Hey There kids here's something to tie you over while Im being busy.

Disclaimer: I dont own MCR or Gerard Gay if i did id be having sex.

Anyway this is fiction and didn't happen (exactly this way..,)

Mikey's in the black leather pants he'd gotten for Christmas two years ago.

The material sticks to his newly washed and shaved legs and hugs his apple-white skin. Water streams from his hair down his bare bone-colored chest and into the line of his ass. He looks amused. My cheeks go red. He notices and stops directly in front of me doing a 180 I stare at his ass as he shifts from one foot to another. I reach out provoked by his show and wrap my finger around his hind belt loop dragging him closer to me. Until he lands on my lap with a quiet squeak.

"what do you think of it"

he breathes I brush my hand down his leg making squeaking noise against my sweating palms, dangerously close to his crotch.

My mouth is dry.

"They look great" I cough out. It was then that he made a delicate and decidedly on purpose grind into my crotch. "Mikes? I-" I gasped out, letting a moan slide from my lips and drip into his ear.

I try to push-scoot him off of me but my attempt is weak and less than halfhearted.

"Mikey don't, you know we can't do this, do you even know what your doing"

I said as my shy brother-who had never even spoke of girls -rocked his ass back and forth over my turgid cock.

"Gee I don't care, I've wanted this for...so long..."

his waist bent , I followed the crease up his back to a beautiful set of honest eyes thinly veiled in damp honey brown hair.

"really"he added

"I love you in more ways than I should. And I've seen how you look at me...I'm not stupid."

he looked downward nervously reaching to fidget with his glasses. I took his chin pulling myself into him and sealing my hand around his waist slowly crawling to the hem of his pants. He turned away from me guiding my palm down into his . He continues to grind my bayonet in between his ass cheeks increasing the pace as groped his manhood. I slid two fingers into his mouth. Tugging at his lips and playing sloppily with his tongue. He unzipped his fly exposing my hand like a magic trick. I rolled him over lightly slamming him into the couch. Pealing off his tight pants. Sticky pre-cum coated his dick, I licked the tip.

" are you sure this is okay Mikes?"

I ask knowing that even if he wanted to stop there was no going back now. Mikey nodded one strong bounce of he jugular. His cheeks were red and he was panting in not fake, little gasp and moans. The kind you here from girls in anime porn. I slipped one finger into his ass. He bit down on his lip stifling a cry of pain.

" relax baby", I said testing the word on my fingers.

If he hadn't have been clenching his jaw Mikey would have definitely been giving me an odd look. The third finger, I figured Mikey was as ready as he'd ever be. I lined my hard length up to him. His dick twitched as I rubbed against his entrance. I pushed in slowly. This time poor Mikey couldn't hold back the scream. He made a face. The same one actors in movies use when they painfully transform into werewolves. Mikey groaned as I slid in and out of him. On the third intake Mikey gasped

"Unhh, Gee. Do that again."

when I hesitated he added a please. Soon I let loose ramming myself into him. Drops of blood leaked from his virgin hole but in a selfish way disappointed and reassured me that I was his first. Mikey came without even touching this rod. But I didn't stop he came twice more by the time I had finished. We collapsed onto the couch holding each other in a wash of sticky white mess.

"I love you too. I said"