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Regular speech/what everyone else hears

What Fianna Hears/what things mean

Whew...now, on wIth the story.

I sat nervously, waiting right outside the room where the Vita-chamber was, I hoped and prayed that after all this time, I would get him back, and suddenly I thought back to about 6 years earlier, the last day I saw him,back in 1962, and what my little mind was thinking when it all happened.


"Come on Mr.B, lets go home. I'm sorry we didn't find any angels, Mr.B."

We had been out for hours, and I didn't find a single angel. It really wasn't fair. We only didn't find them because I'm not allowed to gather as early as the others. I'm the oldest little sister. I think I'm, about 10 or maybe 11. Papa Suchong wouldn't tell me and now wouldn't either tell me.

"Oooahhhhh Aaaayyyy."

That basicaly means : 'Okay Fianna, lets go.'

That's another thing, they keep saying soon I won't have to have Mr.B with me. Soon, they say, I can go out all alone. But why would I want to? When I'm with him I feel safe, I don't need to worry about the mean angels, or anybody else. I think they just don't like me, they want to get rid of me.

"Mr.B you'll never leave me right?"

"Gahhhhh Whaaaah?- Never, why would you ever think that?"

"Because, the people at home keep telling me that I won't be with you soon, that I won't need you, but I'll always need you, Mr.B."

I feel Mr.B pick me up, and instead of being sat on his shoulders, he cradles me, like he used to when I was 6 and I was still scared of the angels, when I was still new to gathering.

I'm still tiny compared to him, but I'm huge compared to my sisters. I'm taller and well...bigger than them. I heard the people at home and say something about my "slug" being heavier and still growing and making more ADAM, so I guess that might be why. I don't know what they meant by "slug" though. I wonder if they meant those slimy glowing things that I see outside sometimes. But I don't have a pet...so I don't know what they mean.

Suddenly Mr.B is in front of a door, it's the door to the daddy homes. Ever since I started getting too big for the hidey holes, I stay here,sometimes, like when we are too far from the sister home. Besides, I feel safer with Mr.B than with and those other people at the sister home. They are always giving me tests, I hate tests.

When we get to Mr.B's room, he lays me down on my little bed, but I get back up.

"Gaahhhhh?-What are you doing?"

"I'm not ready for dreamtime Mr. B, I wanna stay up with you. I want to do something fuuu-."

I cut myself off with a yawn, and even though Mr.B hadn't taken of his helmet I knew he was having a "see I was right" moment. He loves those moments.

"Fine, I'll go to sleep, but only if I get to sleep next to you."

~(present day, still reminicing but in past tense)~

I crossed my little arms as if that made it final, and I was again swooped up into the arms of my Protector. For a second I could almost see his face as he held me in the air in front of him. I reached forward and flipped the little clips at the base of his helmet. And as the air coming out of the suit stopped 'whooshing' he put me down on the huge bed and turned to take off his helmet.

My mr.B wasn't as scary as some of the bad 'angels', and he was special, the other sisters big daddies were weird sizes and shapes, and they could never take their helmets off or anything. Now I know that my Protector was special, he was an Alpha series,one of the last left.

Mr.B layed down on the creaking bed, and I quickly went to fill a little space in his arms. I snuggled into Mr.B's neck and I felt safe and sound. I truly felt loved, happy, I know now it wasn't my conditioning. He was the only one that ever really cared, he didn't just say those things to comfort me. Or atleast that is what I hope.

When I woke up I was in a strange room, I looked around, and saw metal and lights and people and I was so scared. Then I saw and tried to talk to him, go toward him, tug a sleeve, get his attention to ask him where my Mr.B was. That is when I realized I was strapped down, and their was something over my mouth, like a muzzle for a dog, but worse. As I got dizzy, I tried to find a way to get up, but it was no use. I shook my head trying believe this wasn't happening. They were going to get rid of me, I knew it.

Well I thought I did, really they were just removing some of my conditioning,and trying to disconnect me from my Protector. And a while later, they did it again to help prep me for "training". Pff, training my ass, all they do is suit you up, tell you to protect the little ones and not get killed. They inject you with any number of things, raw plasmids and tonics. Then, the same way they conditioned you to believe corpses were angels, and blood puddles were rose pedals, they basicaly program you with all the training you need, how to use the new powers you have, how to tell an ally daddy from an enemy daddy, and how to dispatch a splicer with minimal noise and fuss. At first it was amazing, I was so powerful, but soon I realized I was alone, and when I asked where my Mr.B was, no one answered me. I kept pushing, kept asking, kept making noise. Slowly I gained a small following, more sisters who missed their protecters, their knights in shining armor. But we couldn't do anything about it, until now. Eleanor Lamb very recently helped to ressurect her dead "father" and save many of the little sisters, after returning them to "normal". She decided to journey to the surface (no,not quite like Ryan's famous ride). But in doing all this she also took Sofia out of our world, let her live, but took her out just the same.

Well I decided to help the "Messiah" and she helped me, in return, find the... remains of my beloved protector, who I found out was dubbed Subject Zeta. We were bonded not long after Eleanor and Subject Delta were, and Eleanor is actualy about the same age as me. I turned 18 about two weeks ago, which was about a month after they left. I could not get to a Vita-chamber, that would work, until now, though. The spicers have mainly become depressed, weak things, you will still see many hostile ones, but because I look like what was once a "hand" of their leader I didn't get much trouble. But the trouble I did get was major compared to your average leadhead, lots of brutes, and houdinis. Many sabotaged Vita-chambers that locked after I tried to use them for revival, luckily I had ample amount of DNA to use. Even now, I am on my last bit, so I'm scared.

But then, with my helmeted head in my hands, looking at the floor, I hear the door to the chamber open, and I hear those signature heavy footsteps, and he bangs through the door into the room I am in. I look up and am in awe. I feel like an 11 year old girl again, my protector standing tall in front of me, but his visor was yellow. And then I remember, so I reach for my helmet clips, but upon seeing my large ADAM syringe his visor turns red and he rushes me, pinning me against the wall. My Visor turned pink, and at that moment I really wished i hadn't customized it to show different emotions. I used my un-syringed hand to unclip my helmet, revealing my dirty blonde hair and my yellow-green eyes. Somehow I had gotten back some of my natural color so they now looked like glowing yellow-green leaves, almost like the ones in Arcadia on some of the trees.

And then my protector backed up a bit, but he was holding onto me now, gently, we were still in an awkward position, but he didn't seem to notice. And then he spoke, in those whale like calls, that were so easy for me to understand.

"Gwaahhh?" "Fianna?"

"H-hi Zeta, I missed you."

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