Summary: Bella and Edward are dating…secretly. Edward doesn't want anyone to know because he's Mr. Sex on legs Edward Cullen, while Bella is Mrs. Clumsy, dorky, nerdy girl nobody likes. So they have conditions. Conditions where Edward can kiss, and go out with other girls, while Bella can only hang out with other guys…as friends.

But soon Bella is sick and tired of Edward acting like he hates her, and calling her names so Bella finally breaks it off, and moves to Jacksonville to live with Renée.

But three years later, Edward and Bella are now juniors, and Bella is back, And Edward turned into a player. Then he soon spots the new Bella, he wants her…badly. But Bella made a promise to herself to not fall for another jerk…especially the same jerk that broke her heart deeply.

But Edward doesn't give up! He's dying to get to know the new bella, and hopefully fall for the girl who took his heart years ago... secretly

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight, or any of its characters however, I do own the plot, and the situations the characters end up in…so please enjoy!


Bella's P.O.V

Eighth Grade(hopefully I did my math correctly.)

My mind was filled with multiple questions. I was wondering why Edward and I are even dating when he doesn't want to be seen with me. Or when he says I'm beautiful, if he's just lying. Maybe he's just with me to figure out my deepest, and darkest secrets, just so he can tell the whole school. Now tears were forming in my eyes just at the thought of it. I tried my hardest to get them to go away, but it wasn't working. Edward was so complicated some times. One minute he's telling me I'm beautiful, then the next he's calling me a fat, ugly bitch in front of Lauren, and his "Posse." I should just face the facts, and do what Alice has been telling me to do for months and just break up with him. It's just hard because sure, he's an ass to me in front of his friends, but when we're alone, he's just the sweetest thing! He tells me I'm beautiful, and showers me with kisses…but maybe it's all just a big, fat lie.

But I needed to know the truth, so I did the first thing that came to mind, and called Alice. Alice was my best friend, and Edward's twin sister. She is also the only person that knows about our relationship. She'd tell me if Edward was using me, or not, If he liked me, or not. She'd tell me anything…even if it hurts.

I quickly picked up the home phone that Charlie had set up in my bedroom, and typed in Alice's phone number, which I kindly memorized. 623.725.8924. (Fake number, I just made it up, so if its your real number, congrats on making my story!)

Alice finally picked up after four rings.

"What's do you need Bella?" Alice sang into the phone, and I chuckled. Alice always knew when I needed something.

"Um Alice? I need to ask you some questions about…your brother." I whispered, as I heard Alice sigh over the phone.

"Okay…I'll have Esme come pick you up!" she sang into the phone, and my eyes widened. I couldn't see Edward! Especially since I'm going over there to discuss our relationship with Alice.

"What? No! I can't go over there!" I screamed, and Alice started giggling.

"Oh, Bella! Don't worry! Edward already left to hang out with Emmett. He'll be home in about two hours." She whispered into the phone, and I sighed in defeat. Alice is so aggressive!

"Fine! But I leave before he shows up!" I demanded, and Alice squealed.

"Okay! Esme, and I will be over in ten!" she squealed before hanging up. I just chuckled, and set the phone back down on the receiver. Alice is so complicated! She knows what's wrong, yet she acts like she knows nothing.

I just shook the thought off, and ran my fingers through my slightly, tangled hair. I had to make sure I looked decent before I went over to Edward's house. The house filled with expensive, overpriced furniture and beautiful decorations.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The home phone rang, and quickly ran over to it, knowing that it was Alice calling from outside.

"I'll be down in a minute." I shouted over the phone before hanging up, and running downstairs. I quickly slid on a pair of flip-flops, and then ran outside.

I gave Esme a warm smile, before sliding into the backseat of Carlisle's red Mercedes. Alice just smiled, and gave me a small hug before letting me buckle my seat belt.

"Oh well hello dear! You look great today!" Esme complimented, and my cheeks started burning. Nobody knows what compliments, and embarrassment does to me…accept Edward.

"Thank you Esme." I mumbled as I starred down at my hands. Esme just chuckled as she pulled out of my driveway.

"So, Bella, as soon as we get to my house we can "talk," and then we can watch titanic!" Alice squealed, and I frowned. Titanic? Seriously?

"Alice! Titanic is like, four hours long! I wanted to get home before…you know!" I mumbled through my clenched teeth, and Alice groaned in frustration.

"Fine! Then we'll watch legally blonde!" she squealed, and I just sighed. Of course! It's always legally blond, titanic, or gossip girl.

"Fine! But I get to pick the snacks this time!" I demanded, and Alice crossed her arms over her chest, frowning. I smiled as we pulled into Alice's driveway.

As soon as Esme parked, I quickly hopped out, and started walking towards their front door, soon joined by Alice. I gave her a warm smiled as she linked our arms together, and pulled me inside.

"Bella! Come on!" Alice demanded as she pulled me up the stairs, and into her bedroom. I just rolled my eyes as she pushed me down on her bed, and drowning me with questions.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Alice asked, sitting down beside me. I just looked down as my hands, and took a deep breath.

"Well…it's about Edward." I whispered while looking up at Alice, then down at my hands again.

