor. Six turned his attention back to his daughter.

"Come on, baby, let's go wake up papa," he said with a smile.

"Papa's still asleep?!" Spirit signed with a surprised look on her face.

"The fresh air did him in. His internal clock was always set to no later than ten.

"It's four."

"Yes, but if we don't wake him soon the cowboys will eat his breakfast."

Six set Spirit down and watched as she ran into the guest room that he and Rex had been sleeping in earlier. The startled yelp of his young love indicated that Spirit had done her job a little too well. Six leaned against the door frame and watched as his immature love and their eleven-year-old daughter got into a pillow fight.




The agent sighed as the pillows exploded, coating the room in fluffy white goose down feathers. Rex laughed as Spirit dove into the feathers like a child into a pile of newly raked leaves. She emerged with a wide grin in her face and feathers covering each bouncy, inky black curls.

"I don't know mija… Daddy looks too clean. What do you say we get him to play?" Rex said with a sneaky smirk spread across his face.

"…No way," Six deadpanned.

"You're not getting away," Rex declared with an armful of feathers.

Spirit grinned and joined her papa in his attempt at turning her daddy into a gigantic fluffy chicken. Rex's strength and Spirit's disarming cuteness was still no match for the agent's ninja skills and stealth. It was all too easy for Six to evade their advances and escape to the kitchen.

It was your typically southern kitchen, large and spacious with white counters, pale terracotta walls, and wooden floors and cabinets. There was a large pig shaped cookie jar on the one counter filled with snickerdoodles. The curtains were white with delicate flowers stitched into them. There was a large plate stacked high with pancakes right next to another one that was covered in bacon.

Rosalynn was manning the griddle. Michael Sr was eating and reading the paper. Callan and César were sitting at the table with a bunch of cowboys. It wasn't unusual for the Callans' to open their home to their workers for food or even a place to stay if it were necessary, yet the normally warm and comforting atmosphere was tense…

Spirit frowned at the scene… Something wasn't right here. Six gave his love a look and headed over to the kitchen to give Rosalynn a hand. Rex gave the cowboys a nervous look. He wasn't sure what to make of them. Some were flat out ignoring Callan and his brother. No one acknowledged that he had come downstairs with his family. There were no easy going smiles aside from that of Michael Sr.

Spirit tugged on Rex's hand the teen turned his attention to his daughter. She gave him a worried look. These people looked to be about as accepting as AnnaMarie or Noah. They were a little scarier though. These were real men with muscle and scruffy faces, not some spoiled bimbo or scrawny dumbass.

Rex didn't really care. He was an EVO. He was stronger than the average human and Six was even stronger than him. Together with Callan and César they could protect Spirit if necessary and overcome anything. But disapproval met with violence was not the answer. He wanted to teach Spirit to be better than that. So Rex chose to cautiously ignore them for now.

A wide smirk spread across his face as he whispered something to his daughter. Spirit looked apprehensive until Rex bribed her with a cookie… Six had put her on a mostly no sweets diet since they began training more vigorously. A cookie sounded pretty epic right about now…

So Rex approached Six from behind and snuggled up against him, "I didn't get my morning kiss."

Six raised an eyebrow, "You should've thought of that before trying to accost me with feathers."

"We almost got ya!"

"No you didn't."

"Do I at least get a kiss for keeping you on your toes?"

Six sighed and turned, staring down into his young love's deep crimson eyes, "Yes."

Originally he had thought of saying "no", but it was impossible to stay mad at Rex when he made puppy eyes at him. The teen grinned and met the agent half way for a kiss. Though it had begun as an innocent peck, it quickly became a trap as their mutinous daughter hopped up out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around her daddy's shoulders before vigorously shaking her head. Six let out a grunt due to the additional weight at his back. His eyes sprang open just in time to see white feathers floating downwards.

Six's nose twitched a bit as a particularly soft and pesky feather brushed against it. He broke the kiss with a glare to his grinning fool of a chéri and set their still dangling little girl on the counter behind him. The agent stared down at his daughter with a look of mild annoyance and amusement. They had managed to take him by surprise, which was a point in their favor. They were also disgustingly cute, which won them another point.

Six sighed "You two will be the death of me."

Spirit's eyes went wide and Six captured her hands before she could begin her frantic apology.

"No tears. It's just an expression. I'm sure you've read it before my clever girl," he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Rex grinned and flung an arm around his cariño's waist, "We got you good."

"It won't happen again," Six said with some finality.

"That sounds like a challenge…"

"It's a promise."

