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The Road So Far(Requested by jfozz):

-Cue 'Carry On Wayward Son'-

-If you get this reference: I love you.-

Sookie went to Fangtasia in the hopes that Pam could help her get her house back from Eric, but Pam ended up talking her into becoming Eric's. After taking care of the witches, Eric found Sookie in his cubby where she 'became his' for the first time. (In other words they had sex) Then Sookie agreed to be Eric's much to Bill's displeasure. Things seemed to be going smoothly. There was lots of sex, some bondage fun, and lots of fluffy moments, and Sookie is no longer working at Merlotte's. Which all resulted in Eric and Sookie becoming married by vampire law.

Eric also found out about Sookie's past abuse, which caused a huge fight between Eric and Bill. Sookie stopped Eric from killing Bill however. Then that night Sookie had a nightmare about two people attacking her.

The night of Halloween went from a sexy moment in Eric's office, but then ended with Sookie getting shot by Debbie Pelt. Eric then killed Debbie and the two lovers had a romantic moonlit moment while getting rid of the evidence. Not knowing at the time they were being watched over by Adele and Godric who spoke of dangerous events that were approaching.

The couple then babysat Arlene's children, but Sookie ended up getting kidnapped by Mab and Russel Edgington.

While figuring out a plan to get Sookie back, Eric meets Niall and Fintan who turn out to be Sookie's relatives. Niall's the prince of the Fae which makes Sookie fae royalty. Eric then calls his vampire sister, Chimako, who comes to his aid with her ketsune mate, Akira. Chi is able to find Sookie with the help of her mysterious powers and the group go to rescue the princess from the bad guys.

When they get there they Sookie battered and bruised causing Eric to go berserk. The bad guys get killed and Sookie is rescued and healed. Sookie then comes to the decision that she want's to become stronger so she won't be the victim again. And now things seem to be getting back to normal... that is until Sookie finds out she's pregnant.

Oh and Steve Newlin is living with Jason, and they're looking after Becky the werepanther that saved Jason.

I think I covered everything? Hope this helps!

Now on with the story!

# # #Eric's POV# # #

I stared at Fintan like he had grown a second head. Had he just said what I thought he said? The serious look on his face, as well as the gasps and shocked expressions of everyone around us told me I had. I looked down at the sleeping form of my wife, mainly her stomach. Sookie was carrying my child?

"Very funny, there's no way that's possible. I never took you as the joking type." Pam spoke up.

"I am not joking vampiress. In a way, some things are starting to make sense. My father and I have been wondering what would cause a vampire as level headed as Northman to loose that much control over himself when under the influence of his blood lust. It's true bonded couples can go crazy if one half of the pair is injured, but full on berserker? There had to be something more." He looked back to me, "You might not have known Sookie was pregnant at the time, but instinctively you must have sensed she was more vulnerable then usual."

My eyes never left Sookie. I then focused all my senses on her. That's when I heard it. Two little heartbeats. Two?

My eyes widened, "She's having twins..." Everyone's eyes focused on me, "I can hear two heartbeats."

All the vampires in the room focused on my wife. All gasping.

"I can hear them! This must be a miracle!" Newlin exclaimed.

Jason then grinned, "I'm gonna be an uncle?" He then picked Becky up and spun her around. "Did ya hear that Becks? Yer gonna get some little cousins to play with!"

Becky grinned along with him and nodded.

"Hold up." Lafayette spoke up, "Not that I ain't happy and all for you two, but how did this even happen? And how can Sook be having morning sickness this early in the pregnancy?"

"It might have something to do with Eric's genes. Maybe the vampire blood in them is causing them to grow faster then normal." Jesus cupped his chin in thought.

Tara managed to come out of her stupor somewhat, "Wait, are you telling us that Sookie's going to have a short pregnancy? Is her body going to be able to cope with two babies growing that fast?"

Fintan spoke up this time, "Perhaps we should leave the happy couple alone for now and think on this later. I'm sure Eric has a lot to think about, and we should leave them alone so he can tell Sookie when she wakes up."

Everyone looked to me again and I simply nodded. I needed to be alone with my wife.

As everyone left they congratulated me on the way out. Chi and Akira said they would stay at the Shreveport house for now, and Jason said he would be by tomorrow if Sookie was up for it.

