Author's note: This is, unfortunately, the end. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

This was Camille's last day as Devin Chase's assistant and she felt strange. She would still have to deal with his bossy and tyrannical ways, but this time he would be her agent. She knew she wouldn't have to come into the office everyday and she knew she would not miss doing that.

"Good morning…" Janette greeted her and Camille was shocked to see her. She couldn't believe Devin hired her so fast. "Okay, I know what you're thinking and…well, he called me last night and told me I had the job. Can you believe it?" she asked as she walked up to Camille and hugged her. "I know I don't know you at all, but I just wanted to hug you. I swear, I'm gonna have to buy you a drink or something to celebrate."

"You don't have to do that. I'm just glad he hired you. Do you need any help before I leave?" Camille asked as she sat at her desk. Janette was seated at the second desk in the waiting lounge and Camille had a thought. "Actually…I want you to take this desk. Since you're going to be working here and I'll be cleaning out my things from here…take this one"

"For real? You don't have to tell me twice…" Janette said as she began moving her things to the desk and helping Camille pack her things in a small white box. "So, I have a question for you. What's he like when I get past the new assistant phase? Is he really a hard-ass I've heard he was?"

"Yes. I'm not going to even deceive you about that. He can be a bit of dick sometimes, but he's generally an efficient boss.

"Well, I hope he can take as much as he dishes out, because I don't play that shit." Janette said as she draped her jacket on the back of the chair. "So, I'm still going to see you, right?"

"Yeah…I'm going to set up my first meeting with him next week. It's going to be so weird. I'm so used to him being my boss."

"Well, I hope to see you around and good luck with your career. I hope you know when I see you on the big screen, I'm gonna tell all my friends, she used to have my job. I saw her when she was just starting out. I'm just playing, but I am serious about you calling me if you need a stylist."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm so calling you. You got amazing taste…" Camille said as she stared at Janette's stark white peplum dress and bright blue heels with gold jewelry.

"Thank you, girl…" Janette said before she checked the schedule for today and began typing an email for Devin. Camille was relieved that Janette had more office experience than she had. Perhaps Devin wouldn't be such a jerk to her.

"Camille…" Devin called from within his office and she, slowly, walked to his door. He waved for her to come inside and she closed the door behind her. "Well, this is your last day as my assistant…it's a shame we never got to fuck on my desk…"

"Devin…" Camille said with a paranoid tone. She didn't want Janette to hear that she fucked Devin. "I'm with Logan and we're happy. So stop trying to…"

"I'm not trying to fuck you, now. I'm just saying I'm disappointed I didn't get to fuck you on my desk. I'm happy you're with Logan. He throws a good punch…"

"Yeah, he told me about that. You shouldn't have provoked him. He's not really a violent guy, but you pushed him and you know it."

"I know I did. I had to make him see how much you're worth fighting over. So, I took a punch in the face. I'm lucky he didn't break anything. Anyway, I have some papers for you to fill out and if you want you can delay signing any contract with me if you want to have a lawyer look over them…" he said and Camille just stared at him. "What, now?"

"Nothing…I'm just not used to you being so professional. So…nice. You're really serious about the whole not fucking your clients thing, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. When will you and you boyfriend get it through your thick skulls? Now, as I was saying, if you want to have a lawyer look over the papers, we can arrange a date and time for you to sign the contract."

"I'll sign now. I've had to type out some of these, remember?" Camille said as she sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"I know, but it's just a formality. A word of advice…take any document you're being told you have to sign to a lawyer."

"Well, I'll have to find a lawyer, then." Camille said as she took the folder in which the papers were held and placed it on the chair beside her. "I did want to say one thing. It's about Janette. Be nice to her, please. And don't try to fuck her."

"I can't guarantee I won't try to fuck her, but I'll be nice." he said as Camille glared at him. "Come on…look at her. She fucking hot and she's smart and hard-working. She a lot more competent than you ever were, that's for damn sure…" Devin said and Camille rolled her eyes. "So, how are you and Logan working things out?"

"We're not perfect, but…we're getting there. Devin…If I didn't have the affair with you, we could've just…stayed happy. It was like we were sitting in a stagnate pond and you were the pebble being tossed in creating ripples. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but…it happened and I can't forget it. I'm not thanking you, but I'm not ignoring it, either."

"Why in the hell would you even think of thanking me? I fucking ruined your relationship by dragging you into my personal kink I've developed. Don't fucking thank me. What we did wasn't a good thing. It made me no better than Alexis…"

"You're wrong…and she was wrong for what she did to you. You're an asshole, a dominant tyrant, and an arrogant son of a bitch, but…you didn't deserve that. I just hope one day, you find someone who will complete you the way Logan completes me."

