Author's Note: 1,000,000 apologies for how long it took me to get this final chapter out, and the shortness of it. I just wanted one last smutty hurrah before Pansy and Draco's happily ever after. But so much happened in my own life between writing chapter 9 and this one (I moved 1,000 miles and got back into school) that I neglected it. I'm really sorry about that to everyone who has been faithfully following this story. I really appreciate your readership. And a special thanks to those of you who rode my ass and bugged me about finally finishing this, you know who you folks are. I always knew that I would come in and let the kids fuck once more, it was just a matter of revisiting it and getting it done.

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Draco had never been this nervous in his entire life. Not before his first quidditch tryout, not before OWLs, not even before the time he'd lost his virginity. He was far from inexperienced— and it wouldn't even be his first time with Pansy—but something about it felt different, more important than any other time in his life. This would be his first time with Pansy since they had called their truce and formed an shaky but heartfelt relationship. He ran his sweaty palms along the thighs of his trousers, trying to hide any indication of just how nervous he truly was. Steeling himself, he knocked quietly on the door.

"Come in," a soft, female voice called from inside.

Draco pushed open the door and walked in slowly. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the dimness of the room, dark except for the soft glow of a dozen or so candles. Pansy was lounging on her bed, wearing a thin black dressing gown, partially opened to reveal the hint of a black lace bra and knickers set. Despite her relaxed posed and bold wardrobe choice, Draco could see uncertain shyness in her smile.

"Pansy," he breathed as he took a hesitant step into the room. "You look..." he trailed off. He didn't have the words to describe how she looked. She looked more beautiful than he had ever seen her, soft and vulnerable. His heart swelled at the knowledge that he was one of the few people—if not the only person—who got to see this side of Pansy. He loved and respected her ruthlessness, her ferocity, her utter disregard for conventional niceties. He'd been on the wrong side of her anger and knew how viciously she could exact her revenge. She was as brazen as her outfit, but he knew the layers that lay beneath her steely glare. He knew, because he was the same. At that was why they belonged together.

Draco realized he must have stood there staring for too long, because the humor had faded from Pansy's face. She shifted slightly, pulling the robe closed around herself defensively. "Sorry, I thought you'd like—"

Draco rushed forward, his own nervousness forgotten. "You look beautiful," he assured her, finishing the thought he'd let fall off minutes before. He climbed onto the bed. "Don't hide," he whispered as he parted the fabric of her robe, exposing her again to his gaze. His eyes raked over her body, drinking in the pale glow of her skin, the gentle swell of her breasts, the smooth curve of her belly. It was hard to believe that someone known for being so hard could look so soft.

Pansy could feel her breath coming in shallow pants as she lie still, pinned to her spot beneath Draco's scrutiny. His expression was curious and open. There was no trace of his trademark sneer, none of the hard lines that were so reminiscent of his father. Pansy decided she liked him best like this and made a silent promise to do whatever it took for him to look like this way always. She could see the marvel in his eyes as he looked at her and it made her swell with pride.

Draco ran the tips of his fingers up her torso, memorizing the dips and soft angles of her body. Although it was the gentlest of touches, Pansy shivered. The softness, the waiting, the expectation, it was almost too much. "Draco, please," she whispered. He lifted his eyes to meet her's.

"Kiss me," she breathed.

Draco leaned down and after a moment's hesitation, their lips met. Pansy wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as their mouths moved in tandem. Pansy opened to him and Draco pushed forward, taking everything she was giving him and wanting so much more. He pushed down the sense of urgency that came hand in hand with being a teenaged wizard; he wanted this—whatever it was—to last.

Pansy felt as though she were melting into the bed. Draco's weight on top of her was reassuring, yet she clung to him like he was a lifeline. The heat and intensity of their kissing increased gradually, each waiting for the subtlest of signs from the other to push forward. There was a sense of fragility in the moment, but it only served to make it seem that much more precious. When Draco lowered his head to nibble gently on the joint of Pansy's neck and shoulder, she knew that there was no going back.