Once everyone left I lifted Sookie like she was made out of glass and carefully took us to our cubby. I laid her on the bed and my hand immediately went to her stomach. My children were in here. I could feel my eyes tear up, then a smile grew on my face.

"My children..." I grinned and moved to lay my head gently on Sookie's womb, just listening to their tiny heartbeats. I could just picture their tiny little bodies.

I kissed my wife's stomach, then vamped to get my laptop. I was only away for a moment. I wouldn't be leaving Sookie's side anytime soon. I was going to stick to her like glue for now on. Once I was settled next to her in bed, I immediately started a search on everything I could involving pregnancy and babies, I also sent an email to Dr. Ludwig about scheduling an appointment tomorrow night. The whole time I held one of Sookie's hands, sending love to her through the bond.

# # #Sookie's POV# # #

When I woke up I was very disoriented. All I could remember was getting sick. After that was all a blur. Taking in my surroundings, I knew I was in the cubby. I had no idea what time it was or how long I was out. I felt I was being spooned from behind.


I was suddenly hit with a rush of excitement through the bond and Eric's arm tightened just slightly around me.

"Lover, you're awake." I then felt his relief while he nuzzled my neck.

"Sorry if I worried you, I have no idea what brought that on. How long was I out?"

Eric turned me gently towards him, there was a smile on his face.

"Only a few hours." He kissed my forehead.

"Ok, not that I'm not enjoying the attention, but why are you so happy? I thought you would be worried or something about me getting sick for no reason."

Eric grinned, "But there was a reason you got sick, Lover."

I raised an eyebrow, "Care to share with the rest of the class?"

Eric then sat up and looked down at me with sheer happiness, "While you were out, Jesus had cast a spell to find out what was wrong... and he found something that should be impossible."

"Something impossible?" I sat up worried, "I'm not dying or something am I? Is that why you're happy? Because it gives you a reason to turn me early?"

He rolled his eyes, "No, Lover. And just for the record I would never wish ill on you just so I could turn you sooner... especially now." His grin was starting to annoy me.

"Will you just tell me what he found already."

Eric smiled, "Sookie I want you to close your eyes and focus everything on your telepathy."

My eyebrow rose again, "What?"

"Just do it."

I sighed and did what he demanded. I focused everything on my telepathy. I thought the only thing I would sense was Eric's void, but then I felt something else. There was the presence of two other beings. They felt like they were sitting on my lap. I focused harder and it took me a second to realize, they weren't on my lap, they were inside of me.

My eyes shot open and I stared at my stomach in disbelief. There was no way...

I looked up at Eric in question. His grin turning into a soft smile.

"Do you feel them, dearest? Our children?" He took my hand and placed it on my stomach, his hand resting on top of mine.

I looked down at our hands. Children? Our children? I could feel their little thought bubbles. They weren't grown enough to have actual thoughts or emotions quite yet, but I could feel them. It was just like when I felt Lisa for the first time in Arlene's womb.

I could feel tears start to form in my eyes. I was pregnant. I was pregnant with Eric's children.

Eric brought me close then, the only thing the both of us could feel was overwhelming joy. The impossible happened and I wasn't going to question it. I didn't care how it happened. I was going to have Eric's children. Our children.

We both laid back down on the bed, both of us crying in sheer happiness, just trying to focus on this moment.


After a good cry, Eric ran us a nice warm bath. Not to warm since he read the bath shouldn't be over 100 degrees when you're expecting. Apparently my viking was already preparing for fatherhood. I was now resting against Eric's chest, while his hand rubbed my stomach affectionately. Neither of us could stop smiling.

"What do you think they will be?" I asked him.

"I can't quite tell yet. Usually a vampire can tell based off of the woman's scent, but I can't smell them strangely enough, but I have heard Fae have the ability to mask their scents when pregnant to protect their young. Perhaps you have this skill?"

"That would explain why no one could tell until now." I snuggled closer to his chest. "I hope one's a little boy. A little you running around might be pretty cute. Though if he also has your personality, two of you might be a handful."

Eric playfully nipped my ear and growled, making me giggle.

