A Random Moment

Rated K+ English Family/Supernatural Dean W. and Sam W.

He walked out of the library, a tall handsome young man with floppy chestnut hair, a man who in

another reality could easily have been a teen-age heart-throb, a movie star or maybe a famous lawyer, but

who in this universe was condemned, condemned by fate, destiny or whatever passed for the

reason of their existence, to live in a world where terror, horror and pain took the place of what

could have been.

He had long ago given up hope of being able to change anything and had accepted his burden and

embraced his lot.

The one luminous spot in all of this was his brother, his other half, the only other human on the

planet Earth who loved and understood him as no-one else could, and to whom he reciprocated

those feelings in full.

He and his brother were two sides of the same coin, their shared experiences making them

inseparable, now more than ever, now that they realised that separation was tantamount to death.

He ambled across the courtyard trying to make himself as inconspicuous as possible and sat down

on a bench facing the main entrance.

He and Dean had been in the library researching their latest hunt, and after hours of poring

over old books and nearly-illegible ancient texts, he had felt a blinder of a head-ache coming on..

Dean's eyes had immediately latched on to his, instinctively feeling Sam's unease and starting to

feel concerned, but Sam had shrugged off his worries saying that a breath of fresh air would fix


Dean had picked up on the tiredness in Sam's eyes and he decided that it was enough for today,

and told Sam to go on ahead while he re-consigned the books.

While he was doing that he kept one eye on his little brother through the library window.

Sam had his head tilted back, taking in the last warm rays of the sun.

Dean smiled.

He hurried towards the exit, feeling uneasy when not at his brother's side, remembering the

times when even a momentary absence had resulted in one or the other being whisked away or

disappearing into nowhere.

While Sam tended to make himself as inconspicuous as possible in public, Dean had

no such qualms.

He stalked out of the library as if he owned the world and in a certain way he and

his brother did. It was thanks to them, and especially to Sam's terrible sacrifice, that there still was

an Earth at all.

Like his brother, Dean was a handsome man, and all that could be said about his brother applied to

him too, with an extra of "male model," having been blessed with such a beautiful face that he

could have graced the cover of any of the chic fashion magazines, something that Sam never tired

of teasing him about, always enjoying Dean's miffed reaction to it.

The two very pretty girls who were about to enter the library obviously thought so too as they eyed

him up and down, as predators would a prey, and deciding that here was a prize for the taking, but

Dean, intent on getting to his little brother, ignored them completely, receiving a "looks could

kill" glare from the girls, not used to being snubbed.

In a few long strides Dean reached the bench and sat down beside his brother; a word which wasn't

enough now to describe their relationship.

They were brothers, sure, but they were something more, their souls were entwined in such a way that one

could not physically exist without the other, a unique bond seemingly reserved for them alone.

Sam and Dean didn't fully understand it themselves, and in spite of all the pain and anguish that

this uniqueness had made them suffer they still felt, in some way, blessed and proud to have been

chosen to receive it.

Their shoulders touching, the two brothers silently watched the sun sink behind the library dome

and basked in the simple warmth of the other's presence.