Pansy gave a small moan and arched her body in offering as Draco kissed a trail across her clavicle and down between her breasts. He brought his hand up to cup her breast through the lace of her bra, trailing his thumb over covered nipple. Pansy let out a small cry, wholly surprised by how just that small motion lit a fire that spread across her skin and threatened to burn her entire body. She could feel Draco's smile against her stomach as his trail of tender kisses traveled further south. Her stomach muscles clenched involuntary as he worked. It tickled slightly, but not unpleasantly. This slow tease was so much different than the way he'd touched her in the past, but so much better in its own tortuous way.

Draco paused when his path led to the top of her knickers. He gently nudged her legs apart and settled himself between them. With his lips hovering an inch above the over heated skin of her lower stomach, Draco whispered, "May I?"

Pansy's eyes shot open. She'd been so lost in the sensation that she'd almost forgotten where she was. "If you don't," she began, her voice trembling slightly, "I'll hex your sodding balls off."

Draco chuckled, but went back to work wordlessly. He continued his trail of kisses over her mons and down to the junction between her legs. Pansy spread her thighs apart further, granting him better access and silently spurring him on. Draco made no move to remove her knickers. The already damp fabric grew even wetter as began to kiss her through her underwear. Pansy whined unabashedly, rocking her hips slightly as she tried to find the extra friction that was denied to her by the thin layer of lace.

"Draco, please," she begged quietly.

"Please what?" Draco asked without stopping. Pansy could feel the warmth of his breath against her.

"Please, touch me," she keened and thrust her hips, a little more harshly this time, grinding herself against his face.

Draco's long fingers trailed up the length of her quivering thighs, leaving a trail of goosepimples in their wake. "But I am touching you," he pointed out.

Pansy reached down to thread her fingers through Draco's hair, just as soft and blonde as it had been when they were children. On the surface it seemed like such an intimate gesture, but her grip strengthened and she gave his hair a sharp tug. "Just do it," Pansy groaned as she rolled her hips, rubbing herself against his face wantonly. "Don't fucking tease, Draco. Not now."

Pansy heard Draco chuckle and mumble something that sounded like "Yes ma'am," but it didn't matter, because he was shifting her hips into the air so he could slide her knickers down and off. Returning to his position between her legs, Draco used his slender fingers to peel apart the outer lips of her cunt. He sucked in his breath as he stared at her—pink and wet, open and inviting. Beautiful.

Pansy trembled slightly underneath him. She held her breath, waiting. Just when she felt she might go mad from anticipation, she felt the soft, warm swipe of Draco's tongue. Arousal flooded to her center and she bit back a gasp when she finally remembered to breathe. Draco was working at a tortuous pace, licking the length of her in slow, deliberate strokes designed to tease. His tongue traced circles around her clit. Pansy pushed at Draco's head, trying to force him to focus on the oversensitive bundle of nerves, but he moved away quickly.

Abandoning her clit, he wrapped his arms around her thighs and shifted her lower body, lifting her hips slightly so he could sink lower into the bed. He began to lap at her entrance, relishing the sweetness of her arousal straight from the source. Stiffening his tongue, he slipped it inside her, essentially fucking her with the tip of his tongue.

Pansy keened, overwhelmed with want. She wrapped her thighs around Draco's head and squeezed, trying to force him closer to her and deeper inside. When Pansy began to roll her hips, she felt the tip of his nose brush lightly against her previously ignored clit.

"Oh, fuck!" she gasped at the sensation. She tightened her grip around Draco's head and rolled her hips again, grinding herself shamelessly against his face. He continued to stab her with his tongue as she brought herself higher and higher, but she was distracted by the urgent need to be filled. Draco's oral teasing had brought her this far, but made her feel empty and desperate all the same.

"I need you, Draco. Please," she moaned and she continued to buck against him. His tongue was as deep inside her as anatomically possible, but it was nowhere near enough. She wanted to feel full and stretched, wanted to feel him go as deep as possible. "I need you inside me. Fuck me, please," she begged.

"Come for me, first," Draco said, his voice muffled between her legs.

Pansy's grip in his hair strengthened as she tried to pull him away from her. "No," she breathed, panting heavily. "I want to come with you inside me. Please, Draco, fuck me."

Draco slipped his tongue out from inside her. He took another broad swipe of her cunt, but instead of coming up completely, he fastened his lips around her clit and gently began to suck. Pansy let out a strangled cry, nearly coming undone at the sensation.

