Disclaimer: I have no rights to Harvest Moon or its characters. The song Set Fire to the Rain and its lyrics belong to Adele.

Setting Fire to the Rain

The island was engulfed in raging flames. Villagers fled from their homes in terror, their minds so far gone that the only voice they could muster was the chorus of their desperate cries. Men tore away their clothes and ripped at their smoldering hair. Women abandoned their children as the fiery sky fell down upon them. All ran to the sea, a tumultuous sanctuary from the storm of brimstone overhead.

How had this happened? What could create such an unholy force of nature?

Far above the clouds, a blonde woman astride a broomstick looked on the chaos. Her wiry curls spun about her head on their own accord while her black cape snapped in the wind. Her red eyes were narrowed, her lips drawn in a neat line across her face.

All it took for her to summon the means of her destruction was a little research, a handful of ash, a bit of cloud cover, and few magic words. Then a snap of the fingers, and lo, the sky had spit fire! Had her heart of flint not been so forcibly struck, the spectacle would never have come to be, but her darker half- once so long neglected- delighted in the spell's fruition.

Below, just beneath her pointed toes, was the grisly corpse of a man still clinging to the blackened brim of his hat. He had fallen at the entrance to what had a mere hour before been a prospering farm with a field and animals which thrived in the summer sun. His skull lay with its empty eyes staring with longing towards the crashing waves of the sea. There were others like him, their flesh burnt beyond recognition, but the woman saw none of this. She only saw the farmer.

"Serves that fool right for mocking the all powerful Witch Princess." Her voice was strained with scorn as she peered down at the remains. "A curse upon his soul as well. May he forever be bound to this earth, for this is the will of Witch Princess."

With these words, she felt her anger leave her. The man was no more and so was her blind fury. Three words were all that were necessary to bring an end to the spell weaving. "It is done."

The flames gave way to true rain, and the skies opened the gates of their mercy. The survivors that had cast themselves adrift gazed above, but there were no shouts of joy or tears of relief. Their eyes were untrusting, having faith only in the fickle nature of the gods. As they stared, a dark figure crossed the sky, followed by the Witch Princess's hoarse and wicked cries.

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Well, it felt something die
'Cause I knew that was the last time, the last time!

Let it burn!
Let it burn!
Let it burn!

Author's Note: A little dark for a return, I suppose, but Adele is very inspiring- especially when it comes to her heavier material. After all, how could I resist the image of literally setting fire to the rain when there's a character like the Witch Princess in this series?