Title: Mascarpone
Author: exquisitliltart
Rating: G
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: Finale
Summary: Maura/Jane. A brief continuance of 2.10

"Good night, Sweetie- I hope you had a good birthday!" Angela yelled as she sauntered out of the apartment. Jane waved goodbye as she sunk down exhausted on the couch.

Everyone had gone except Maura who was finishing dishes in the kitchen. "Maura, leave those alone. Come relax- it's almost 4 am," Jane yelled toward the kitchen.

"Okay, I'm coming- I think I had a few too many cans of beer. The alcohol content must be higher than I anticipated." Jane could detect the faint slur in Maura's voice, and smirked a little at how cute she sounded.

Maura crossed from the kitchen over to the couch holding out a big slice of cake with one lit candle on it. She sat down next to Jane, "We forgot to do your cake. Make a wish!"

Jane sighed, overwhelmed with relief, "My wish came true today: Hoyt's dead, you're safe and I managed to make it one more year."

Maura looked down at the heap of frosting on top of the cake, "Did I tell you this frosting is made from mascarpone cheese?"

"Like cannoli filling?" Jane asked getting excited.

"Your favorite," Maura confirmed sweetly, watching as Jane blew out the candle and moved it to the side of the plate.

"I made another wish," Jane teased.

"What's that?" Maura handed Jane a fork, but was surprised when Jane took it out of her hand and threw it on the coffee table, opting instead to swipe two fingers through the frosting. She leaned forward and pressed her frosting covered index finger to Maura's lips. Maura didn't have time to think before parting her lips and sucking the creamy frosting off her finger.

Jane never took her eyes from Maura's lips as she, in turn, licked the frosting from her other finger, and giggled softly at the look Maura was giving her.

"You're planning on staying here tonight, right? After today, I don't think I can let you out of my sight," Jane placed a hand on Maura's thigh.

"Yes, of course I'll stay," Maura said like it was preposterous there would be any other option, "but let me remind you again that Hoyt's dead and we're both okay."

"I'm not okay, Maura." Jane cast her eyes downward, feeling vulnerable. She swallowed hard before continuing, "I felt something break inside of me when he was threatening you."

Jane looked up hesitantly, looking for Maura's reaction, and saw her eyes filled with tears. Maura lunged toward Jane and wrapped her into the tightest hug she could muster and held her that way until they both collapsed backwards on the couch.

"Hmm, I could stay like this forever," Maura mumbled into Jane's ear, her warm breath skating along her skin, and her body pressed tightly against Jane's.

"I really do love my present," Jane whispered back, feeling tears prickle behind her tightly closed lids. Relief washed over Jane, as she had needed this moment of downtime to physically feel that Maura was safe and alive. Neither of them made any motion to move, and each minute that passed seemed to make it even harder to pull apart.

After a long while of lying still and together, Jane saw the sun had started to peak over the horizon. Maura was half asleep on top of Jane, "Hey, lets go to bed, we can stay there all day."

Maura whimpered, but reluctantly and slowly pulled herself off of Jane and stood on shaky feet. Jane rose as well and they slowly wandered into the bedroom to sleep the day away.