"Now it's not like I'm gonna tell you how to be a Code:Breaker, because I know you've been one longer, but seriously, you're doing this all wrong." Toki whined in that oddly droning voice of his. He'd only just joined the crew but he presumed to know everything about it because his job was a legacy left over from his sister and he knew his sister.

Nenene was the best of the Code:Breakers as far as he was concerned. Numbers? Ranking? Who cared about that kind of thing? They didn't mean shit. And, because he'd learned to be a Code:Breaker by watching her, that meant that he knew a lot more about it too, didn't it? The best were taught by the best and became the best. Unfortunately, this assumption was based on a number of other assumptions that were just as shaky if not more-so. "You've gotta have ambition! You can't just laze around all day! If you're gonna half-ass it then you should just get the hell out right now."

Yuuki watched him pace with glazed eyes of complete indifference. He was unoffended by Toki's blatant apophasis, much as he was unoffended by anything that wasn't trying to wake him up. While in later years Toki would despise Ogami for his lack of spirit, at this moment he hated Yuuki for faking it. He didn't presume to know someone as odd as Yuuki, but it was obvious enough to his untrained eye that behind all of those weird Nyanmaru gifts and bizarre mannerisms there wasn't anything left.