"Yeah…I figured that much." She whispered, and I sighed.

"It's just…I feel that…I'm not sure if he really likes me…for me!" I whispered while playing with a hangnail that was on my thumb.

"What do you mean?" Alice asked, and I looked up, into her eyes. They were filled with curiosity.

"It's just…I have the feeling that Edward is…using me! That he's just with me to find out my deepest, and most darkest secrets so he can just…tell them to Lauren." I whispered sadly while looking at my hands. Alice soon started rubbing my back, trying to relax me but it wasn't working.

"Oh, Bella. I can honestly say that Edward really does like you. Why does he treat you, his girlfriend, like crap? I have no idea! But I do know that he really does like you." She assured me, and I smiled. I was glad to know how Edward truly felt about me.

"Thanks Alice." I whispered while throwing my arms around her neck, and pulling her close. Alice was the best person in the world as the moment. Nobody could ever replace her!

"Anytime! Now, lets go watch a movie!" she demanded as she pulled me downstairs, and into the den. I just groaned as she popped the legally blonde DVD into the DVD player, and pressed play. Then I smiled as I walked into the kitchen.

"Go ahead! Pick the snacks!" she demanded, and then groaned. I just chuckled as I walked over to the pantry, and pulled out a bag of popcorn.

I quickly opened the package, and popped it into the microwave.

Then something clicked in my mind, and I walked back into the pantry, and grabbed the best thing that goes together with popcorn…chocolate icing!

I smiled and then grabbed the popcorn out microwave, and dumped it into a glass bowl. Then I quickly grabbed some salt, and dumped it on the popcorn.

But just as I set the saltshaker down and then two, cold arms wrapped around me, and I gasped.

"Hello." A soft, musical voice said into my ear, and I shivered. I knew that voice anywhere.

"Hello Edward." I said coldly as I pushed him away from me, grabbing the bowl of popcorn, and walking into the den.

I walked over to the loveseat, and plopped down, glaring at Alice.

"What?" she asked innocently, and I frowned as I glared at her.

"You told me Edward wasn't going to be here!" I mumbled through my clenched teeth, and Alice's eyebrows furrowed.

"I didn't think he would be! Sorry." Alice apologized. I just sighed and popped a piece of popcorn into my mouth. It wasn't sweet enough, so I decided to get some icing…but I couldn't find it. God! Where is it? I thought and then it came to me! I left it in the kitchen…where Edward is!

I just gulped as I stood up, and set the popcorn on the coffee table before walking back, over to the kitchen. But I froze in front of the kitchen door before walking in. I took a couple of deep breaths, and walked back into the kitchen, but the sight before me caused me to gasp.

The sight before me broke my heart even more. I was face to face with Edward, holding Lauren in his arms…while kissing her deeply, and passionately. I tried swallowing the lump in my throat, but couldn't. My eyes started to water, and my lip quivered. I couldn't stand looking at them anymore so I did what I do best, and ran!

I ran straight out of Esme's huge mansion, and into the forest near by. I didn't even care where I was going; I need to get the hell out of here!

I ran through many trees, and bushes while the tears spilt over. I was soon out of breath, and started walking.

I guess my clumsiness decided to kick in, because the next thing I knew, I was on the dirty, smelly, forest floor, quietly sobbing to myself.

Everything was just so complicated! I don't know why the sight of Edward kissing Lauren upset me. I see them kissing all the time at school, but I guess when I saw her in his house, it broke my heart even more. I mean Lauren is beautiful, popular, skinny, and she has Edward. And I'm just Bella, chubby, nerdy, ugly, and unpopular. But I have…Edward?

I'm not even sure anymore if Edward is mine or not. When we kiss it just isn't the same! It's really disgusting how I'll just sit there, and watch Edward make out with Lauren, but once she leaves, he'll start making out with me. I hate it when he has the taste of cheap lip balm on his lips.

I guess I didn't even realize how upset I was. Or how it turned from day, to night, is just a matter of minutes. It was kind of creeping me out, just sitting there…alone…in the dark…alone!

I quickly took a look around, to see if I could find my way out of the forest, but I couldn't see anything. All there was surrounding me, were tall, pine trees, and wet, moist piles of leaves on the floor. My eyes started to water again as I thought about some animal, just coming out of the darkness, and eating me alive. I could never put up a fight. Heck! I couldn't even walk on a flat surface without tripping!

But I needed to get out there, so I quickly stumbled to my feet, and took small baby steps towards the direction I came from. I carefully watched where I stepped because I didn't want to end up tripping again. That would stink!

But I just kept walking. I guess I was to busy watching my feet, that I wasn't watching where I was going, and ran into a tree, causing me to stumble backwards. But just as I was about to fall, to cold hands grabbed mine, and kept me steady. I just smiled and…wait! Trees don't have arms!

My eyes quickly widened, as my head quickly shot up, only to look into a pair of green eyes that I didn't want to be looking in again. My smiled immediately turned into a frown as I pulled away from his grasp, and stepped back a few steps.

"Bella! What the hell?" Edward screamed, and I flinched.

