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I awoke inside a Vita-chamber, I was sore and most of my weapons were missing,except for my rivet gun and my Electrocute plasmid.

I lumbered outside and looked around, expecting a splicer or two or maybe another daddy.

But instead I found a tall feminine figure, I almost enquired as to what she was doing here, but then she lifted her arm and what looked like a large needle, and without thinking I charged.

I had her pinned against the wall, but I noticed she wasn't struggling, not trying to used the syringe on me.

And her visor...it was...pink...like blushing? I'd never seen that before. I was a bit distracted and then her helmet was being unclipped and I saw...


Fianna? My...my charge, she was all grown up.

"H-hi Zeta. I missed you."

I missed her too, quite obviously and I showed her that. I picked her up and spun her the way I used to when she was younger. She even giggled like she used to. Such childlike behavior for such an eerie figure, as she looked wih no helmet. Grown up too. Her eyes were greener than they had been. She was beautiful, If I was even aloud to say that. I did used to be somewhat of a father figure to her, but the fatherlyimpulses were not so strong now. The one to protect, however, remained. I still wanted her ssafe from anything and everything, I still felt like I needed her to live, even though I infact did not. No more father instinct meant no more conditioning.

But then why did I still feel this great compulsion to protect her...?

"Zeta, can you let me down please?"

I reluctantly set her on the ground, and looked around again, checking for spicers. None.. Good.

"Well I suppose you want an explanation, huh?"

"Gwaaaahhhh-raahhhh-waah-Indeed, I would, young lady."

"Well, how about this...We'll get to somewhere better suited to casual unprotected story telling, and I'll introduce you to a few friends that might be able to help with a few ajustments."

I agreed, we were too exposed out here , and i gestured for her to lead he way. Though in the end, I insisted on checking evey corner and room before her, to which she remarked.

"Zeta, you have one gun and one plasmid, I can do a bit more damage if we run into something really really horrible."

But I would have none of it and she knew it. By the time we finally got to her "safe house" as one might say, I had taken a bad burn from a splicer with incinerate and a few bullet wounds from a very determined brute.

From the door she lead the way and we found ourselves in the bowels of an old, fortified warhouse, filled with daddies, sisters, big and little. And, most surprisingly, regular people, what few were left after raptures fall and decay.

Fianna brought me to one man in particular, a strong looking scientist type.

"Zeta this is Mac, Mac this is Zeta, my protector."

(Third personPOV)

The protector shook this man's hand, wary of him, hs charge trusted him, he didn't yet.

"Nice to meet you, sir. I am Mac, as Fianna said, I run the protector rehab portion of the little facility we have set up."

"Wahhhhh Faaa-What does he mean, Fianna?"

The big sister fumbled a bit to explain.

"W-well, Zeta, what he means by rehab is true rehabilitation. He and a few others here, Sue, David, and Leopold, They fix the big daddies back up. Remove the conditioning and modify their voice boxes, or implant artificial ones, allowing speech. Some of the daddies you saw are rehab daddies that chose to stay, others left and some threw off the suit and live as "normals"."

The gravity of what the young woman said hit the daddy. They were going to give him his voice back, his freedom even. But most of his conditioning had worn away, was there ven any left to remove. Regardless he was both happy and aprehensive.

"Faaaa,gwa,wahhh-I don't trust strangers, Fianna."

"Don't worry, Zeta, I will be right next to you the whole time, I promise."

"Ahkah-Okay, I'll do it."

Fianna was overjoyed inside, she could see him again, he could even take off the whole suit, they could go places together, sit in arcadia, or one of the few restaurants and shops, buisness in the safer sector of would be perfect, and with no father conditioning...it could be as she always dreamed.

After becoming aquainted with the other scientist/surgeons Zeta had decided he thoroughly like Sue, and David and Leopold. She was nice in a true and honest way, and the guys were both good mannered good natured guys...who definately had nothing going for anyone but each other. He didn't think much of it, There were way worse things in Rapture and the world than being gay, they were good guys anyway. But he still did not trust Mac. Something about the way he watched Fianna a bit too intently, the smug look he always wore afixed to his face. Not trustworhty, Mac shouldn't get that close to Fianna. She was his...wait...his?

Zeta did a mental double-take as they prepped him for surgery.

Why was he so posessive, maybe some conditioning was still left...yeah..sure. But she wasn't his, like a daughter, more like a...no he couldn't think that way.

And then he was out, thank you anesthetic.

(Fianna POV)

He was out for a good bit, and I never stopped holding his gloved hand, and he never stopped holding mine. His hand was locked on to mine, as if clinging to his life. Then right after Leo and David Re-vamped his voice box, he woke up. Much sooner than he should have. Or at least we thought he did. His eyes snapped open and he started to speak. His voice, his real voice. He shouldn't have been able to speak for atleat 24 to 48 hours, and though it was a bit quiet, it was clear.

"Fianna, no, Fianna! You can't take her away from me, she's mine, mine. No one else, not Mac..."

Mac was surprised to hear his name and he tried to grab onto me as some kind of alpha male instinct 'Claim er while ya can.' But I pushed him away and held on to Zeta's hand and used my other hand to stroke his cheek.

"Come one Zeta, everyhing is okay, I'm not going anywhere."

His protests started to fade, except one word.


Under my breath I said.