"Like two of you would be a walk in the park." He teased, making me laugh. "But we can most likely find out tomorrow if you wish. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ludwig. She said she would bring a device called an 'Ultrasound Machine'? I looked it up, it's a machine that will show us our children." He sounded so excited I didn't have the heart to tell him that I knew what an ultrasound was.

"I can't wait, but isn't getting that done a little to soon? Aren't I just a month into my pregnancy?"

"Jesus spoke of the children possibly growing faster due to the genes they received from me."

I was surprised, "I didn't think about that... Do you think they'll be part vampire or something?" I looked down at my stomach curiously.

"Perhaps. This is something I know nothing about. I doubt anyone knows what our children will be. Perhaps they'll be the first of their own species."

"Well, I'll love them no matter what they are." I smiled and rubbed my stomach.

"As will I, Dear One." Eric kissed my hair.


The next night Dr. Ludwig arrived at sunset. Jason had come by earlier, excited about being an uncle, with Becky who was also excited for me and offered to babysit if Eric and I needed a break, but they both left a little before Eric arose so we could see the doctor alone.

Eric was hovering next to me on the portable examination table Ludwig brought with her. She had me change into a hospital gown. Eric seemed a little on edge. I think it was because he was nervous, but excited at the same time.

Dr. Ludwig began spreading gel on my stomach, making me gasp at the cold, and I heard Eric growl a little.

"What are you putting on her?" He demanded.

"It's just gel, Northman, calm the fuck down." Ludwig rolled her eyes. "I need it so the device can glide around her stomach."

I sent him calm through the bond and reached up to hold his hand. Soon the doctor had the ultrasound set up and after some gliding it was able to find the two little blobs in me. I could barely make them out, but I thought they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

"What do you know, you are pregnant." said Ludwig sounding amazed. "They do seem to be growing at a faster pace... How long have you and Northman been having intercourse?"

"About a month." Eric spoke up.

"At this rate I would say they'll be due possibly around the end of January or mid February. It's hard to tell since I've never seen or heard of this happening. I recommend weekly appointments from myself or Mr. Velasquez." Eric and I both nodded, "Now would you like to know their sex?"

"Yes." Eric and I both replied at the same time.

With a nod, Ludwig checked and soon told us. A boy and a girl. We were going to have a boy and a girl!

"Now given the fact we don't know what your children will be, I would recommend staying away from anything with iron or lemon for the possibility of the children being Fae, and no colloidal silver just in case they are Vampire. Maybe stick with organic foods for awhile just in case."

"I know this is new to you as well, but do you have any theories on how this happened?" Eric asked.

"I have been thinking about that since your email last night, and only one came to mind. Have you drained a Fae recently by any chance?"

"Yes, one came for Sookie a few days after she returned from their world. I drained her when she threatened to kill her."

"And did you and your bonded have sex right after?" The blush on my face and the smirk on Eric's must have confirmed that for her. "Well, it is possible the reason vampires can walk in daylight after ingesting faery blood could be that the blood makes them as close to being alive as one can get. The blood could have reanimated your sperm long enough to impregnate her. That's the only theory I could come up with at the moment. I would have to run some tests to confirm it"

Eric nodded, "I will help any way I can with your research since it involves my children."

Ludwig nodded and requested sperm samples from Eric and blood samples from me, then printed us out a picture of the ultrasound before leaving.

Eric now had me on his lap, rubbing my stomach while we stared at the picture. Our precious little babies.

"Now that we know the sex, what should we name them?" I asked Eric.

"Well I do have an idea... if Ludwig's findings are correct, it would mean the babies were conceived during our fun game in the woods." Eric grinned down at me. I could feel my cheeks heat up a little remembering that day. "So how about Rán and Aegir?"

I thought about that, they did sound nice, "Alright, how about..." I smiled having a thought of my own. "Ran Adele Northman and Aegir Godric Northman?"

Eric looked down at me surprised and I could feel warmth and love through the bond.

I smiled up at him, "That way they're named after the memory of the day they were made and in honor of those closest to us we've lost."

Eric then brought me close for a tender kiss. Love humming through the bond. Then he broke the kiss and smiled down at me affectionately.

"I love them." He rubbed my stomach softly. "Ran Adele and Aegir Godric."

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