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As they started walking in the town, they noticed how bad the shape of civilization was in the town. The civilians were all starving, fighting over food, dying, and such.

"Guys, this should be easy. All we have to do is start a war inside, and then call in command for EVAC and get out of here," Humphrey told them. "Above all else, this mission's priorities are to save people. That's what this whole war is about; the King of this place has been crippling his people, driving them through slavery. He must be stopped."

They had other groups coming in and out of the town, and they had been tearing the nation apart. The locals knew about it too, and none were too fond of the Jasper wolves. They were being stared down, not being trusted at all. Humphrey looked over at one wolf standing behind the rest. His vision blurred and hisears started to ring. The wolf morphed into the strange white wolf. Humphrey felt himself going pale.

"Sara will call the shot," he whispered, laughing and disappearing. Humphrey shook his head. Nobody else seemed to notice. He figured he was just seeing things. He began leading the way toward the palace, when his headset started going off.

"I repeat! This is beta team! We need back up. They are everywhere!" Humphrey looked up, his visor told him to head north from where he was at to find them. In the background, somebody was shouting that a friendly was down.

"Is anybody out there?" the voice shouted again.

"Beta, this is Alpha. We are about a minute away from you, we will be there soon." Humphrey motioned his team to follow. "Come on! Hurry up, they don't have much time!" He began running towards the radio signal. Jack and Rookie were following right behind him. Humphrey didn't stop. He jumped over a rock, and slid under a fallen tree. They began running on the dirt path, until they saw a bunch of wolves sitting outside, a few with fire arms adapted for wolves to use. Humphrey held up his paw.

"Hey, they don't know we are here yet. Keep it quiet," he ordered. They crept over to the closest wolves, and slid their claws across the targets throats. They continued, slowly working there way forward, until somebody sitting on top of the cave shouted out to alert the others of their presence. Wolves began pouring out and around the cave, surrounding Humphrey and his squad. Are these southern troops? he asked, noting their leather plated armor.

"Now!" He shouted. They lunged out, taking out troops. After Humphrey managed to break free, he ran into the cave. One wolf was still alive, but he was being held captive.

"Let him go," Humphrey said calmly.

"Stay back! I'm warning you! The person shouted. He held his claw up to the man's throat. Humphrey lunged at him, snapping his cold, metal jaws around the man's throat. Another wolf attacked him; he snapped his spiked tail in his face. He quickly pulled it out and lunged at the last wolf. He knocked him on the ground, and punched him in the head. He stayed down on the ground. Humphrey ran over to the soldier on the ground. Rookie ran into the room and started bandaging him. The soldier coughed.

"What are you doing out here?" Humphrey asked.

"We were…..trying….to stop her." He choked out.

"Who?" he asked.

"S…Sar…a. She.. she's gone to help….them. They took her to the healer's den."

"Who? Help who?"

"We…don't know….the people….we think."

"What do you mean?" Humphrey looked back at him. The man's eyes lolled to the back of his head. He heaved one more shuddering breath, and then closed his eyes.

"Damn it!" Humphrey swore. Rookie started trying to resuscitate him, but Jack but his hand on his shoulder.

"He's gone," he looked at Rookie, who just shook his head.

"Well, let's get going to the healer's den then."

They began walking outside. Humphrey stopped.

"Which way are we going?" He asked them.

"Well, I see a bunch of foot steps going this way. Let's follow them." They followed the tracks out.

The trip was easy. They just passed into the center of town, and found it. Nobody really bothered them much.

Humphrey walked over to some locals.

"Hey, have any of you guys heard of Sara?" he asked.

"Oh, you're friends with her?" A brown wolf with a scar across his face asked.

"Sort of, we are looking for her." Humphrey explained.

"She has been driving this country to hell ever since she got here last week. She is with the king."

"Oh. What?" He left, thinking about this piece of information. His headset started going off.

"Well, well, it looks as though somebody is starting to figure this out." Humphrey jumped up and started looking around frantically. "Yea, you heard me. Listen, I know you can hear me. It's the king. And I know where you are. Stop snooping around or I will have you killed." Humphrey could already hear gunfire in the distance.

"Hey, let's go take a look at what's going on," Humphrey motioned over to Jack and Rookie. They followed him up over a hill; where to groups of soldiers were fighting each other.

"They are both southern troops," Rookie said.

"Yea, Humphrey do you have any idea what the fuck is going on?" Jack took his helmet off.

"Yea, I think so. I think that the south is in a civil war. The king must be leading one side and Sara must be leading the other. That would be my only explanation for this.

"It's close, but not quite right." The king laughed through the headset.

"Just ignore him. Come on, we need to go find Sara."

"Sara? She was crazy! Tried to lead my people back to her nation. We cut them down. She had wanted them to be safe real bad, too. And I do mean, had wanted." The king said. Humphrey continued to ignore them, and began moving towards the healing quarter.

"Come on guys, time to go." he said, as his visor became an opaque black as he faced towards the sun.

"Yea, let's go," Jack said.

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