"What are we watching tonight?" Logan asked as he sat down on the couch with a bowl of pop corn and a beer. Originally, it was going to be just the guys, but Kendall insisted on having Jo there. They no longer shared an apartment at the Palm Woods and thought it would be better to get separate places, but they still saw each other often because they were still a part of BTR. They mostly met at Jo and Camille's apartment because they were the most centrally located apartment between the friends. Of course the girls didn't mind it much. Just as long the guys didn't be too messy and demanding in the guy bonding time.

"Um…300." Kendall said and the guys were happy about that. Of course, Jo wasn't.

"You've guys seen that like ten times. Couldn't you just watch something cool and foreign? Or something funny and not violent."

"Like what? Twilight?" Carlos joked and Jo threw a pillow at him and the guys laughed at what great aim Jo had. They thought Carlos would learn to not mock Jo after the last time he was injured by her. It was all in good fun, though.

"You wish it was Twilight…" Jo said before she stared at her phone. "Ugh, I wish Camille's boss wasn't such a jerk. She does so much for him, and he's still a jerk."

"Wait, Camille's working?" Kendall asked before turning to Logan and he nodded. "It's like 7pm. What the hell could he want at this hour?"

"I don't know…" Logan said with a sigh. He knew encouraging Camille to take a job as an assistant wasn't a bad idea, but he regretted that she chose the slimiest, meanest agent in L.A, Devin Chase. He was notorious for being a bit of a sexist pig, but a lot of people overlooked that because he represented so many talented actors. Talented and famous actors.

"Ugh, that guy is such an asshole." Jo said as she picked up her glass of wine. "All he does is bitch at her and boss her around like she's some sort of mule. I always ask her why she stays, and she keeps telling me that she needs the money. She won't tell her dad that she's a bit broke. I try to help her out as much as I can, but I'm only one person. But, I'm just going to stop there because from the looks on your faces, I can tell I'm being a downer.

"Yeah, a real downer…" James said and Jo playfully glared at him. "Let's start the movie."

"Okay, okay…keep your shirt on. Please keep your shirt on…" Kendall said knowing his vain friend just loved to show off his abs.

"Oh, I got a text from Camille…" Jo said as she stared at her phone. "She's on her way." she said and Logan smiled. He didn't know why, because they were just friends. Of course, they've tried over and over to be together, but they always ended up being on and off again.

Meanwhile back at the Chase office, Camille was working over-time tonight because the other assistant quit leaving her to be the only one. She had to take on twice the work and it often resulted in her working longer. She knew this abuse had to be worth something. She just wasn't sure what that something was, yet.

"Hey, you." Devin addressed her and she looked up. He was in his late 30s or early 40s with raven hair peppered with gray strands, piercing blue eyes, angular, manly features. He was in pretty good shape for a man his age fitting nicely into his expensive suits. She never acknowledged that he was sexy, at least openly anyway. Just then, she realized why she stuck around. There were other important reasons, but she couldn't help having a tiny crush on him. She had been working for him for half a year, he hadn't even bothered to learn her name, and she still worked for him. "Forward that email Georges Hawk sent me about his party to everyone in my address book."

"Well, Mr. Chase, I was going to leave. See, I've made plans and…I am working off the clock, now." she began and he let out and annoyed sighed.

"Of course, you would leave. I mean, the only other assistant suddenly quit and you're shouldering all the work, right?" he asked and Camille nodded hoping he would understand. "I mean, it's not like I've done the exact same damn thing while going to college and working another full-time job or anything. I mean, what other job do you have besides this one…?" he said in a mocking sarcastic tone.

"I…I…well…" Camille said knowing that she would sound like a complete idiot. She knew he was going to make her feel guilty for leaving, especially since this was the only job she had. Her acting career had stalled and her agent quit after being frustrated that she wasn't getting roles. She was hoping being Devin Chase's assistant was the foot in the door she needed to land another agent, but that proved to be fruitless. "This is my only job, but…"

"Ugh, you know what…fine, take off. I have to leave anyway. I have to meet someone for drinks, and god knows I need one right now." he said as he grabbed his blazer. "Oh, trash that damn script I got for my clients a few weeks ago. They're all doing other projects at that time."

"Okay, Mr. Chase." Camille said as she watched him step onto the elevator and leave. She sighed and she grabbed her phone and sent a text to Jo saying that she'll be there for the movie night. After she forwarded the email, she looked at the script and was about to trash it when she stared at the script. She knew people always said when opportunity knocks, you answer. This movie could be the thing that launches her acting career.

When Camille arrived, she was greeted with sympathetic looks on everyone's faces. She knew they must have been discussing how hard she worked, but she wanted them to know this was worth it. She had the script he told her to trash because all his clients couldn't do it. Yes, it was a little dishonest to take the script and use it for herself, but she had to.