A chill raced down his spine as Rex cheekily nibbled on his ear, "Oh really now?"

"Rex," Six ground out in warning as he tried to ignore his eager love's talented tongue and its seductive ministrations.

"Now boys, don't make me turn the hose on you," Rosalynn teased.

As nice as it was that these two were so deeply in love, but certain things just weren't appropriate to do around a little girl. Little did she know that Spirit witnessed her fathers' mushy ways on a daily basis…

Six's rosy cheeks turned beet red and poor Rex was practically matching his bright red flannel shirt. It took the teen's brain a second to register that perhaps it would be wise to let go. The Latino teen did so and pouted like a petulant child as he rested his chin on Six's shoulder and hugged him about the waist.

"Now, don't get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with love in any form it takes, but some people might not be as open minded. Some of our boys, for example," Rosalynn cautioned.

Six frowned and nodded. Rex felt his earlier cheery mood deflate considerably. Spirit frowned and thought that it was terribly stupid and closed minded that people were judged for who they fell in love with and not for whom they were as a person. Her fathers were good people who happened to fight monsters in order to keep the world safe. If one were to judge them, shouldn't they base their verdict on that rather than who they love? What about the awesome job they were doing raising her? Such pettiness against those who were different was beyond the little girl's comprehension.

Conrí had finally dragged himself out of bed and grabbed some coffee for him and Holiday. He saw that thoughtful look on his niece's face and remembered the disgust on the cowboys' faces earlier.

"Don't try to understand petty minded bigotry, lass, it will make your head explode," the hacker muttered as he added an ungodly amount of sugar and cream to Holiday's mug.

He shuffled out just as he had come in, resembling a member of the undead from that comedic horror movie Spirit had recently watched with said uncle. A couple of the cowboys must have heard his comments as they glared at him as he shambled by. She was half expecting one of them to trip him so he'd burn himself. It was then that Spirit had a dark thought pop into her head.

'They hurt my family and I'll go Lorena Bobbit on their butts!' She thought spitefully.

Six lifted his little girl off of the counter and set her down while Rex got breakfast together. They sat closest to Callan and César, ignoring the blatant stares and awkward silence.

"So," Rex began awkwardly, "What's on the agenda for today?"

"Well the three of us are goin' to do some work on the ranch while César shows dad his lab, Conrí's gunna take a look at the ranch's website and the women are goin' shoppin'," Callan explained.

Rex watched warily as some of the men shifted uncomfortably in their seats. He wondered what part of being around gay men was most uncomfortable for them. Was it a religious thing? Did they think that gay men fell in love with the first hot piece of ass that happened to walk by?

Rex was far more selective than that and he had good taste in men if he did say so himself. He preferred sexy green-clad ninjas over sweaty, ignorant cowboys. The first person he truly fell in love with was Six and as far as Rex was concerned, Six was going to be the last.

The only…

Six gave Rex an odd look as a smile crept across his young love's face despite the awkward hostility that they were faced with. As much as he wanted to know what was on his mind he knew that it was probably best that he didn't ask. Rex didn't have much of a censor when it came to love and Six knew that look in his eye all too well…




Unconditional love…

So the older man settled for giving him a playful smirk. To any other person it would just seem as though he were thinking of something amusing, but to Rex, who could practically read his mind, it meant so much more. Six allowed his sunglasses to slide down his nose a bit, revealing his eyes to Rex who saw adoration, understanding, and just a touch of mischief.

That touch of mischief sent a jolt through Rex that went straight to his groin. Six was rarely mischievous unless it had to do with sex…

Spirit's eyes flew open in surprise as Uncle Conrí snatched her up, "Come on, little darling. We're going to take pictures for the website and I'm going to teach you how to fix their atrocious coding."

"Is it really that bad?" Spirit signed.

"I think an amateur set it up. Depending on the resolution or the browser itself the content seems to have shifted out of place here and there. Hardly a professional. Then again neither am I, which is why we'll be working in our pajamas and wellies," he said with a smirk.

"Or you could go shopping with us and we'll treat you to some ice cream," Holiday offered.

Some of the cowboys looked up and took in the doctor's remarkable beauty while others dismissed her as a prissy city girl. She was dressed in a pale teal sundress that off set her lovely tanned skin. Her hair was left down for a change, giving her a casual and carefree look.

Spirit scrunched up her nose. Shopping was boring! Auntie Holiday kept trying to rope her into some sort of trip. More often than not Spirit accompanied her and suffered in silence. Unless it was to go to a movie… Auntie Holiday had fantastic tastes in movies! She liked action and mystery films! She understood why her aunt dragged her along on these trips as often as she could… Holiday missed her sister, Beverly.

