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"Nnnghhh! Right there! Come on – har-der!"

Kurt Hummel's head was swimming. The musky smell of sex hung heavy in the air punctuated by the slap of skin on skin.

"So, fuck, so fucking tight!"

Ragged breathing and the hoarse moaning of his lover filled his senses. The romantic six-month anniversary dinner his boyfriend had organised lay forgotten. Kurt felt the rose petals sticking to his sweat slicked skin, their perfume only served to fuel his desire more.


Kurt was gasping trying to get the much needed air into his body as the rhythm of hips thrusting and grinding reached fever pitch. As he felt his third orgasm for the night start to near, Kurt concentrated on holding off, thanking all fashion Gods for the stamina the pair had built up during the course of their relationship, because he didn't want this to end.

As though it had been choreographed, the pair leant forwards, pressing their lips together in a slow, sensual kiss. Now with both sitting on their knees, the pace slowed down and reverted back to a slow grinding as opposed to vicious thrusting.

Soft whimpers were released as the pair gently rocked together, tongues mapping out the already familiar mouths of the other. Hands were rubbed lovingly across skin, massaging in sensual rhythm to the joined beating of their hearts.

Contrary to how the scene appeared, their relationship had not been a bed of roses. Like all couples they had their share of fights. Puck would be frustrated when Kurt's Ice-Princess persona would re-appear while Kurt refused to speak to him for days when he would catch Puck eyeing up another cheerleader.

They would always come back to each other though. Kurt knew that Puck was faithful, it was just his green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head and Puck was his dammit! Ultimately they brought out the best in each other, Kurt had successfully managed to tame the wild stud of McKinley and Puck was the only one who knew how to break down Kurt's defences and melt his inner Ice-Princess.

Together they stood tall and strong, facing the adversity that was thrown at them. They would help clean the other off when a slushy was thrown and Puck was very nearly suspended for a week when he was caught throwing punches at both Karofsky and Azimio after word got back to him that they were responsible for throwing Kurt into the dumpster and locking the lid for 'turning Puck into a flaming fairy faggot.'

It was only the swift intervention of Coach Beiste who informed Figgins why Puck had almost beat them to death that Puck was merely given 3 afternoon detentions. Kurt waited at the door of the classroom each day and met Puck with a passionate kiss before they would leave hand in hand.

They were quite stunned that they didn't get the support of the whole Glee Club. While Rachel, Artie, Tina and Brittany were openly supportive; Finn, Santana and Quinn were surprisingly vociferous in their attempts to kill the new romance. Only Mike and Sam acted as though nothing was different. Mercedes was hurt and scared that she had lost her best friend. It took nearly four months before the couple were accepted and left alone by everyone.

Staring into Puck's eyes as he heard the words 'I love you' uttered from his mouth, Kurt smiled and replied "as I love you" before capturing Puck's mouth in a passionate kiss, Kurt wouldn't trade it all for anything.

The kiss, desperate and bruising, lit a fire in the groins of both teens. Changing their positions again, Kurt succumbed to just feeling as the speed and intensity of their love making picked up again. Whispered 'I love you's' were mingled with cries of passions and declarations to deities. Kurt snagged his lover's lips in another bruising kiss and whispered "I'm so close baby."

Changing the position so that a leg was drawn up over a shoulder the room was filled with a loud chanting of 'therethereohgodrightthere!' that was quickly followed by hoarse grunting of 'still so fucking tight!' A hand was slid between them to stroke the neglected cock in a strong grip; a few pumps had both teens climaxing simultaneously with cries of their lover's names falling from their lips.

Falling together in a sweaty, too hot, heap, both teens tried to catch their breath as they came down from their mutual climax.

"Now I see why you love it so much" stated Puck. "We have got to do that more often" he added.

Chuckling slightly and pulling out of his boyfriend, Kurt quickly tied off the condom (that they still used at Burt's insistence because he still didn't quite trust that punk) and dumped it in the trash.

"I think that can be arranged" snuggling into the waiting arms of his boyfriend; Kurt placed a gentle kiss to Puck's lips and added "I love you."

"As I love you" Puck responded covering them with a sheet, as the pair drifted off to sleep.

Two hours later, Burt returned home to see the candles from the dinner still burning behind the closed curtains of Kurt's room. Hesitating outside his son's door, he gently knocked. Hearing no response, he resigned himself to having to enter the room.

Trying desperately to ignore the sight of his naked son cuddled into the punks protective embrace, Burt quickly blew out the candles and exited the room shutting the door silently. He didn't like that his baby boy was so grown up, but had resigned himself to it with a plea that they refrained while he was home.

Walking down to the kitchen in desperate need of a beer, he called Carole, whom he'd just dropped off from their date. Remembering the tenderness on Puck's face as he held his boy who looked sublimely happy, even in sleep, he admitted with a smile -

"You were right, he really does love him. I guess I'll have to get used to him being around for a long time."

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