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"Soo yea, I m leaving Jasper," Humphrey said.

"What, why are you going?" Kate questioned. Humphrey looked at her and just shook his head. As he was walking away Kate stepped in front of him.

"Wait, please don't leave me Humphrey," Kate begged.

"And why not?" Humphrey questioned her.

"Well, because we are friends after all,"

"Yea..." Humphrey said depressingly as he trailed off into the past.

"Oh come on Humphrey, please just stay for my wedding at least,"

Kate was practically on her knees by now Humphrey thought. Well, I mean I could at least stay for her wedding. We are friends after all.

"Ooh alright," Humphrey finally said.

"Thanks Humphrey," Kate said as she walked off to go talk to her sister.

It was night time by now. Humphrey was walking off to go to his den. It was cloudy and the moon was showing between the clouds. It was a full moon. Humphrey thought back to the train ride with Kate that was only a day ago yet it seemed like years.

Humphrey couldn't t believe that the girl he had chased after his whole life was getting married to somebody neither of them know. He sat down contemplating what he would do after the marriage. He knew he would never be able to stay in Jasper any longer.

Everything finally just hit him right there. He broke down crying his heart out. He realized that his life was half over already, and the first half was spent chasing after some girl he should have known wouldn't even take him in the first place. He cried his heart out whimpering Kate's name to himself.

Humphrey went through every possible idea of what he was going to do tomorrow. He was muttering thoughts of suicide and was about to jump off of a cliff.

Images of Kate flashed through his head like a picture book. He thought back to all the times of them playing as a kid and then when they were taken to saw tooth.

I'm really going to just do this? Am I crazy! I m Just going to take my life away. What if Kate loves me back? What if she says she can't marry Garth because of me? What if something happens tomorrow after the wedding? But what are the odds of little old coyote Humphrey marrying her.

Goodbye Kate, Humphrey let a single tear roll out the side of his face.

Salty was taking a quick walk when he saw Humphrey standing over a cliff. Salty ran over and grabbed Humphrey by the shoulders.

"Humphrey, what the hell are you DOING?" Salty slapped Humphrey across the face.

He seemed to come out of a trance. He blinked twice.

"Oh hi Salty what are you doing up this late?"

"Oh, you know, going for a walk and stopping you from jumping off A CLIFF!" Salty slapped him again.

"Hey man what was that for?"

"Humphrey you just about killed yourself!"

"It's just that Kate's..." Humphrey trailed off staring at the moon. It seemed to have Kate's face in it though.

"Listen, Humphrey, I understand that you loved Kate, but she is an alpha and you're an omega. It wasn't meant to be."

"Alright Salty, as much as I hate to admit this, you are right, in a way. It will all be ok soon, I'm leaving Jasper tomorrow anyways,"

"Humphrey, you are not going to leave Jasper," Salty said in a confident tone.

"Yes I am, and no you aren't coming with me," Humphrey said. Salty closed his mouth.

"Alright, well I m going to bed, See you at the wedding tomorrow Salty" Humphrey walked away.

The night was fitful for Humphrey. He was screaming in his sleep. He kept having the same dream. Kate would walk in to his den and say hello.

"Hi Humphrey,"

"Hello Kate how has your day been?" Humphrey replied.

"Well it will soon be better!" she snarled.

"Kate what do you me-"Humphrey was cut off by Kate as she latched her teeth into his neck. He felt the blood slip down his chest. He looked down and saw Kate staring at him with those beautiful eyes of hers. Warm, Kind eyes that were killing him. But he couldn't do anything because he loved her too much.

"AAAAAH!" Humphrey woke up with a start," Oh, it was just a dream. Ah well it looks like I need to get ready for Kate s..." He couldn't t finish the sentence. He knew it was going to take an eternity to get over Kate; let alone find another girl like her.

He went to the river and washed off. Every time he looked into the river he saw Kate standing beside him. Then he groomed his fur and left for the wedding.

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