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I yawned as I walked towards my first period. Govt. Economics, yay. I was already tire enough, now I was bound to fall asleep in class. But at leas it was entertaining. Hear at Shikon High School, there are humans, demons and half demons that attend here.

I am a human with priestess powers such as sacred arrows, purification, and creating barriers. I am a champion at archery. My friend Sango is a demon slayer. She has great talent with martial arts and weaponry. Her favorite weapon, however, is her hiraikotsu. My friend Miroku is a perverted monk. He specialized in the same things I do, but he doesn't do archery. And he does sutras as well. And then there's…

"Hey, Kagome, wait up!" Shouted my best friend from down the hallway.

I turned around and smiled. Coming towards me was my childhood friend, InuYasha. We had known each other since pre-school, and he also held my heart. But he didn't need to know that. He is a half dog demon who is great with sward fighting. He also uses his claws during combat. He lives with his human mother Izayoi, his dog demon father InuTaisho, and his full demon brother Sesshomaru. Those two were kind of okay when in the same room.

Those two are funny together though. Not to mention that I owe Sesshomaru my life. They have the same father but different mothers. Sesshomaru's mother was cruel. After he was born, his mother told him that she hated the fact that she was even pregnant, and left him to die. InuTasho was furious and immediately cared for his son. He raised him on his own until he met Izayoi when Sesshomaru turned eight. Sesshomaru was very accepting of her too. She treated him like he was her own son, and they got along great. He about sixteen when InuYasha was born. And he was very protective of his little brother. He he! I should know. I use one of their pictures as blackmail whenever they get on my nerves. InuYasha would always obey my command whenever I brought that up.

I grinned when he finally made it to me and he seemed to be tired, "Looks like somebody forgot to set up their alarm clock last night." I said.

He glared at me through his silver locks of hair and his dog ears twitched, "Shut up!" I laughed and we both walked into our class.

We were watching some kind of Biography, so we didn't need to do anything. Out of nowhere, a paper landed on my desk. I quietly took and opened it to see what it said.

Hey! I need your help with something… really bad! Please help me.


I sighed and then grabbed my pen to write my response.

Alright, what is it?


I tossed it back to his desk and waited for his reply. A second later it came back and I opened it.

I want to ask out a girl. And I don't know how to do it!


My eyes widened, He wants to ask out a girl? Could he mean me? I wrote down my response in a rush.

Who is she?


I threw it back at him and waited. A second later it came at me. I opened it with shaky fingers, Please be me! Oh please, oh please! Be me!

I want to ask out Kikyo. Can you help me?


My heart stopped when I read that first sentence. Kikyo? Why her? Of all people it had to be, he chose her! Did he forget what she did to me last year? She pulled a prank by throwing a bunch of condoms in my locker. Since she's Ms. Popular and I'm Ms. Loser, no one believed me. Except all of my friends. So why is he asking her out now?

I sighed sadly and wrote down my response, I love him. So I'll make him happy. I wrote down all of the ideas I could come up with. Small talk, try to become buddy-buddy, be nice, and see if she's ready to take the next step.

After class was over, InuYasha walked up to me and gave me a hug. I blushed but hugged him back. I loved it when he would hug, I felt so happy in his arms. "Thank you," He whispered and I smiled, "for helping get a chance with Kikyo." My smile left my face and I froze. I put my hands against his chest and pushed myself out of his embrace, my bangs covering my eyes. "Kagome?" He asked.

I walked passed him and out of the classroom. Not wanting to look at his face for the time being. "Kagome, wait!" I ran. It was all I could do. I couldn't face him right now. I had to get away. Away from that class, away from reality, away from him!

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