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# # #Sookie's POV# # #

"With what you are, Fairy Princess, you need to be somebody's or you won't be at all. Eric is handsome, he's rich, and in his own way he cares about you. He really does."

Though I hated to admit it, Pam was right. Being part fairy put me in constant danger. After all my blood was the equivalent of crack to vampires, and according to Eirc my scent alone would make them crave me, but could I really trust him? Pam said he cared about me, but was that true? He did protect me when Bill left. If Godric hadn't saved me from that man at that FOTS church, I'm sure Eric would have. He even saved my house from being sold to some stranger. I now felt a little bad for not thanking him for all that.

I looked up at Pam, she was looking at me with a thoughtful expression. Was she waiting for me to think it over? I turned away from her, feeling a little shy now.

"D-Did Eric really not give up on me? When everyone else thought I was dead?"

I could almost feel Pam's winning smirk. "He had several of his men look for you in the day time, while he searched at night. He even made me look. By the way, you owe me for that, Precious." She then shot me a suggestive wink.

Biting my lip gently, I couldn't help but look at the ground. So many thoughts were spinning around in my head. Was I really going to give Eric Northman a chance? I looked to Pam again, she was waiting for me to make up my mind I think.

"OK say I agree to this... how would I go around... 'accepting'?"

Pam gave me a large grin, "So basically you want to know how to seduce Eric?" I could feel my cheeks redden. "It's not like I'm use to this sort of thing!"

She simply laughed at me and grabbed my hand. Before I could say anything we were out the door. What have I gotten myself into?

# # #Eric's POV# # #

It had been a long night. Honestly witches were troublesome. I could still taste that one witch's blood in my mouth. I warned her though, she should of just accepted my offer. Now with my mission from the... 'King'... complete, I'm free to go 'home' and make my fairy frustrated some more. I couldn't help but grin at the thought. I wonder if she liked the gift I got her. It was one thing that girl didn't have any state of the art stuff in her house, but no microwave? No wonder she was so innocent, she was living in the stone age pretty much.

As I come to the farm house, I noticed all the lights were out. I could tell Sookie was inside still, and awake. So why? I made my way inside, and looked around. I then noticed the door to my room was open. I could see a soft glow coming from it. I knew my little fairy was down there.

"Curiouser and curiouser..." I mused as I made my way to the door. What surprises did my southern belle have in store for me?

Coming to the edge, I bi-passed the step by jumping down to the ground. The sight before me made me stop dead in my tracks. The room was lit up by candles on the night stand, and in the center of my bed sat Sookie. In nothing but a red sheer bustier with a matching red thong and thigh hi stockings. I felt my fangs instantly drop.

I could see her looking at me nervously. Waiting for me to say something I suppose. She looked so vulnerable in that outfit. It was definitely not something she was use to wearing. Giving her my usual smirk I slowly made my way to the bed. Stalking up to her like a lion about to pounce on an innocent gazelle.

"My, my, Miss Stackhouse. Being in a man's room in such a... delicious outfit could give one the wrong idea..."

I watched as her cheeks tinted red and she bit her lower lip gently. I felt my pants tighten. Only she could look so innocent in such a sexy outfit. It was criminal!

When I reached the bed, I slid my jacket off tossing it off to the side. The bed sunk as I sat on it in front of her. I looked into her blue eyes, "I take it this is your answer to my offer?" My fairy looks away shyly, giving me a simple nod. I could feel her shiver as my fingers slid softly against her smooth cheek. "So you will be mine?" I ask, and she simply gives me another nod. She wasn't going to get off that easily though.

I moved my fingers softly under her chin, and forced her to look into my eyes. I could feel her body shiver again. Oh how I wanted to just throw her down and ravage her body till she passed out, but no I was going to torture her a little first.

My hand began to glide over her body. First to her neck, then down between her breasts. I could hear her take a sharp in take of breath when I reached her navel and instead of going lower, my hand moved to the side to rest on her hip. My other hand moving to join it on the opposite side.

