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I've no idea what is going to happen...well I've ideas but that's it... or how long it will be...but I'll figure that out when I'm writing it.

Summary: When Sirius told Harry that all pure-blood families were interrelated, he wondered if he had other living family members, besides the Dursley's,who were close enough related to fall under the blood protection, hoping that once he found them that he could legally live with that family and leave the Dursley's forever. What he found changes everything, for both him and the war...Dark Fic.

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Warnings: Lemon at the beginning of this chapter, character (OC) death.

Pairings: TR/ OC, HP/?

This is the first time that I've written a lemon (or a death) so please tell me what you think after you read it!
Anyway: enjoy the Prologue!

Family ties



"Oh Medusa, harder," the woman moaned breathlessly as she spread her legs even wider. She moved her head slightly so her neck was completely bared to his questing lips. He smirked smugly against the slick skin of her neck but did as she ordered and sped up his thrusts while sucking harshly at the skin on the base of her neck, leaving a dark purple mark which proclaimed her as his.

"I could spend a lot more time with you if you just agreed to ally yourself with me," the man whispered huskily in her ear after he was satisfied with his mark on her neck, "You don't even have to fight in the war, I'll protect you, just come with me."

She whimpered in pleasure as he slowly licked a wet trail on the shell of her ear before he started to suck softly on her earlobe.

"Just say that you'll stay with me," the man whispered softly, feeling the tightening in his lions, "just say the words."

The woman gave another breathless moan and she nodded her head vigorously only to moan harder as he moved slightly to dive deeper into her warmth, his thrusts still slow and smooth.

"Just say it," the man said huskily, "just say the words."
"I-I'll s-stay with you," the woman moaned loudly, "please h-harder!"

She made a keening noise as he sped up once again, only stopping when both had reached their peak and climaxed.
Slowly, they came back from their high and the man softly placed butterfly kisses on the woman's jaw, until he reached her ear once more.

"I'll keep you to your word, my love," he whispered softly but possessively, "Now sleep."
The woman nodded sleepily and snuggled closer into his side. His arm came to rest around her waist and his hand rose up to softly stroke her hair. She slowly fell asleep under his ministrations.

"I'll always keep you safe. You are mine after all," the man whispered with dark amusement, "My pretty little Lamia." And he pressed one last kiss on the delectable and bruised lips of the woman before he too succumbed into the long arms of Morpheus.


Three months later.

"My Lord, My Lord," The woman rushed into his study and stopped before him breathlessly but with gleaming, happy eyes and a big smile which revealed the slightly sharper and longer than normal canines she normally hid.
"What can I do for you, my love?" The man asked and he smiled gently towards her. He laid down the quill he had been using and ignored his work in favour of the one woman he truly cared about.

He couldn't say that he actually loved her - because he didn't know what love felt like - but he knew that if he was ever capable of loving he would love this woman, and only this one woman.
"I've a surprise for you," the woman said with a bright smile that lit up her entire face, "Come on!"
And she rushed towards him to pull him up from his chair - and away from his work - to come with her.
He laughed lightly, happily, but he allowed the woman to have her way and followed her out of his study and into their personal chambers, where he was deposited on the bed. She immediately followed him and straddled his thighs, leaning down to kiss him softly.

"Not that this isn't nice," the man drawled, his hands moving up to rest themselves on her hips to keep her in place, "but sadly enough I do have work to do so I can't rest."
The woman pouted briefly at him before her happy smile appeared again and she said: "remember how I kept throwing up every morning?"The man nodded and his eyes lit up with concern.
He asked in a voice filled with worry: "Please tell me it's over. I would absolutely detest it if you-"

The woman softly shushed him and placed one elegant finger on his lips to silence him. Her eyes pleaded for him to remain silent and his eyes softened before he placed a gentle kiss on the finger pressed against his lips. She took a deep breath before she blurted out happily: "I'm pregnant!"

