Okay so Im loving how people are giving Gabriel and Audrey some new life with the story I have been reading and I think they are awesome. Insomnia is kicking in and it seems ill be up for while so I wrote this to kill sometime and because Its been in my mind for a while :) Hopefully itll be something worth reading.

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Weightlessness… The car screeched to a dead stop and in that brief moment Audrey could see her life flash before her eyes. In that moment everything seemed to slow down. He hadn't really thought about it but he chalked it up to instinct or an impulse that couldn't be helped. He turned his body and grabbed her, twisting the body in his arms so that he could better his grip and in a tenth of a second Gabriel caught her eyes and saw her life as well. His wings encasing them before reality came rushing back and the sound of glass shattering rang in their ears. The angelic cocoon that was Gabriel took most of the blow hitting the asphalt and rolling along until his body began to grow limp slowing unraveling his wings to free the girl he had encased.

Audrey lay there, her body sprawled on the highway like road kill. Although barely alive her soul did not know whether to stay or leave. She felt movement beside her; something had brushed against her arm. It was soft as if someone had run the downy feather of a dove against her skin. Another soft touch and it was gone. I'm alone she thought. Audrey tried to open her eyes but it did her no use; she was weak and didn't have the will to go on fighting to keep her mind conscious. She let darkness consume her.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

"It's over" Gabriel whispered to himself as he pushed off the side of the cliff readying himself to face the heavenly father. Something was tugging in his mind. He felt as if something was left undone. He flew back down and perched himself on a misshaped boulder, picking at his brain. Such an annoyance he thought to himself.

This giant of an angel felt rather uneasy whenever this feeling crept into his head and wouldn't let whatever thought go until it was resolved. Then it clicked. He stood up surveying the desert and took off flying in a set direct until he reached his destination.

Gabriel towered over the body of the young girl he had unintentionally tried to save. He kneeled down and examined her. I can feel her soul…undecided are we? A small technicality that I shall soon fix. Careful not to cause anymore damage to her battered body he picked her up not caring about the array of wounds he had sustained and juxtaposed her into his arms. Gabriel out of all angels, felt a discontent for humans, they were vile, pathetic creatures who took the lords name in vain. They did not deserve the lords love or to walk in paradise.

But then why had he taken an interest in this young girl? She was filled with sin and the language that spewed from her mouth was disgusting and unbecoming for a young lady. Nonetheless off with her he went.

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