Gently but quickly, I moved her so she was sitting on my lap. Legs on either side of mine, making her spread wide. In this position she was open, and she couldn't stop me. I couldn't help but smirk against her ear.

"How am I to know you really mean it?" I asked her as my hands slid up her body to her breasts. They fit perfectly in my hands. She moaned slightly has my experienced hands moved against her breasts. "Hm I know... All you have to do is say: 'Please Eric make me yours! Fuck me please!' as loud as you can." I held back a laugh, when my little fairy turned her head to give me a glare. Now that was the Sookie I was use to!

She didn't have time to yell at me however, she was to busy moaning as my fingers moved against her panty glad crotch. I could feel the heat radiate through the red material. The sounds she made as I tweaked her body, were beautiful. More then I could ever dream of. Yes this woman is and forever will be mine. I would make sure of it.

With a flick of a wrist, I ripped the panties off. Wanting them out of the way. My fingers sliding against her core.

"You are so wet for me lover." I whispered into her ear, making her shiver once again. My fingers teasingly begin to probe her opening, as I find my mouth kissing and nipping her neck. My fangs begged to have a taste. Not yet though.

As I continue to toy with her body, I know she's getting frustrated. My movements are to soft to actually drive her over the edge. She would understand after tonight. After tonight her body would only long for me.

# # #Sookie's POV# # #

The torment seemed to last forever. My body was hot, and I knew I had to be a mess between my legs. Eric knew how and where to touch to drive me insane. I desperately tried to close my legs, but Eric's own legs prevented that. There was no escape from the torturous pleasure. He really was going to make me say it, and at this point I could care less for my pride. I licked my lips and gripped his pants.

"Please Eric...!" I pleaded, but his movements didn't quicken or cease. I couldn't help but let out a groan of frustration.

I knew what he wanted me to say, but the words wouldn't come out. I was scared. Even though it all felt wonderful, and Eric wasn't hurting me. Maybe I was nervous about being intimate with another man. What if Eric betrays me just like Bill did? Or worse?

As if sensing my troubles, I felt Eric's hand move from my breast to my cheek as he turned my face to his a little. His blue eyes looking into mine. A slight smile on his lips. "You can do it Lover, just say the words."

The way he said it wasn't domineering, it was encouraging. I could see the need and wanting in his eyes. He was holding himself back. He was in as much torment as I was. Though I could tell he enjoyed teasing me, right now he just wanted me so badly.

With a slight intake of breath, I had my resolve. "Please Eric... Make me yours! Fuck me please!"

Before I could even blink, I found myself under Eric now, his lips on mine in a passionate kiss. I could feel all the desire Eric had for me. Wrapping my arms around him, I kissed him back just as much. His lips felt amazing against mine. When I felt his teeth nip at my bottom lip, I opened my mouth slightly, granting him entrance. The kiss deepening. What was only a few minutes, seemed like hours when he broke the kiss. My heart was pounding away in my chest as I panted. I watched longingly as Eric sat up looking me over.

# # #Eric's POV# # #

I felt my fangs drop, there was no use holding them back any longer. The sight of Sookie looking at me with need as her chest rose and fell due to her panting, was to much. I soon found myself ripping off the bustier and throwing it to the floor to join her thong. She now lay before me in nothing but the red thigh highs. This sight was all mine now. No one would see Sookie like this, the once proud southern belle begging to be touched. This image was all mine. I doubted Compton ever brought her to such a state. I would have to show my little fairy pleasure she has never experienced before. Starting tonight...

I quickly ripped off my shirt, and leaned down to capture Sookie's nipple in my mouth. My tongue swirling around the hard nub. Sookie moaned and gripped the pillow above her head lightly. While I distracted her with my mouth, I removed my pants, good thing I barely wear boxers anymore. Then I positioned myself at her wet entrance. I heard her gasp, and give a slight gulp. Moving up to look into her eyes, I saw she was scared.

