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This story is AU and set ambiguously between 'Grilled Cheesus' and 'Furt'. For the purposes of this story, I've changed the timeline so that it takes place just before Summer of their Junior year and I'm assuming that Burt and Carole wed during the summer.

Spoilers - From Grilled Cheesus on.

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Kurt Hummel is spending a weekend home alone relaxing when Noah 'Puck' Puckerman knocks on his door. Puck spends more time blushing than either would ever have thought possible.

Kurt Hummel was freaking out. He had been looking forward to a weekend of Kurt time until he saw the sticky note on the coffee pot. His father had left before dawn for a long weekend fishing trip with his Uncle Jim. Having purposely not committed to anything Kurt was all set on a lazy weekend. Not waking up until after 10am, he headed upstairs for breakfast before showering or even brushing his hair.

When he reached the kitchen Kurt turned the radio on leaving it set to his Dads favourite station and set himself up with making a breakfast that he would certainly never let his father eat. Deciding that buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes sounded too delicious to pass up, Kurt danced around and sang while gathering the ingredients and setting up on the bench.

Wearing nothing but an old pair of sweats and a frayed Band-Aid t-shirt that was now splattered with pancake batter, Kurt Hummel was the polar opposite of what people normally see or expect. His own father very rarely saw Kurt in such disarray even though it's just the two of them here, and those times are getting more and more infrequent as ever since Burt's heart attack, Carole had been spending more and more time at the Hummel's house, and by default that meant Finn too.

Even though Kurt adored Carole and loved the way she had brought out the spark in his father's eyes there was no way he was going to let them see him in this state. Especially Finn, with whom the relationship was tentative at best, but after the whole basement fiasco last year, Kurt was not willing to put himself into such a vulnerable position again.

And this is Kurt at his most open and vulnerable. Stripped down of facades and ice queen persona, just Kurt, a 16 year-old boy without the constant worry and stress that accompanies being the only out gay kid in Lima, Ohio. Gone too is the need to be the responsible adult running the home and making sure his father ate right and didn't work himself to death at the garage. While his father was still recovering, Kurt was also responsible for the garage too. He is still taking care of the books, mainly because his father is hopeless at them and refuses to hire an accountant.

It took a lot of negotiating to get this weekend off. Burt never had any qualms about leaving Kurt alone for the weekend because Kurt has proven to be the paragon of responsibility. But Burt hates leaving the garage without at least one of them there on weekends. All his weekend staff are part-timers, mostly College kids looking to make an extra buck. Burt won't leave the care of the shop in any of their hands as they don't have a clue about the running of the garage. Kurt only managed to get this weekend off by begging Larry, the longest serving employee to work this weekend with a trade-off of Kurt working five Mondays for him during the summer holidays which Burt agreed too knowing how hard Kurt worked at home, school and the garage and was more than happy to find a compromise so his boy could have some much needed time off.

Kurt had a feeling that this would be his last Kurt Time in a long time having noticed how serious his father's relationship with Carole had become. Kurt was expecting them to try 'living together take two' any day now. So knowing that this time was probably going to be the last, Kurt intended to make full use of it, which is how Kurt found himself in his current predicament.

In full sloth-mode, Kurt had just poured some of the batter onto the griddle and danced his way to start the coffee-pot which is where he found the post-it note from his father. Expecting it to read along the lines of 'have fun, stay safe and call me', Kurt rolled his eyes as he picked up to read the note. A note worthy of causing Kurt to have a heart attack of his own: "Kurt, that Puckerman kid is coming around this morning to clean the pool. Sorry forgot to mention it. Dad."

Fuck, fuck, fuckitty, fuck!

Noah-Freaking-Puckerman is coming around to clean their pool! Today! Kurt turned around and saw the state of the kitchen and groaned. Dropping the note, Kurt put his head in his hands lamenting the loss of his precious Kurt Time. Kurt then remembered his appearance and was mentally calculating the chance he had to get everything (including himself) cleaned up and presentable. Then the doorbell rang.

Fuck, fuck, fuckitty, fuck!

Praying to Gaga that it was just Mrs Walsh from next door asking for sugar, Kurt snuck to the door and peered through the peep-hole. Spying the back of an all too familiar Mo-hawked head Kurt groaned out 'Shit!' Clapping a hand over his mouth, Kurt peeked through the peep-hole again… too late. Puck had heard and was now looking at the door with surprised confusion. Cursing any and all deities, Kurt took a deep breath and opened the door.

Puck was freaking the fuck out. Apparently Finn's Mum had recommended Puck to Mr Hummel to get his pool cleaned, not like that you perverts, Mrs H is like a second Mum to Puck! So when Mr Hummel had agreed to hire Puck, she told him to go over on the weekend. Burt had called him up to confirm, and man, Burt Hummel is a scary dude, even over the phone.

What if Burt realised Puck was the one who nailed their lawn furniture to the roof? What if Kurt had told him all about the slushies and dumpster dives… and Oh FUCK! What if Kurt told his Dad about the pee balloons? So yes, Puck was freaking the fuck out.

The whole drive over, Puck was giving himself a pep talk. Trying to convince himself that all would be ok. Hopefully Burt wouldn't be there, Puck was pretty sure that he'd heard Finn mention that Burt working on weekends. Yeah, Burt wouldn't be there, it would all be ok. Well, except if Kurt is there, that is sure to be awkward thought Puck. Hmm, whaddya know, Hummel was right, I would end up working for him…

Screw that! Puck is NOT working for Hummel! Burt had hired him, not Kurt. But, oh, Kurt is going to totally push this to the limit and try and take advantage of the situation. Well, hopefully Kurt will be out shopping or getting his nails painted at Aretha's. Yeah, there's no reason Kurt would be there thought Puck.

By this time, Puck had arrived at the Hummel's and had unloaded his gear. Ringing the doorbell, Puck was still giving himself the pep-talk, as he waited he realised that if neither Kurt nor Burt where home… what was he to do? He waited a moment, but couldn't hear anything. Puck was just contemplating whether he should just go around back or go home when he could have sworn he heard someone say 'shit'. Turning back to the door in confusion, Puck had decided to knock on the door. Just as he raised his arm, the door swung open to reveal Hummel.

At least, he thinks its Hummel. Yep… patented bitch face on, that has gotta be Hummel, but as he raked his eyes over him, taking the ratty clothes and bed hair… ooh, bed hair, Hummel looks like sex, especially with that flush that has come up on his cheeks. With a start, Puck realised that he was thinking of Hummel and sex in the same thought, and worst of all, Puckzilla didn't seem to mind.

Opening and closing his mouth, Puck tried to say Hey, but all that came out was "You look like sex."

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