His eyes widened and he opened and closed his mouth - in a quiet believable imitation of a fish - in shock. "What?" he finally managed to say weakly, his eyes still wide in shock.
"I-I'm pregnant," the woman whispered weakly, her smile dimmed until it disappeared. She huddled into herself and tried to slip off of his lap but the hands on her hips stopped her. Her eyes shot up to meet his and he carefully sat up as his arms slid around her waist, keeping her safely, but firmly, seated in his lap.

"Don't think for even a second that I'm not happy with you. Or the fact that you're pregnant," he said hoarsely, her smile came back full force and she happily pushed her lips against his in an affectionate kiss, "How long?"
"Nine weeks," the woman whispered softly and she snuggled into his chest. One of his hands moved from her waist to her chin and he lifted her head to place a soft kiss on her mouth.
"You gave me the one thing I've always wanted," he continued still hoarsely, once his lips were free again, "a family to call my own."
The woman laughed happily and kissed him once more, more heatedly this time.

"Let's celebrate shall we," she whispered seductive and she kissed him again. He pulled away slightly and smirked lightly at her, his hands slowly moving lower until they rested on her behind.
"I do believe that that calls for a celebration," the man agreed and he flipped her until she lay underneath him, "I guess I won't finish my work after all."

And he dived in.


Six months later

"Her water's broke!" came a shout and a slightly plump, black haired woman came running out of the room, her hands and forearms covered in blood. Painful cries and moans could be heard from the room she had just left.
"Someone notify the Lord," she shouted and one of the men - all of them a bit pale due to their fear of her husband and the amount of blood the pregnant woman had already lost - whom had been leaning against the wall just outside the room pushed himself up and rushed away.

The midwife turned back towards the room and entered it, all the while muttering to herself: "It's too early, it's too early!"
The woman on the bed didn't even look up when the other woman placed her hand on her swollen belly but she did hear the next words that came out of her mouth, "Come on honey, push."
She gave another painful cry but did as she was told.

A harsh thud and soft whimpers of fear sounded from outside the room and dark, oppressive magic could be felt even before the man came walking in, his steps brisk and hastened but somehow still elegant. The plump woman gave a quick - but still polite - nod towards the man but quickly returned her gaze towards the woman laying on the bed, surrounded by her own blood and drenched in sweat and blood."How is she," he asked softly but the midwife ignored his question in favour of the woman on the bed whom had given a pained cry.
"Come on honey, a couple more pushes," she cooed and she moved her hands towards the woman's opening were the head of the baby, covered in the juices of birth fluid and its mother's blood, could be seen. A low growl emitted from the man's throat but she once again ignored him, this time in favour of the child.

"How is she," the man repeated, his voice threatening.
The midwife kept her attention on the woman laying on the bed but said softly: "Not well My Lord. The child, it's too early and your wife…"
She trailed off and gulped before she continued: "She might not make it."

The man closed his eyes briefly in pain before they sprung open again to stare at the woman laying on the bed, his red eyes showing his concern and the determination to keep her alive. "What can be done?" he asked, growling low.
"Nothing, My Lord," the plump woman said softly, carefully washing the small head that had appeared in an attempt to make sure that the child's nose and mouth were clean. She turned back to the woman, cooing "Come on honey, just a bit more. You already survived the hardest part!"

"What do you mean 'nothing'," the man barked.
"She has already lost too much blood, My Lord, and the tear is too large to close," the woman said softly, "We can't help her anymore. The only thing we can do - You're doing a great job honey. Keep it up! - is hope that the baby will live."

The man closed his eyes again - this time for a slightly longer period - before he opened them to stare at his wife. He walked towards her and sat down on the bed next to her - not caring about the blood that slowly seeped into his clothing. He carefully took her hand into his.
Her eyes, crazed with the pain and misty with blood loss, shot open to meet his and recognition flashed into her eyes. A small, painful smile made its way on his face, only to disappear again when her eyes closed in pain, an aching cry left her throat as she gave one last painful push that made the child leave her body entirely.

