Rules of the TARDIS

I do not own Doctor Who ,the TARDIS or Mass Effect all I own are my writings

I am so sorry for not being around the past weeks I have been in the middle of fallout new Vegas

so I have decided that todays rules will be set in that fandom

relationships in this story: Amy/Rory (of course), River Song/Doctor, Sec/OC, Jack/Everyone


521. when drunk no flying the TARDIS

522. When in the medbay, never NEVER never say...'Ohhhh what does this button do?'

(Rory gets very cranky.)

523. no trying to chuck Sec into space

524. when Castiel is in the TARDIS no saying to him "the Angel has the phone box"

525. no playing the staircase game

526. no going skydiving

527. no trying to steal anything

528. no locking anyone in a closet

529. when bored no trying to pick the locks of the lab

530. no taking over anyone's mind

hope you have a good day