"Hey, guys. Sorry, I'm late. I've been working harder since the other assistant quit." Camille said as she grabbed a beer bottle and sat on the couch next to Logan. They had already stared the movie, but she didn't mind. She had seen it a bunch of times with Logan, anyway.

"Hey, Camille…" Jo said to her. "Let's go in the kitchen and talk. I have a feeling if we talk the guys are going to get mad that we're ruining their guy's night."

"You already did…" Carlos said with a laugh and Kendall threw a pillow at him for getting him in trouble with his girlfriend. Jo just laughed it off as she and Camille went into the kitchen.

"I think you should stop working for that jerk." Jo began. "I'm serious. He's such an ungrateful bastard. You work your ass off and he doesn't even acknowledge the hard work you do. Hell, the guy doesn't even know your name."

"Well, hopefully, that won't be an issue for long." Camille said as she grabbed her messenger bag and pulled out the script. "I might have done something a little sneaky…" she said as she held up the script. "See, he told me to trash this script because none of his clients can do it, but…I'm going to audition for this part."

"Are you fucking serious? Wow, that is sneaky and deceitful and great! That'll show him not to appreciate how hard you work for his ass." Jo said as she hugged her. "So, what's the movie about? Have you read the script?"

"Yeah…it's pretty different than any other stuff I've auditioned for. It's about this hooker with a dark past of being molested and raped by a foster dad and she's in this twisted affair with her college professor, who's also messed up. He's an alcoholic with a gambling problem. It's dark, but this is may not be my one and only shot, but it's a big one if I can land this part."

"You auditioned for that part?" Logan asked as he walked into the kitchen. He was going to get another beer, but stopped when he heard Camille talking about the dark role. He was surprised to hear this because she never mentioned anything about an audition.

"Not yet. I stole a script Devin told me to trash and I'm going to audition for the part. If he doesn't see me as a potential client, then I'll make him see."

"You'll land the part." James said and Camille, Jo, and Logan were surprised that the guys had paused the movie to listen to their conversation.

"Thanks. You know, maybe somebody can help me with the scene I have to learn for the audition." Camille said and Logan was the first to volunteer. "Great! Ooh, we could do that right now. It's not going to be for a couple of weeks from now, but I want to make sure I got this scene down and really get into the character's head. Let's go to my room." she said and she could hear Carlos snicker, but she ignored him as she and Logan went into her bed room.

"You know…I would chastise you for being sneaky and stealing the script, but…I'm with Jo on this one. You need to stick it to that bossy son of a bitch." he said and Camille laughed. "Okay, what scene are we going over?" Logan asked as he sat on the bed next to her and glanced at the script. "A hotel scene…okay…"

"Yeah…" Camille said with a shy smile. "Okay, you're character is Carter, the drunken professor/gambler. I'm auditioning for Elizabeth or Eve as she'd known on the street, and in this scene, she's trying to get Carter to be a little rough with her and he refuses. Are you ready?"

"I guess…" Logan said as he scooted closer to her and look at the line he had to read. "Elizabeth, I'm not beating the shit out of you because you get off on it and most of the guys you fuck, hit you." Logan read the line and tried not to wince. He couldn't imagine hurting Camille.

"Oh, so you're willing to drag your drunk ass to this hotel room to fuck your student, but you don't want to hit me? Come on, Carter…We both know you want to…" Camille read it and she couldn't imagine what she had to do to get into character. She had just said a few lines, and she was struggling with it, already. Maybe this was a bad idea, she thought. But she knew, this had to be the role she had to go for since none of his clients are available to do it. "Logan, keep reading."

"Oh, right." Logan said as he cleared his throat and looked at the script. "I may be some twisted fucked up mess, but I'm not that low…"

"You're pretty low to me, professor. Drunk off your ass and you nearly get your ass kicked by some bookie. What? You come here for a fuck and go back to your delusional life of a good-standing citizen and professor. Cut the shit, Carter…" Camille said and she waited for Logan to continue. "Logan?" she asked and he cleared his throat.

"Well, it says Carter has to…slap Elizabeth and force her onto the bed…" Logan said as he shifted uncomfortably on the bed. "I would really feel weird doing that…" he said with a nervous chuckle hoping Camille wouldn't ask him to do that.

"I know you're normally a gentleman, but as you're reading this you wouldn't be Logan and I wouldn't be Camille." she said as she tried to convince herself that she could relate to the character, but she knew she really couldn't. "I don't know…I guess I know what you mean. I can't get into this character. I'm nothing like her, and…"

"Well, you said you wanted time to work on this character, right?" Logan asked and Camille nodded. "Maybe you could just work on it some more. I believe in you. Even if I don't really like the material or the theme of this movie, I believe you're capable of being any character."

"Thanks, Logan." Camille said as she hugged him. She loved that Logan was sweet and honest and supported her even if he didn't like the character she was auditioning for.