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Chapter 10: Grizzly River Run

Amy's P.O.V.

I skipped along the pathway alongside Shadow, humming a happy tune as we wandered off toward the Grizzly River Run. I was beginning to think about that person… or thing… that I happen to keep seeing everywhere. I was beginning to shake it off. After all, I hadn't seen it for a while. I assumed it was only a figment of my imagination.

My thoughts wandered back to Shadow. I looked over to my left to smile at him. He really was a sweet guy. I was more than lucky to have him. How he made me smile, how he made me laugh, how he looks at me when I burn the toast in the morning….

"Amy!" I snapped out of my thoughts when two arms came around me and pulled me back and out of the way of a moving cart loaded with glowing items- probably for the World of Color show tonight. I looked across the pathway. Rouge looked shocked and Knuckles bit his lip. I figured Shadow was the one that pulled me back… but he was standing on the other side next to Rouge and Knuckles, looking quite pissed off. But the arms were still around my waist. I looked down… Blue fur? Oh no…

"Sonic! Hey Sonic! I got our… Uhhh…" I looked to my left. Tails was running over with fast passes* in his hand to something. I turned around and ripped out of the grasp. I whirled around and came face to face with the one, the only… Sonic the jackass- I mean, hedgehog! Hedgehog. He blushed and smiled.

"Well hiya Ames! Long time no see. How're you gorgeous?" I backed up immediately. I felt a hot breath on the back on my neck. A strong black and red arm wrapped around my waist and held me close. I knew who it was.

"I'm fine Sonic. What do you want?" I asked, ignoring his remark to me earlier. I heard Shadow growl. I squeezed his hand to try and keep him calm.

"Well some greeting! Funny running into you guys out here again, huh?" Knuckles and Rouge walked over and could sense the tension between the two of us. Rouge bit her lip and looked around for a conversation starter.

"So are you guys going on the Grizzly River Run next?" She asked. Tails stepped in.

"We thought about it, but I'm not warm enough to get wet," Tails answered. Sonic nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, probably not anytime soon. How about you guys?" He asked. Knuckles shrugged.

"We might go on now." Rouge jabbed Knuckles hard in his gut with her elbow to shut him up. He slapped her back. She flicked him in the ear. They suddenly had our attention. We watching the two hit, pinch, bite, and flick one another, until they started kissing and making out again. And they've lost our attention again. I turned back to Sonic.

"Heh, those two haven't changed since the Christmas party," Sonic said. "How're the both of you doing? I mean as a couple and all," Sonic asked. Shadow nodded.

"Fine Sonic. But I don't believe that's your business," Shadow almost growled. I squeezed his arm again, telling him not to lose his temper. "Hey Ames, why don't you go get in line with Rouge and Knuckles? I'll be there in a sec dear." I nodded to my boyfriend and walked over to the two lovers.

"Hey you two, lets go get in line. Shadow said he would catch up in a minute," I said to the bat and her counterpart. They walked ahead toward the line, hand in hand and busy gossiping about something. I turned back to look at Shadow. The 3 of them were all staring at me, as if waiting for me to move along. I managed a weak smile before getting in line.

I caught up with Rouge and Knuckles and began to talk with them. I never realized how weird it felt without Shadow around. I missed him already. I know, Amy Rose is desperate and needy. Whatever, haters.

I felt empty without him here. What was he up to anyway? How come Sonic looked a little worried? I hope Shadow isn't going to start a fight again. As sweet as he is, he really does get into a lot of trouble. I already told him Sonic wasn't worth the fight or the time. I just hope he listened this time…

"Amy!" Rouge yelled at me. I glanced up to see us moving along in line. I ran along to catch up. "Hey, where's your head? You looked totally out of it," Rouge said. I shrugged.

"I guess I just got lost in my thoughts," I managed to say, giving a weak but reassuring smile to the happy couple. They nodded. Knuckles suddenly grinned.

"Oh! I got it! I found a whole bunch of hilarious jokes online and I saved them on my phone! Lemme read them!" Knuckles said pulling out his phone. Rouge rolled her eyes and sighed. "Ok, here we go." Rouge grinned.

"I bet my lame puns can outdo your lame puns," she said to her fiancé. He grinned.

"You're on."

(A/N: Bold is Knuckles, Italics is Rouge)

"You wanna hear the joke about the farm? Oh wait, it's too corny."

"The tornado last night was just so amazing… it blew me away!"

"Why did the Pelican get kicked out of the restaurant? Cause his bill was too big!"

"What do you call a bird that's bad with people? Hawkward!"

"What does a mathematical mermaid wear? An algaebra!"

"How do you organize a space party? You plan it."

"I didn't know why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me."

"Are you from New Orleans? Cause I'd like to bayou a drink."

"Earthquakes. It's a ground breaking topic."

"Seven days without a pun makes one weak."

"I used to have a fear of hurdles. Then I got over it."

"Who won the vegetable race? Beets me."

"I mustache you a question. But I'll shave it for later."

At this point I was doing nothing but laughing in pity. Rouge gave up; she was out of ideas. But I think her puns were better. My mind was still on Shadow. What could be taking him so long? I sighed and looked down.