"Yeah I am yours..."

He seemed to hear it, because he smiled and his eyes shut and he was out again, as if nothing had happened.

Mac might've heard it too, cause he 'hmphed' and crossed his arms, like a pouting child. He only wanted me cause all the other big sisters had their former protectors and the "normals" didn't think too much of him or were too young. And let's face it there aren't that many fish in this sea, so he hasn't got too good of a chance of geting any tail.

But back to the issues at hand.

"Sue was that from the conditioning?"

David asked, he was a bit rattled, they never woke up in the middle before.

"Probably, I mean what else...wait...hand me his file. The training and discharge ones not the addmitance or the preliminary though."

I'd been pouring over the preliminary file since I'd found it. Finding out about his past, as much of it as I could anyway, some of the pages were missing. I'd almost wish they'd kept an audio journal of it, but apparently the scientists thought the past lives of the protectors weren't worth protecting...or remembering.

Sue was in a tiff though, she'd had an idea and as soon as she got her hands on the files she was speed reading and skimming like she only had a second to read every sentence and then she just stopped.

"Fi, I've got some news for you, apparently...he never had more than basic training and a memory block put in."


"It says in his record that they wanted to test the strength of a relationship built over time, that's why they started you a little early and didn't retire you until they felt they had to. They were going to keep him going until his charge was atleast 14, they only stopped because Lamb ordered big sisters comissioned and you were one of the first. It's all here, they even combined your file with his, because you were such a long term project. He was never conditioned to protect you Fi, he just did. His record by his discharge date also states he had the least amount of incidents with splicers that threatened you. He protected you better han any other daddy."

I couldn't speak. No conditioning, no false love. It was all him, taking care of me.

I passed out right there next to the operating table.

"Ow, Ow,Ow."

"Careful Fi you hit the table leg, going down."

David handed me an icepack and Leo brought me a glass of water. I may be, for the most part, indestuctable but shock is shock ,and taking a metal table leg to the cranium hurts.

"Thanks, guys, how is Zeta?"

"Well we moved him to the recovery room and he should be coming to..."

I heard a clatter of metal.

"...right about now. Let's go check on him shall we?"

I got up, to the protest of my aching head. And walked down the hallway till I came to Zeta's room and saw what would have been an unexpected sight , if it was anyone else but Mac and Zeta. Zeta had Mac pinned to the wall by his neck, about to punch him in the face.

"Zeta, let him down, everything is okay."

He looked to me and I lost my breath, his eyes were the same as they were when I was 11. A steely grey with a ring of blue around each pupil. And his eyes locked with mine, and without another look to Mac, he let him down and he crumpled onto the floor, rubbing his throat.

David saw I was a bit...preoccupied and took control of the situation.

"Tish" He said to the confused nurse standing in the doorway "...help Mac to the other room, would you. Sue, dear, can you get some ADAM for Mac's bruising, and Leo...let's just, leave them alone, shall we..."

Everyone cleared out fairly quickly and I started to regain control of my speech and motor reflexes.

"W-well Zeta, how are you feeling."

He tried to mime it to me.

"Zeta, you can try talking if you want, you should be able to manage atleast a whisper, becuase of what happened."

"What happened?"

He managed more than a whisper, he managed a voice that would make a girl's toes curl and her legs turn to jelly.

I however was immune to it...sort off. I quickly backed myself into a chair before I fell down again.

"Well in the middle of the surgery you sorta...well you seemed to be dreaming and you were talking in your sleep. Usually it takes 24 to 48 hours to be able to utilize your voice, but you were talking literaly right after the surgery was finished."

"Oh...well to answer your question...I feel...physically I feel better than ever."

"And how do you feel emotionally? Mentally?"

"Mentally I'm clear, sharp. Emotionally. Not completely sure, to be honest. I'm a bit..well."

What...What...what are you?


"About what?"



"I was your protector, right? I was supposed to be a father figure to you and the way Ive been thinking lately, I feel more like...It's got me confused becuase I don't think Im supposed to feel this way."

"Zeta, You could never be my dad."

"Why? I was supposed to be."

"But you could never have been my real dad, I always knew that, that's why I called you Mr.B. When they conditioned me, they slipped up. I was enhanced in every way by the ADAM, as was my memory. They Implanted the slug before they wiped my memory. I remembered my real dad, my real mom, my big sister and even her best friend, vaugely."

He looked amazed.

"And you were also not old enough to be my dad. In your file it says you were about 18 when you were trained and given your suit, I was 6 by then, you were only 12 years older than me. And then in being killed 5 years later and revived now, you were paused at the age of 23, making you technicaly only 5 years older than me."

"Wow...you're 18 aready."

I gawked.

"Really? The only thing you are surprised at is that I'm not a minor anymore?"

"Well...I mean...you just...you grew up...and you...you..got..."

"What? I got what?"


(Zeta's POV)

Shit, what did I just say? Did I really say that? Shit, she'll think I'm such a perv...

"Really, you think I'm cute, like in a 'little sister' or...something else."

"Closer to 'something else'."

"T-thanks Zeta."

Wait...was she blushing...

"So um-I thought, if you are feeling up to it, we could go out and about, maybe walk around, try and get you to remember a few things, they were able to remove the memory block, so you could remember...if you wanted."

I could have my life back.

"Yeah...I'd like that."

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