They say that a lot of middleclass families have more secrets than any other family -that statement couldn't be truer for any other middleclass family than the Uchiha.

One would think them to be a nice, loving family who only ever cared for and loved each other, but as the above statement said - middleclass families are not always what they appear to be. No – the Uchiha had many dark, gruesome secrets hidden amongst its members, but no 'outsider' would ever be told these secrets or be allowed to witness the true ways of the Uchiha.

Not until residents finally got sick of the secrets overflowing in their own Uchiha family on the block and finally took action against the monster known as Uchiha Fugaku.


Uchiha Tobi whimpered into his cousin, Itachi's side as he watched his uncle punch his aunty in the face. Though witnessing his aunty Mikoto being beaten by her husband, Fugaku, it was still a terrifying sight to see.

Itachi held his younger cousin, trying to soothe him, while Itachi's baby brother, Sasuke - being only a few months old - was upstairs in his room, screaming from all of the noise downstairs.

"Itachi-kun…" Tobi whimpered, wiping at his wet eyes.

"Shh…" Itachi tried to take Tobi out of the living room and away from the fray, but Fugaku had stopped them, grabbing him roughly by the hair and throwing him into the wall, his face burning with anger and hatred.

"Little bitch!" Fugaku screamed angrily at his son. "Don't try and run!"

Tobi screamed as he was grabbed by Fugaku next. He fought desperately to get away, biting his uncle on the hand.

Fugaku released Tobi with a yelp, but the boy could only flee a few steps away before he was caught again and pinned to the ground.

Tobi screamed in terror as Fugaku wrapped his hands around his neck, squeezing tightly and cutting off his air-supply. The only thing that had stopped Fugaku from suffocating him to death was the door being knocked down and several police officers running in with their guns drawn, screaming at Fugaku to release the boy and step away.

Fugaku released Tobi, standing up and sneering at the police.

Tobi watched, sobbing in terror as Fugaku confronted the police officers until Itachi had grabbed him and helped him away slowly from the scene.

Itachi took the younger boy upstairs and into Sasuke's room, locking the door behind them. He picked Sasuke up, nursing him to try and calm himself down.

"Itachi-kun…" Tobi sobbed, his little heart thumping in absolute panic as he heard Fugaku fighting with the officers downstairs.

"Shh…" Itachi whispered to Tobi again, rocking Sasuke gently. "It's okay… We'll just stay up here and we'll be safe."

The two young boys stayed in the baby's room until the door was knocked upon gently and a calm voice rang through the air, drifting through the thin wooden door.

"Are you boys in here?" A female voice called, concern obvious. "It's okay - we took your uncle out of the house and your aunty is going to the hospital to receive treatment. You have to come out now because we have to remove you from this house. We're not going to hurt you – I promise – we're only trying to help you."

Itachi seemed to be emotionless at these words. Having been raised in such a violent way by Fugaku, he had come to resent his father with all of his being - so hearing that he was going to be taken away from Fugaku wouldn't have upset him one bit.

"My baby brother will be removed, too, right?" Itachi called, not intending to leave unless Sasuke was with him.

"Yes. Is that Itachi? Please open the door, okay? I'm officer Fujikami and I am going to be taking you to the orphanage. You can't stay here anymore because of Fugaku, and Mikoto-san is unable to care properly for you two at this time."

Itachi handed Sasuke to Tobi, getting up and opening the door warily. There stood a pretty female officer at the other side, smiling at them. She leant down to take Sasuke but Tobi flinched violently as she approached, pulling away with Sasuke.

Fujikami frowned sadly, knowing that the poor child was probably terrified of all physical contact because of the situation. She smiled sadly at Tobi, trying to cheer him up, but nothing she did seemed to work – the younger boy seemed to have a deep fear of other people, which was most likely due to all of the abuse he had suffered and witnessed.

"Would you like to hold my hand?" She asked, offering it to Tobi, knowing that the Uchiha wouldn't take it but hoping against hope that he would.

Tobi shook his head and hid behind Itachi, hugging the older Uchiha's arm tightly. "Tobi only wants Itachi-kun…"

Fujikami nodded sadly and carried Sasuke away, knowing that the two boys would follow. It was silent as they exited out of the house's front door, and both boys flinched visibly as they were lead to the police cruiser.

"Do you have any other family you could stay with?" She questioned as she opened the door of the police car for the boys.

Itachi shook his head.

"We don't know anyone else in our family," Itachi explained as he entered the car after Tobi.

Fujikami nodded, knowing not to question them anymore. She handed Sasuke to Itachi once he was sitting down safely on the seat. "Okay, boys. Would you like to stop for lunch first? You look like you would be very hungry."

Tobi nodded warily, leaning on Itachi as said Uchiha held Sasuke tightly.

The car began to move soon enough. New beginnings were waiting just up ahead, and both Uchiha were extremely nervous about that.