Spirit wasn't stupid. There were times where she swore that her Uncle Conrí saw his sister when he looked at her rather than his niece. She didn't blame him. The way in which he lost her was terrible. She didn't blame Holiday either.

But still…

The last thing she wanted was to be a kind of surrogate for them. She didn't want them to look at her and see someone else. Spirit wanted them to see her. So she respectfully declined her aunt's offer. They had a couple of days left in their vacation. She could spend it with her aunt and grandmother then. Maybe they could do something more fun than shopping…

Spirit would love to go riding again! She thought that that would be a really fun way to say good-bye to Texas, riding off into the sunset just like the old westerns she watched with her uncles, Callan and César.


Michael Sr. had clapped his hands, "Alright! Breakfast is over! I expect everything to be done by sundown. Ya have a lot of work ahead of ya. So get goin'!"

"We'll start off your day's work by havin' the two of you mend the fences while we move the cattle from the valley to the fields," Callan explained.

César stood and placed his dishes in the sink, "Michael, if you'll come with me, I'll show you my mobile lab."

"Is that thing still able to go into space?"

"Yeah, though I wouldn't recommend it until I work out all the bugs. Going into space is no problem but coming back is a whole other story."

Michael Sr. deposited his dishes into the sink and joined his son's new boyfriend, "Think ya could fix it? That would be one hell of an anniversary vacation for the misses and me."

César grinned, "Maybe. Though I would have to come with… I don't feel quite right about sending you up there on your own even with instruction and constant communication."

Rosalynn watched as her husband and her son's lover walked past. She shook her head. If her husband thought he was going to get her to go into space in any kind of contraption he had another thing coming. She'd much rather a lovely trip to France or Italy.

Conrí and Spirit went outside and took the odd picture here and there. The way the light hit the wooden ranch house was sublime. The garden with its bright and colorful wild flowers and fresh green grass made everything just so picturesque. It was like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Six and Rex got to work mending the fence with one of the younger cowboys, Mark This one seemed to be okay with their sexual preferences or at the very least he wasn't giving them paranoid glances every once and a while.

"What's with the others?" Rex blurted out.

"Come again?" Mark asked.

"They act as though we're going to jump their bones or something."

The young man shrugged, "I dunno. We all have things that make us uncomfortable. I don't like elevators, for example. I guess they just don' like strange wang."

Rex snorted in amusement at the term "strange wang". The three of them continued to work in silence for the most part. Six seemed to pick up on fence building much quicker than Rex.

He used to do this type of thing with his father from time-to-time. His father raised him to be relatively self-sufficient. Six already knew quite a bit about hunting, fishing, cleaning his kill, building and repairing various wood and stone items, and how to survive in the wilderness before One had taken him in. This enabled him to begin his martial arts training far earlier than the other students had.

Rex couldn't help but be a little self-conscious really… Six was amazing! He may not have three PhD's or even a high school diploma, but he could master things that very few others could. He was strong, highly intelligent, dependable, dexterous, talented in more ways than one, and above all a kind and loving man. Rex remembered wanting to grow up to be just like Six with the exception of the older man's inability to feel feelings or smile.

Rex shook his head…

He had been so wrong about Six when he was a kid. The agent felt things just as deeply as any other person, but his training enabled him to hide his feelings and his weaknesses. Though, as of late, his training had been slipping due his overprotective nature and their emotionally sensitive daughter.

Mark's question brought the teen back to reality.

"Sorry? What was that?" Rex asked, blushing slightly.

"I asked why your little girl uses sign language," Mark repeated with a sigh.

"It's a long story…"

"We've got some time before tendin' to the horses."

Rex looked to Six for permission. Spirit's life before Providence was a sore spot for everyone and not something they particularly wished to discuss. Six nodded his consent though. Rex decided to go through an abridged version of their daughter's extraordinary life.

"It all happened in Texas oddly enough, we were called in…"

In the mean time, Callan and the cowboys were herding cattle. Every once and a while he'd have to break free from the rest of the men in order to chase down a stray calf. None of the others attempted to do so even once. In fact, he would find them growing further and further away as though they were trying to leave him. It got old by the time lunch rolled around and they were at the half-way point.

"Alright, what's yer problem with me? You've been tryin' ta get rid of me for the past five hours," Callan demanded in a calm, yet irritated manner.

"Yer kinda love in't right," one of the older men replied.