"No! Stop!" she yelped as she tried desperately to scramble away from Draco's touch. "Stop it, or I'll come!"

Draco lifted his head, wet lips shining in the soft candlelight. He sat back on his knees, but made no attempt to wipe his face. "That's the idea, Pansy," he smiled coyly.

Pansy's breath hitched as she stared at him, the evidence of her own arousal and his skills smeared messily over the lower half of his face. With speed that surprised them both, Pansy twisted out of his reach and pounced, pushing Draco onto his back. They bounced slightly as they hit the mattress, but Pansy kept him pinned underneath her as she straddled his waist. She wanted nothing more than to snog him senseless, to taste herself on his lips.

Draco had no problem matching the new sense of urgency as they kissed. He pushed the dressing gown from Pansy's shoulders and let his hands roam down her back as their mouths crashed together wildly. He cupped her pert arse in his hands, giving each cheek a firm squeeze before pulling her against him.

Pansy could feel his cock, trapped beneath his trousers, between her legs. Without breaking the kiss, she began to rock her hips against him, angling herself so that each time her hips rolled, the head of his cloth-covered prick rubbed against her clitoris. She didn't care if she was staining his expensive clothing. She was no longer thinking about what she doing, acting purely on the most primitive of impulses.

Two sets of hands fumbled to undo the buttons of Draco's shirt. Draco swatted Pansy's hands away, so she concentrated on undoing the button and fly of his trousers. Unwilling to unseat herself for too long as they disrobed Draco, he was barely out of his clothes before Pansy pushed him back against the bed and straddled him again.

Reaching behind herself, she took his cock in hand and gave it a few short tugs. It was thick and solid in her hand. She could feel the warm dribble of precome leaking from the head. She continued to grind her hips against him as he pumped his hips in the air, fucking the ring her delicate hands made around his cock.

Draco reached up, palming Pansy's breasts through the lace of her bra. "Take it off," he pleaded. "I want to see you, all of you."

Pansy gave a wicked smile before reaching behind her back to undo the clasp. Holding the front of the bra to her chest, she made a show of slipping off both straps before letting the entire thing fall away. She heard Draco's sharp intake of breath when they were finally reveal, his grey eyes nearly black with lust as he watched them bounce slightly each time their hips rolled together.

"Merlin," Draco gasped, tearing his eyes away from Pansy's chest and looking into her own. "You're so bloody beautiful, Pansy."

Pansy had been told she was pretty countless times throughout her life, but this was the first time she had ever really believed it. She knew she was a technically attractive young woman, even with the small up-turned character of her nose. But the look of reverence and adoration of Draco's face was anything but technical.

Cupping his hand in her face, Pansy leaned down and kissed him. Not with the same fire they had just shared, but with the tenderness and affection that she felt in her heart. Draco's neck strained as he pushed up into the kiss. He didn't care if it was an awkward angle, he didn't care about anything besides showing Pansy through the kiss what he knew she wasn't ready to hear.

Pansy gave Draco's cock another gentle pull. Without breaking the kiss, she angled it towards her and sank back, completely sheathing him inside her in one smooth stroke.

Draco's eyes snapped open and his let out a strangled gasp. Pansy kissed the corners of his mouth as she began to rock back and forth, letting his cock slide out a few inches before swallowing it down to the root again. Draco's hands gripped her hips firmly and his eyes rolled back in his head; he felt as though he were drowning in pleasure.

"You feel so good inside of me," Pansy breathed into his ears seductively, nipping at his earlobe and sucking into her mouth in a manner that had Draco's toes curling instantaneously. "Does it feel good for you?"

"Oh fuck, Pansy," Draco began to babble. "Yes, fuck yes! You feel amazing. My gods," he exhaled sharply.

Pansy began to straighten up, intending to change the angle and fuck herself on Draco's cock properly. But Draco refused to let her go. Wrapping his arms around her back, they sat up together. Pansy shifted her legs so that they were wrapped around Draco's hips, his own spindly legs stretched out in front of them. She couldn't bounce on him as she had planned, but with her sitting squarely in Draco's lap and their bodies pressed flush together, this was even better.