"Oh, please, don't turn into a cheesy romantic comedy on me. I'm sure the myth of romance is true and I'm sure I'll find someone eventually. But, I'm not looking…at least for now. Anyway, you should get the hell out of here. I have my first meeting in ten minutes. Let's set up a meeting later today, okay?" he asked and she nodded before she left his office.

Camille spent the rest of the day working and helping Janette familiarize herself with the office. Janette was well-versed in clerical office work and she even showed Camille a few things she didn't know. She was glad Devin would be left in capable hands, plus she figured Janette was not the type to take Devin's verbal abuse as much as she had.

Once she scheduled a meeting time with Devin, she said goodbye to Janette and walked out of the building for the last time as Devin Chase's assistant. She drove to the apartment. Logan's apartment but they decided to sort of move in together until they found a bigger one. She opened the door and found Logan standing there with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Congrats on your last day, Camille…" he said as he kissed her cheek. "I hope he wasn't too bad. He wasn't a total asshole, was he?"

"No…he was actually kind of nice. As nice as he could be. Logan…I know you don't trust him, but…I think he's serious about being professional. You don't have to worry about him." Camille said as she followed Logan to the couch and sat down as he opened the bottle of wine and poured the two glasses. "I think he's going to like Janette. She's really smart and she's had more office experience than me. I don't think he's going to yell at her. And something tells me that if he does, she's going to yell right back."

"Well, good. Someone needs to knock him down a peg or two. Camille…about last night…" Logan said and Camille just put her finger to his lips.

"Let's not bring it up right now. You made a mistake by getting angry…I made a mistake by telling you all the things that would make you angry. Let's just forget it and have a nice time right now. So, what did you do today?"

"Well, me and the guys were working on some new music and…well…I found this place I thought you'd be interested in. It's not far from here and well…it's a house not an apartment. I know you can't afford to move into it, now, but I was thinking I could pay most of the bills when we first move there and when your career picks up, and I know it will, we can be equal. I'll float you as long as you want me to. I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I believe in you and I know your career will launch again…" he said before Camille placed her finger, once again, on his lips.

"I believe you, and I'm not offended. We have to be practical. There's nothing wrong with that. Can I see this place?"

"Sure…" Logan said as he pulled out his phone and pulled up the site and pictures of the house. It was an average size home with two bedrooms, one bath, and a garage. It was the perfect starter home for them. "Also…I was wondering if…" Logan said as he grabbed her hand. "I wanted to ask you to officially move in with me. I know we're still working on things and you never know what could happen, but…I wanted to officially ask you to move in with me."

"Yes. Of course I'll move in with you. I love you, Logan…" Camille said as she gave him the softest and sweetest kiss they've shared in a long time.

"I love you, too, Camille…" Logan said as he took her hand and they stood up. He led her into his bedroom and stopped right at the threshold of his door. He turned around and kissed her. He loved kissing her…just kissing her.

"Make love to me…" Camille whispered as she pulled Logan's shirt over his head. "I don't want sex…I don't want to fuck…I want to make love. I want to feel how much you love me…I want you to feel how much I love you…" she said before Logan pulled away. He began to unbutton her blouse and ran his hands over her bra-clad breasts loving the look her a yellow and blue print bra. He slid her shirt off her shoulders before pulling her closer to him. She began kissing his neck as he slid his hands to the zipper on the back of her skirt. Once the zipper was undone, he slid the skirt down her legs until they pooled at her feet. "Logan…" she moaned as his finger glided up and down her back until he unhooked her bra and helped her shrug out of it.

"Come with me…" Logan said as he led her to the bed and laid her down, gently. He undid and slid his jeans off until he kicked them almost across the room. "You're so fucking beautiful…" he said as he began sliding her panties down her legs and off. "So beautiful…" he said as he walked over to his drawer and pulled out two ties. One black, and the other one a dark blue. He grabbed her right wrist and began tying it to the bedpost. Camille looked on in confusion as he tied the other wrist to the other bedpost before kissing her. He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "Making love doesn't always have to be so vanilla…"

"Oh…" she moaned as he began massaging her pussy and fingers circling her clit. He kissed his way down her body and began licking her pussy paying special attention to the stimulated clit. She arched her back and moaned as he lapped at her pussy. "Logan…" she groaned as his tongue flicked and circled her clit. Her legs were shaking and she was so close. She nearly cried when he stopped and grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He, slowly, slid into her and began to fuck her in a steady rhythm. He began to increase his pace while staring lovingly into her eyes. They both came while staring deep into each other's eyes before sharing a loving and passionate kiss. Logan untied her wrists and kissed her again while pulling her against him and holding her tight. She knew, then, he had found his own way to be comfortable with her unusual, kinky desires and the was comfortable with his way as well.