"What Edward?" I said coldly as I tried to walk away, but Edward just wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me to his chest.

"Why are you in the woods? Esme had me go looking for you!" he asked coldly, and I just shook my head, as I tried to get out of his grasp, but failed. He just wrapped his arms around me even tighter.

"Edward! Let me go!" I said coldly as I squirmed in his grasp.

"No…Bella why are you in the woods?" he asked, raising his voice, as I finally managed to escape from his grasp.

"Because I didn't want to be in your goddamn house!" I screamed at him before walking away. I quickly picked up the pace, trying to get rid of Edward, but he'd just catch up every time.

"Bella! Stop!" Edward demanded, and now I was furious.

"You know what Edward? Maybe I don't want to stop! Maybe I'm walking away from you on purpose! Maybe I don't want to see, or speak to you! Ever thought of that?" I screamed as I stood facing him. Then I looked into his eyes, trying to find something. But all I found was curiosity, and anger.

"Why are you acting like this?" Edward asked harshly, and that finally did it!

"Acting like this! Why are you acting like that! Why are we even dating!" I screamed, and Edward had a pained expression on his face.

"Bella I…" he started but soon closed his mouth, not knowing what to say as tears were forming in my eyes.

"You know what Edward? I'm done!" I screamed while turning around walking away, but Edward caught up to me, and jumped in my way, blocking me from going anywhere.

"What? Bella! No…you can't do this!" he screamed while gripping my shoulders, and squeezing tightly. It really hurt.

"Owe…Edward." I whimpered out, and Edward squeezed even tighter.

"No Bella! Stop it! Stop acting like I don't care about you!" he screamed, and I winced under his touch.

"Edward!" I whimpered out again as a few tears ran down my face, but Edward still didn't let go of me.

"Bella!" he screamed through his clenched teeth and squeezed my shoulders even tighter. It hurt like hell, so I did the first thing that came to mind, and kicked him where the suns don't shine. Edward quickly let go of me as he fell down on the ground, in pain.

"You know Edward, at first I thought you were a nice, handsome, sweet guy but now…I think you're just a mean, ugly, bitter person! I hope you die old, and alone you asshole!" I screamed at him before running away, ignoring the many calls from Edward.

Now tears were streaming down my face like the Nile River as I slowed down my pace, and walked through the forest. I took a quick look around but all I saw was pitch black.

"Bella!" I heard Edward call from behind, so I took a quick look behind me and saw that he was just a few feet away, so I quickly ran away from him.

"Bella…please! I'm sorry." He called, and I froze. Did Edward Cullen just apologize? No! It's all just a lie!

"Bella…please." Edward pleaded as he stood behind me. I just swallowed the lump in my throat and turn around to Edward, whose shirt was now covered in mud, and dirt.

"What?" I said coldly, and Edward sighed while setting on hand on my shoulder. I winced and Edward quickly pulled his hand away as his eyes widened at the fresh new bruises that were forming.

"Oh my god! Bella…I'm sorry." Edward apologized as he gently traced his fingertips over one of my bruises.

"Whatever." I mumbled, and Edward pulled his hand away, and gently pulled my head up from my chin, making me look at him.

"Bella…I'm am so sorry!" he apologized, and I just shrugged.

"We should get home. Lauren's probably looking for you." I whispered as I looked down at my feet again.

"Oh…Bella! I'm sorry."

"Oh, no! It's okay! To everyone she's your girlfriend, and I'm just a freak. Don't worry I'm used to It." I assured him before walking away and letting a few tears falls.

"Bella…I'm sorry." He whispered, and I just shook it off.

"Yeah…it's okay…really! Go back to you girlfriend…I have to go pack." I told him before turning around.

"Pack?" he said as his eyes widened.

"Yeah…I didn't tell you. Um…I'm moving to Florida to live with Renee for a few years." I whispered, and gulped.

"When do you leave?" he whispered.

"Tomorrow." I mumbled, and Edward looked down at his feet.

"That's soon." He mumbled.

"That's the point…I'm leaving tomorrow Edward…and I'm not coming back for three years. I'm actually glad I saw you kiss Lauren…now I don't have to cry over you at night." I mumbled, and Edward's head shot up.

"What?" he asked shocked.

"Edward…I'm sorry but…I can't do this anymore! We're over…and I'm leaving! Now you can be happy with Lauren." I whispered.

"But I'm happy with you!" he shouted.

"Well I'm not!" I shouted back and Edward gave me a pained expression.

"You're not happy?" he whispered, and I shook my head.

"No…I'm not Edward! I'm miserable!" I shouted and Edward looked up at me, with a pained expression.

"Why?" he asked sadly, causing my hands clenched into fists.

"Because my boyfriend is a complete jackass! Edward…do you ever notice how much it hurts when you call me a freak? Or fat? Or how about an ugly, fat bitch? Do you?" I screamed and Edward looked away, ashamed.

"That's what I thought!" I screamed before running away from Edward.

Now tears were streaming down my face like the Nile River, and I was too upset to care where I was going. I just needed to get away from Edward, and fast!

He was a nothing except a complete jackass who doesn't care that I'm leaving. He never cared…so why did I?

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