"And yer's is? Why? Jus' because it's between a man and a woman?"

"What gives you the right to act like a man when you take it up the ass?" One of the younger, bolder men asked.

"Because I'm not some fuckin' fairy. I'm a soldier. I fight against men that have been turned into all manner of creatures. I have fought against damn bunny rabbits the size of a barn with an appetite for human flesh! I nearly lost my eye to an overgrown lizard that can shoot rocks out of its arm. You ride horses and move cattle. I fight to defend the poor men, women, and children who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. We risk our lives out there day in and day out. None of us are weak!"

"Jus' keep yer ass AIDS to yourself ya fuckin' homo!"

"We don' like yer kind in these parts.'

"And we don' like yer kind in any parts," Callan shot back as he stood.

He didn't dare turn his back to the men before him. A couple of the men stood after eating. Callan tensed up, expecting them to rush him.





The ground shook as rocks began tumbling down around them. Men dressed in black with helmets that had white skulls over their faces came out of nowhere on their ATVs. The cowboys were the least of Callan's problems.

"This is Callan, come in. We're under attack. The men are on ATVs and very well armed. We're located twenty acres south of the ranch."

"Six here, I read you loud and clear. We're on our way."

"What's going on?" Rex asked.

"Callan's under attack."

"Guys! Over here!" César shouted.

Michael Sr. was holding one of the specialty guns that César has made Callan for Christmas a while back. The other one was tucked away in a holster on his chest, not the place he would typically keep a gun but it was better than trying to stuff it in his pants and risk blowing his ass off.

Six and Rex quickly boarded with their daughter and her uncle.

"What's she doin' here?" Michael Sr. asked.

"Spirit can heal. If Callan's truly in trouble she may be the only one who can save his life," César explained.

The older man nodded then looked to Conrí, "Do you know how to shoot, city boy?"

The hacker finished pulling on his boot, "Better than anyone else on this mobile death trap."

"Hey! My lab is not a death trap and there's only other person here that uses guns."

Michael Sr. raised an eyebrow. He had heard stories from his son about Rex's builds and Six's legendary skills with a katana. The old cowboy began to wonder if it was wrong that he was excited for one last showdown at high noon.





Callan looked to the men then looked around at the enemy, wondering who could possibly be saying "ow" of all things.

A man on a black mechanical stallion appeared. He had burnt auburn hair and was dressed in black with a crimson cape around his neck and a black cowboy adorning his head.

"This horse certainly was flashy enough but it is absolute murder on my back end!" The strange man whined.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doin' on my father's land?!" Callan demanded.

"Oh I'm here for a little sun, fun, and revenge. Not to mention I'm getting paid to find an immortal little girl for my employer to dissect. The name's Gatlocke by the way. How do you feel about rules? I hate them personally. Do you know any women?" Gatlocke prattled on in his oddly feminine Australian accent.

"I'm not lettin' you get my niece!"

"Your niece?! Well how unfortunate for the pair of you… I suppose I'll just have to settle for using you as bait then. Kill the spares!" He said, aiming the twin blades from his one mechanical arm.

César's lab came into view and opened fire. Six leaped out and was closely followed by Rex.

"What?! You again?!" Rex shouted.

"The offer to join my Anarchists still stands…"

"Sorry, but I got a better offer."

Six smirked.

Gatlocke burst out laughing. Rex gave him a confused an irritated look.

"You mean you and the old man in green? The one who's such a stickler for the rules? What fun could he possibly be?"

Rex smirked and brought out his smack hands, "You'd be surprised…"

Gatlocke looked Six up and down.

He didn't look like much fun…

'Then again…'

Six damn near ran him down on foot while he was getting away on a speeding delivery truck filled with toilet paper.

'His stamina must be magnificent! I bet he could go all night!'

"Do you mind if I test that theory?"



Rex answered the silly self-proclaimed sand pirate with a massive bitch slap to the face.

"No way I'm sharing anything of mine with you," the young Latino bit out.

"Yours?" Six ask incredulously with a raised eyebrow.

Rex turned to him with a smirk that reeked of confidence, "Yes mine. I'm gunna make it legal one day too!"

Six's face turned horribly red as he forced his attention back to the matter at hand. Guns and crossbows were pointed at them yet no one was doing anything… At this rate it would go down as history's lamest standoff.

"Ugh… What the hell are you waiting for?! A bloody invitation to tea?! Attack!" Gatlocke shouted.

"So much for his no swearing rule…" Rex muttered as arrows, lasers, and bullets were sent their way.