"What's wrong, Lover? You have nothing to be afraid of with me." I spoke to her softly so I wouldn't scare her further.

She looked away blushing, "I-It's to big..." I looked down at her confused. When she realized I didn't understand she continued to speak. "Y-Your...thing... t-there's no way it'll fit in me."

After she explained it to me, I found myself trying to hold my laughter in. She noticed this and gave me a slight glare. This just made her look more cute.

"You're laughing at me!"

"Not at all lover" I chuckled and kissed her forehead. "It'll fit Sookie, I promise. It might be uncomfortable at first, but I promise you will feel nothing but extreme pleasure soon after."

My words seemed to make her relax slightly, and I sat back rubbing my tip against her. Deciding she was indeed wet enough, I began to work myself in. Gods she was tight. Compton must have a pencil dick. That thought pleased me.

When I managed to get myself all the way in, I leaned down and kissed Sookie lightly.

"See? That wasn't so bad right?"

She blushes up at me, "I feel so full Eric."

I chuckle and kiss her again before I begin to thrust in and out of her at a gentle pace. Her walls squeezing me. When she begins to meet my thrusts. I quicken my pace, my lower body beginning to pound into her. She breaks the kiss to call out my name. Chanting it almost. I can tell she's getting close. One will have to do tonight. Dawn is nearing. However I will definitely make it up to her tomorrow night. I can't help but smirk at that thought.

Moving her hair away, I move and quickly sink my fangs into her neck. Making her scream out my name as she cums. When the first drop of her fae blood hits my tongue, I cum with her. Her blood is so exquisite. After a mouth full, I pull back and lick the mark. I can feel my lover panting under me. I move to look into her eyes and smile. Licking my lips at the remains of her blood.

"To much, lover?"

Sookie's cheeks blush once again, "I've never felt something like that before."

"You mean an orgasm?" She nods and looks away embarrassed.

Pulling out, I move to lay next to her. Stroking her side lazily.

"Well I promise it'll be the first of many lover. Now lets discuss what brought this on. Not that I'm complaining, because I would never complain about finding you in my bed."

She turns to me using my arm as a pillow. "Pam actually..."

I move a blond lock behind her ear. "My Pamela?" I'll have to get her those shoes shes been hounding me about.

Sookie nods her head lightly as she snuggles more against me, "I went to your office to try and ask her for help about getting my house back from you, and we talked a little. She helped me see you actually do care about me in your own way... and out of all the vampires I have come to known, you've protected me and have never lied to me. Withheld the truth yes, but that was mainly to protect me right?" I nod and she continues. "Even then you always tell me things I ask about. I know given what I am. Fairy or telepath. I know now it would be safer for me to belong to someone. After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that, out of everyone, I would only want to be yours..."

I smile and kiss her softly, "A wise choice. I promise I will never lie to you or hurt you Sookie. I will protect you till I meet my true death. Which I assure you will not be happening any time soon. Now to insure your protection I would like to do something."

"Like what?"

"A blood bond. If we do this, I will be able to find you and sense if you're in danger. Also if you are my bonded, no other vampire or supe can touch you. If they do I could issue for them to face the true death. It's more permanent then the bond you had with Compton and if you do a blood bond three times... It pretty much means we're married."

Sookie sits straight up looking down at me, "M-Married? You want me to marry you?"

I chuckle and sit up as well, "I'm not saying we have to do all three right now, two should be enough for now. I know it's a little to soon for that."

She calms down a little. "...Ok. How do we do this then?"

"We'll worry about that tomorrow night. Right now the suns about to rise and I can tell you're exhausted." I have he lay back with me, me spooning behind her.

She chuckles, "I guess my legs did magically open for you."

I chuckle and kiss the back of her head. She soon falls asleep, a happy smile on her face. I quickly text my day man, Bobby, something before going dead for the day. I couldn't wait to wake later.

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