"What's wrong my love?" The whisper was so close to my ear I felt the speaker's breath on my neck and hands running down my sides, tracing the curve of my waist. I smiled.

"I was worried about you." I turned in my lover's arms to peck his lips. He grinned.

"I'm fine. I just had something personal to discuss with Sonic. Something about his car. You would've been bored." I nodded in understanding. Then I realized he had a jacket on.

"Uhh, Shadow? Isn't it a little hot for a jacket?" He shrugged.

"I don't wanna get my shirt wet. I can just take my wet jacket off and shove it back in your purse. I had to get it from our locker," Shadow said. I smiled and nodded.

"Hey Shadowman!" Knuckles yelled. Shadow growled.

"Don't call me that, dumbass."

"Jee Shadow, no need to be grumpy, especially around your girlfriend. That's just rude," Rouge said. I giggled. We were almost to the front of the line. A couple people moved on and we were at the front. Knuckles confirmed that there were 4 of us and the cars seated 8. We were placed with 3 other 10 years old hedgehogs in our car. The order? In a circle, it went me, Shadow, Knuckles, Rouge, a 10-year-old female blue hedgehog, a 10-year-old male green hedgehog, another 10-year-old female purple hedgehog, then an empty seat. I stuffed my bag into the waterproof compartment. We buckled in, let the attendant check belts, and got sent off. Immediately Knuckles turned to the kids, who were silent.

"So, who are you?" He asked the kids. They looked at one another. The blue female hedgehog spoke up first.

"Tiffany Sparks," the blue one said.

"Gina Malloy," the purple one said.

"Jake Dawson," the boy said. Knuckles grinned.

"Well hello Gina, Tiffany, and Jake. I am Knuckles, this is my fiancé Rouge, my best man Shadow, and his girlfriend Miss Amy Rose. Now, since we'll be spending a lot time together, lets get to know each other and set the rules. Rule #1: I am King. Rule #2: There is no swearing in this raft. Rule #3: There are no jackets, ponchos, or cover-ups allowed in this raft." He turned to Shadow and tried to the rip the jacket off him. Shadow growled and his left sleeve was starting to come off. I did a double take; did I just see what I think I did? Nah, I'm crazy. Knuckles then left Shadow alone. "Except his jacket. Rule #4: Keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the raft at all times. Thank you and enjoy your ride!"

"Gee, Knuckles, you should work here," Rouge said. Knuckles frowned.

"Hmph." We hit a sudden bump, cause Knuckles to jump. Rouge rolled her eyes. A huge wave came over the side of the raft, splashing the empty seat. I jumped back. Shadow chuckled and wrapped an arm around me.

"Relax sugar, it's just a little water," Shadow said. I nervously giggled. Knuckles went back to his interrogation.

"So are you here with a parent or something? Or are you double dating Jake?" Jake nervously smiled.

"Nah, these two are my best friends. I'm here with my baby sitter. But she's pretty skanky, and does nothing but try and pick up guys, so we were let free for a couple hours," Jake explained. It clicked in my brain suddenly. Uh-oh…

"Um, what does your baby sitter look like?" I asked. Gina spoke up this time. We hit another bump.

"Oh! Her quills are dyed blue. She's a porcupine. Today, he hooker uniform consists of a cheetah print v neck, pink stockings, red vans, a skin tight green miniskirt, and I remember her purple lipstick. She's pretty creepy. What's her name again, Tiff?"

"Oh! Samantha… Samantha Quirks… Samantha Quiets… Samantha Quints.. Samantha something!" Tiffany said. Another bump.

"Samantha Quicks," Shadow growled out. We hit the final hill and got sprayed with water. I squeezed my boyfriend's hand. Before he could open his mouth to yell, the ride came to a stop and the kids hopped out.

"See ya!" They sang in unison before running off. The 4 of us climbed out. After we exited, I rubbed my hands down Shadow's shoulders trying to get him to relax. His breath had slowed down and he seemed better. Knuckles cracked up laughing.

"Wow! What irony! That was hilarious!" Rouge shook her head. She turned to us.

"So where to next lovers?" I looked up at my boyfriend. He shrugged.

"How's about we hit the big Ferris wheel?" Shadow asked. My eyes lit up.

"Mickey's Fun Wheel? Yes!" I yelled. Rouge and Knuckles began to walk off. I yanked Shadow back.

"Jeez, dominant much Ames?" He groaned. It surprised me; usually he was tougher than that. I ran up hands up the sleeves of his jacket.

"You ok?" I asked sickly sweet. He raised an eyebrow. I ran my fingers over something on his arm. Damn him, I knew it. I made a mental note to bug him about it on the Ferris wheel.

"Yeah…?" He retracted his arms quickly when I ran my finger over a certain spot on his arm. He almost winced.

"You sure?" I purred into his ear whilst leaning on his chest. He nodded again and pecked my forehead. Shadow took my hand in his and we walked toward Rouge and Knuckles and the Ferris wheel.

*Fast passes. Don't know about these fantastic little slips of paper? Google them.

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