Hips moved in unison as they ground against each other. Pansy relished the stretch of this position, the depths to which Draco's cock could reach inside her. She let her head loll back as Draco began to kiss and nibble on her neck and collar bone. Her hands threaded through his hair again and she pulled him against her even tighter, her soft breasts squashed against the smooth planes of his chest.

Warmth began to flood her belly. Pansy could feel herself coming closer and closer to orgasm. Draco reached between the bodies, seeking out her breasts. He gave one nipple a sharp pinch and she nearly screamed. She held onto him around his neck and leaned her body backwards, arching her back and offering herself to him. With this slight change of angle, her mound was pressing against Draco's pubic bone. Each time their bodies slid against each other, she could feel the pressure growing on her clit.

"Merlin, Draco. I could fuck you all day," Pansy panted breathlessly. They were both covered in a thin layer of sweat that helped their bodies glide against each other. "Feels so good."

Draco was beyond words, offering only a grunt in agreement as he thrust his hips up sharply.

"Yes!" Pansy yelled. She hadn't thought he could get any deeper inside her, but he just had. "Again, Draco!"

Draco followed her command. He slipped his arms around her waist and cupped each of her arse cheeks in hand, holding her still and opening her up as he began to piston his hips wildly. He was panting now, sharp intakes of breath followed by loud exhales as he thrust up and into her mercilessly. For her part, Pansy just held on, losing herself in the feeling of being thoroughly filled and fucked.

Pansy's nails dug into Draco's back as she felt herself losing control. She was so close to coming she could feel the tension building inside of her. "Oh gods," she moaned, pressed her forehead against his shoulder as Draco continued to fuck her. "Oh gods, I'm going to come. Draco, I'm going to—"

And then it happened. Pansy felt her entire body seize up as the tight coil of desire deep inside her belly snapped. Pleasure hit her in waves, rolling across her overheated skin and making her feel as though she were on fire. Not thinking, he bit down onto Draco's shoulder to stifle her scream. She could feel the skin break beneath her teeth and then heard, as though from a distance, Draco give a strangled cry as well. His grip on her arse became punishing as he lost the rhythm to his thrusting. Then the thrusts stopped all together and Pansy could feel him shaking beneath her. Pulling herself from Draco's chest, she caught the last few seconds of Draco's orgasm written clearly across his face. It wasn't a peaceful, angelic expression. In fact, he looked rather in pain. But it was the most beautiful thing Pansy had ever seen.

Not giving him time to catch his breath, Pansy caught his lips in a punishing kiss the moment she felt his body begin to relax. He let go of her soon-to-be-bruised arse cheeks and wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her against him tightly. The force of her orgasm combined with the glee in her heart left Pansy feeling uncharacteristically giddy and she began to laugh between their kisses.

Draco pulled away and eyed her skeptically. He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

Pansy disentangled herself from Draco's grip and lay herself down on the bed, pulling Draco on top of her. They kissed lazily for a few more minutes as they caught their breath. When Pansy reached up to stroke Draco's cheek with her thumb, she thought of the oddity of this thoughtless caress. If anyone had told her a few shorts weeks ago that she would be lying in bed with Draco Malfoy, her heart nearly fit to burst with delight, she would have laughed and then hexed them for good measure. But as she gazed up and into Draco's cool grey eyes, any doubts she had about him melted away.

"You look...pensive," Draco said, eyeing her cautiously. "Please don't tell me you regret that. Because honestly, Pansy, that was the most amazing—"

Pansy lifted her head and silenced him with a quick kiss. Falling back into the pillows, she pulled him down on top of her. Draco nestled his head in her chest and began to absently run his fingers across her breast, tracing small patterns around her hardened nipples.

"I don't regret it at all," she said after a moment, her own hands stroking his soft blonde hair. "I just can't believe it. Of all the arseholes in school, I never imagined it'd be you."

"What would be me?" Draco asked, his voice thick and sleepy.

"I'll tell you another time," she yawned, her own exhaustion taking over. Although she felt it, she wasn't quite ready to say it out loud. "Get some sleep, darling. I expect you fully rested and able to fuck me again in the morning."

She wouldn't have taken Draco for the cuddling type, but she wasn't going to complain. She could feel his smile against her chest as he snuggled up against her. And this time, she was almost certain she had heard a faint "Yes ma'am," before they drifted off to sleep.