Six and Rex deflected the projectiles. Michael Sr. tossed the laser rifle to his son who quickly opened fire. He was joined by his father with a plasma revolver. César brought out his tuning fork and began knocking out men left and right whenever he wasn't slamming his fist into their stunned faces.

"Everyone who's not Providence get on the lab now!" The agent barked out.

Most of the cowboys didn't budge. A couple of them were staring at the men they had previously seen as flittering fairies in shock. Most of them were too proud to back down in a fight. They were cowboys dammit! Who cared if they were unarmed and outnumbered?!

It quickly became a free-for-all with Rex facing off against Gatlocke. The teen was actually pretty pissed about the strange Aussie wanting to "test that theory". There was no way that Six would ever concede to that and there was no way in hell that Rex would ever let that happen! That green clad ass was his, dammit!

'Focus,' Rex chastised as he just barely dodged having his face blown off by the older man's laser cannon hand.

He brought out his big fat sword and managed to land a good blow on the mad red head's stomach. Gatlocke stopped mid fight and began to scream in fear and agony as his intestines just fell out of his abdominal cavity and onto the ground. His men looked over and saw what had happened and ran to escape that fate.

They didn't get very far… Providence flew in with several jump jets as the Keep floated overhead.

"We have you surrounded. Drop your weapons, kick them away, put your hands behind your head, and get on your knees!" Kenwyn ordered over the intercom.

The Anarchists did so one-by-one. It was better to surrender than to be shot full of holes. Callan gave the cowboys who were heckling him a look, daring them to call him a fucking fairy now. Not a single one of them could meet his eye.

"Spirit!" Rex called out.

The little girl ran towards her papa, thinking that he was horribly injured only to see him with a strange man. Rex picked her up quickly and she placed her hands on the stranger's cheeks. Gatlocke was struck by how warm her tiny hands were and how calming it felt to be healed.

It was addicting and exhilarating! This rush! This feeling of immortality! He wondered if this was what the girl felt every single day of her life… He may have failed this time but never again. Gatlocke would get his immortality… Even if he had to steal it from Van Kleiss himself!

"Does yer healin' work on animals?" Michael Sr. asked.

Spirit nodded.

"Good. We gotta whole lotta mess ta clean up and some cattle to retrieve. You get healin' while we round up the beasts."

Spirit nodded and soon transitioned from healing men to healing the injured cattle. She panicked and bopped one on the nose as it tried to eat her hair. Conrí fired a round into the air, spooking the creatures and causing them to scatter. Everyone turned to him with a dark look on their faces.


"You better know how to ride," Callan said.

Conrí frowned. He didn't like the sound of that…

"Come on, mija. We're going to go get some horses and get the cows back while you go shopping with your aunt and granny," César explained.

Holiday was a crack shot and a decent martial artist but she alone wouldn't be able to protect Spirit… Needless to say, Six began to fret over his daughter's safety. Rex rubbed his back in a comforting manner as they boarded the lab.

"Don't worry. Providence is only a call away…" Rex reassured him.

Six frowned, "I know."

They boarded the lab and headed back towards the ranch. None of them were looking forward to having to clean up Gatlocke's mess…

"Van Kleiss paid Gatlocke to go get Spirit. He wants to dissect her in order to become immortal," Callan finally said.

"That's bull! Spirit isn't immortal! …Is she?" Rex asked as his emotions flew through a variety of emotions, ranging from confused and angry to fearful.

They looked to César who shrugged, "I could run a few tests with some DNA samples to be sure. I think it's just a simple matter of healing. She may age a bit slower because her cells regenerate faster than normal but I would hardly call that immortality."

Spirit clung to her fathers' hands. Immortality sounded horrible! It meant watching everyone you love grow old and die! Spirit loved healing people and saving lives, but for the first time in a long time, she wished that she was just a normal little human girl with no extraordinary gifts at all.

Six looked down at his daughter and saw the tears streaming down her face. He picked her up, an odd habit to have towards an eleven-year-old daughter no matter how small she was. Spirit cried into her daddy's shoulder as her papa rubbed her back in soothing circles.

The little girl closed her eyes and prayed that she could grow old and die just like everyone else so they wouldn't go into the afterlife and leave her behind forever and ever. She didn't want to spend an eternity alone!

Classes are coming to an end, but I want to continue updating at the pace I have set for myself now. I want to put some more time in towards getting published and doing the odd bit of research for my two fantasy/sci-fi novels. I will NEVER stop updating these SEX fanfictions; especially this one since I have a part two planned called, "Goes a Long Way".