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Chapter one

New Transfers

The animals inside the zoo had been startled awake by the sound of Alice's irritatingly sounding voice. Monkeys, gorilla's, kangaroo's, elephant's, otter alike, except for the Lemurs and the Penguins who had still been sleeping peacefully, watched her drag out two crates, both different sizes; one medium sized while the other was small sized. They watched her drag the crates out all the while chatting away on her cell phone.

"Yeah, yeah. I get it, already. They need fed regularly like the other animals. What else is there to know?" From the sound of her voice, she also sounded rather tired.

Well, it was understandable, with lugging around crates, but what was inside the crates was still a mystery to the other animals. One thing was for certain, they at least knew what habitat the new transfers belonged to. Alice had taken the opportunity while the voice on the other end of the line was still rambling on to her to set the medium sized crate inside the Lemur habitat and from there, she placed the smaller crate upon the penguin habitat.

"Listen. Listen, I got everything I need to know, all right? Would you quit rambling on like that? I got it, I got it."

It was clear she was distracted. She had completely forgotten to open the crates. The animals watched her walk off, leaving some of them shaking their heads while others looked back over at the crate by the Penguin habitat. "Wonder how the guys will react to this." Bada smirked with a knowing look in his eyes. If anything, any new comer would more than likely be greeted with the Penguin's own New York style welcome.

The other animals seemed to know this as well. It wasn't very long did they go back to what they had been doing.

-Lemur Habitat-

Inside the crate stood a female Lemur. She wasn't an ordinary Lemur. She was as tall as King Julian, perhaps just shy of an inch shorter than himself. She had redish-colored rings along her tail, red hair a top of her head, and red-colored finger-tips. Though the rest of her fur was black and white. She had green colored eyes and the current mood that was crossing her facial features, showed signs of anger. She didn't like crates as she was sure no one did.


Her scream had startled the other three sleeping Lemurs. "Maurice, what have I told you about waking me up from my beauty sleep?" King Julien groaned, stretching lightly.

The ears of the aye-aye lemur perked up slightly and a slight, concentrated frown crossed his lips as he turned his attention to the crate. "Uhm, your majesty...I think we have a familiar visitor."

It was at this did the taller lemur blink, rubbing the rest of the sleep away from his eyes. "Come again?" Glancing at Maurice, he tilted his head to the side for a minute, before following his gaze to the crate. "Why were we not informed of this?"

All of them jumped when they heard a low, frustrated-sounding growl escape from the crate. "Maurice! You are to be protecting your king! Do it!" With that, he jumped back behind Maurice, with Mort following not to close behind him. "Uh, w-wait! What if it's just another lemur like us?"

The growl seemed to deepen, getting louder this time, as if hearing Maurice's words somehow affected whatever was inside. And it did. How dare they think she was just like Julien! She was far from being alike to the one equivalent in her size. She was smarter where as he was known from being annoying from time to time. Though they were kind of a like in some ways. They both did things kind of on impulse, but not on purpose. Well, she knew the things she did on impulse were not meant to be on purpose. But still!

Feeling like she was still trapped, the female lemur stood back away from the front of the crate. With a running start, she managed to knock the crate over, landing in a heap beside the lid. "Let me out...please..." she croaked out, pulling her tail close to her, lightly dusting the tip off.

"Wait...I know that voice anywhere!" Maurice started towards the crate with new-found confidence. Moving towards the lid of the crate, he began pulling at it. "Uh, I could use a little help." With a roll of his eyes, he turned to look back at the other two lemurs who stared on in silence. It was Mort who jumped up to help him. Well, it wasn't much help, but they had finally succeeded in pulling the lid free.

The female lemur crawled out of the crate, stretching lightly. "Thank you." She stated calmly.

Julien blinked twice, doing a double take on the new lemur, his mouth hanging open slightly. "F-Flora?" The sound of her name falling from Julien's lips caused the other to roll her eyes, giving a small nod of her head. "It is to be about time they transferred my sister here!"

Well, sure his voice was louder than normal, though she was happy he was excited to see her again. They had been separated for far too long. It was after Julien's declaration was she then tackled in a bear hug by the three lemurs, all of them happy to be reunited. Laughing. A joyous sound of laughter could be heard, first escaping Flora's lips, then being echoed by Julien, Maurice and Mort.

Though Mort was hugging one place where he should not have been hugging...and that often got on her nerves as it was the same with her sibling. "MORT, GET OFF OF THE FEET!"

-Penguin Habitat-

It was the female's scream that did it, jolted the four sleeping penguins awake. "Not this again..." groaning with an annoyed tone to his voice, Skipper stood up from his bunk. He didn't get much sleep last night, due to Julien's loud music blasting over their habitat. Giving out a soft yawn, he looked over at his team who were slowly waking up from their own peaceful slumber.

"Kowalski?" He didn't need to finish his sentence, Kowalski already knew what he meant even with a dreary state of mind to focus on. Placing a flipper on his beak, he began to rub the sleep from his eyes, trying his best to wake up more.

"Well, according from the scream and the gossip that went on last night, we were supposed to get two new transfers to the zoo this morning." he stated, stiffling a yawn halfway through his sentence.

Skipper frowned lightly, looking thoughtful. "Well, shouldn't we go greet them, then?" Lifting his head up from Private's words, the leader gave a small nod. This time, they wouldn't give their old New York style welcome, not with the team still tired-looking as they were. They still needed to be awake though for what might happen.

"Let's go men."

Meanwhile, inside the small crate sat a female penguin. This one was particularly different with a tealish-colored undercoat instead of the normal white color. She had the normal black colored feathers and her eyes were a piercing green-ish color. She had yet to make a move or try to get out. She had indeed heard the irritated scream of her friend, Flora, though she made not a sound. Unlike Flora, she held patience, a willing of waiting. Someone was bound to let her out soon enough.

Sighing softly, she gazed around the crate. It wasn't too long before her thoughts were confirmed. "Rico, crowbar!" A familiar voice rang in her ears.

It couldn't be though...could it? Closing her eyes, she heard a crack from within the crate, the sound of the lid popping open. Raising a flipper to cover her eyes, she leaned forward, aiming to get a better look at her 'rescuers'. "You can come out now."

Hearing the same voice, her eyes widened further as she stood and slowly waddled out. "S-Skipper...?"

An awkward silence following after. "Krissa?"