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Chapter 3

Mingling && Getting Caught

"All right, Flora. Since you seem to be the brightest and less annoying of the Ringtails, let's see what you got." Skipper smirked at the female Lemur, arching a brow as she looked up from checking out Kowalski's latest invention that he willingly showed her.

"Huh?" Tilting her head curiously to the side, Flora blinked as she stared at Skipper for a few minutes. "Erm, what exactly do you mean? Dancing wise?"

Skipper mentally slapped himself for not seeing that one coming. "No! In the fighting style. Let's see what you're capable of, Princess~" Sneering lightly, he caught the peeved little look that crossed the lemur's facial features right then and there.

"I don't like to be reminded of that title."

"What's the matter? Afraid of carrying such a title over your pretty little head?"

A low, uncharacteristic-like growl escaped Flora's lips as she prepared to launch herself at Skipper, yet she was held back by Kowalski. "No! I just wish everyone would stop treating me like a child! Including my brother!"

She frowned lightly as she watched Skipper point to the H.Q. entrance. Soon after, everyone began filing out, yet before she could reach the top of the step ladder, Krissa placed a flipper upon her shoulder, looking worriedly up at her. "Are you sure you want to do this, Flora? Skipper's tough, he pulled through on a lot of missions…"

"Hey, he started it, Krissa. He should know better than to use the term Princess mockingly around me. Don't worry, I can handle it." She gave her a soft smile, then proceeded to head up and jumped out gracefully, landing on her feet with ease.

Krissa shook her head and followed suit, but remained on the sidelines. Flora blinked as she watched the male penguins line up before her. "Are you prepared to take on all of us, little miss?" the growl re-escaped her lips as she shot a warning death glare at Skipper, green hues narrowed dangerously as she heard the little comment.

"Bring it, Skippy-Loo." She smirked as she saw the little twitch in the corner of his eye.

"All right, men, you heard her. Roll out!"

Rico and Private both seemed to dive on the ground, rolling towards her with out-stretched flippers. Giving a soft yawn, Flora waited for the right moment before she suddenly leapt up and jumped back, causing the two penguins to collide with one another. Smirking slightly, she glanced back over at Skipper who looked a little annoyed, obviously wanting that maneuver to work.

It was then that Kowalski had come out her with hand-to-hand combat, one that she matched perfectly. left, right, up left, up right, down left, side foot sweep and before he could perform a roundhouse kick, she stopped him in mid-preparation, catching his foot with her tail. A victorious grin crossed her lips as she glanced back over at Skipper.

"Well? Had enough boys?" Looking up at the slightly dazed and confused looking Kowalski, a soft giggle escaped her lips as she helped him up.

"Not bad. You know what else my tail is good for~?" Grinning in a coy, teasing manner, she let her tail lift up, wrapping it around Kowalski's neck. Another soft giggle escaped her lips as she noticed the more confused look crossing his facial features as her tail made it's move. "It's also a good use for cuddling~" She grinned, throwing him a playful wink just before she felt something behind her.

No. More like someone. Releasing Kowalski from her tail, she managed to catch Skipper with it in mid-kick, hanging the rather annoyed looking leader upside down. "Now, we won't have to have a repeat of this, will we?" She asked, letting Skipper go before she stood beside Kowalski then.

"I suppose not. For a lemur, you fight pretty good." Beaming at Skipper's comment, she looked back at Krissa who seemed to have been enjoying the little fight.

Coming up to stand with the others, making sure Private was all right, Krissa smiled warmly in Flora's direction. "Well, with King Julien having his wild parties and not letting her out of sight, she's had no choice but to train, or dance, whichever of the two crossed her mind first." Snickering softly, she gave her a high five.

"Ack! Flora! What are you to be doing?" Julien's shout made everyone turn to face him. "I told you to only mingle with the female penguin who is to be your best friend! Not all of them!"

An annoyed look quickly crossed Flora's expression as she stood in the front, glaring down at her sibling. "And what have I told you before, brother dear? To let me mingle more than I have been!" Rubbing her temples slightly, she walked back over to Kowalski for a moment.

Turning to Krissa, she mouthed the words. "I'll find a way to sneak out tonight." Seeing her nod, she gave a soft smile before she turned then to the tallest penguin. Leaning up, she pressed a soft, gentle kiss upon his cheek, giggling softly as she could see a tint of pink rising to his cheeks afterwards.

"Ease up on your sister a bit, Ringtail. I think you can give her more time alone." Obviously, neither Skipper nor Julien had seen the kiss she had given Kowalski, which was a good thing. Walking back over towards Skipper and Julien, she grinned, hearing the statement.

"What are you talking about, silly penguin? She is royalty, therefore, she is to be protected! I do not want your silly penguin games or whatever it is you do to cross my sister's path."

Rolling his eyes, Skipper turned to face Flora, giving her an apologetic smile. She merely shrugged her shoulders and smiled back before hopping over and landing beside Julien. Watching the lemurs walk away, arguing with one another, Skipper turned back to face his team.

"Well, let's head back in. Krissa, you hungry?" Offering Skipper a warm smile, Krissa nodded her head as she followed the other's back inside the H.Q. Rico glanced back at her warily for a few minutes from the corner of his eyes. He still hadn't forgotten about that talk he was going to have with Skipper later.

To be continued.