The plump woman immediately cut the umbilical cord and cleaned the baby, before she turned back to the woman, softly patting the baby's back to get it to breathe on its own. Suddenly the baby made a gulping, choking noise before it started to cry and the midwife sighed in relief, even as she looked at the woman on the bed with obvious sadness."It's a girl!" the midwife said cheerfully in an attempt to get the woman to go on. She swaddled the baby quickly into the blanket before she turned back to the exhausted and dying woman in the bed.

"B-baby?," she whispered, "s-see baby?"
The man nodded and took the baby from the midwife - who bowed as soon as she had released the baby and left - to show it to his wife, his eyes only on his wife.

"M-my b-beautiful F-Firel-lily," the dying woman said softly. Her hand raised slightly to touch the baby's cheek and she smiled sadly, "T-take c-care of h-her?"
"Always," the man promised softly. The woman on the bed gave him one last smile before she breathed out her last breath and her hand dropped down on the bed.

The man stared at his once beautiful and lively - but now dead - wife, his red eyes showing his pain and anger towards the injustice of it all. It didn't take long before his anger overwhelmed him and he gave a loud roar of anger, which could be heard in the entire manor. His magic reacted to his fierce emotions, breaking every single window, mirror or glass in the entire manor.

The baby - who had stopped crying when she had felt the sombre mood that had hung in the room since her mother had died - started to wail again and the man turned his attention towards her. He had to admit that she was pretty cute, or as cute as a new-born could be. She had emerald green eyes - a couple of shades lighter than his own had been before magic had turned them red - which were now scrunched together due to her crying, a small tuff of hair which seemed to be fiery red - the same colour hair as his wife's hair had been - and her skin was as pale as his was. She was truly precious and he knew that she would be as beautiful as her mother had been at that thought hurt more than he would like to admit.


Two days later

"I know that I promised to take care of you," he muttered softly to the sleeping baby, "but I can't. Not like this, not with this war."
His war, the war he had worked on so hard to win with his wife. He used to care for two things in his life: his beloved and the war to change the Wizarding World. Now he couldn't seem to care about either.

He closed his eyes briefly for the umpteenth time since his now deceased wife had given birth before he opened them again. He adjusted the baby in his arm and knocked on the door.
"Coming, coming!" someone called and the sounds of someone hurriedly approaching the door could be heard. The door was opened to admit a healthy woman with a small girl in her arms, the girl had to be around a year old. "Can I help you?" she asked, slightly breathlessly.

"I noticed your advertise in the newspaper," the man said smoothly, moving the small child he had in his arms, "the one in which you ask to adopt a child."
"Er… yes?" the woman said slightly flustered."I wonder if you could raise this child," the man continued softly and he had to close his eyes briefly before he could continue, "She is two days old, her mother died while giving birth and I'm not able to raise her myself."
"You want me to raise your child?" the woman asked surprised and suspicious, "how can I know that you didn't steal her from someone else?"
The man's glamoured eyes flashed red before he calmed himself and he said wryly: "Why would anyone steal a baby only to give it away?"The woman nodded in agreement.

"But why me? Why a complete stranger?" the woman asked, "Don't you have family members or friends that could raise her?"
The man shook his head before he said: "I've no one now that my wife has died."The woman nodded and gestured for the baby. He briefly hesitated before he handed her to the woman. "Are you sure?" she asked and he nodded. "We'll raise her like our own," the woman promised gravely.
"I know you will," the man said and he raised his wand.


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Some background information:
-While the woman is a Lamia, Harry will not be a creature or something like that, also he will not have any special powers or something like that.
The woman will also have no further role in this story.

A Lamia is a greek demon which is known to have two forms: a half-snake half-human form or one with the front legs being those of a bear, the hind legs being those of a lion, a horse or a goat and the tail of dragon. For this story let's go with the first form.
The story is that Lamia was a Libyan queen who was the mistress of Zeus. Hera became jealous, stole her children and turned her into a succubus/ vampire like creature that preyed on men and drunk their blood. Because of the fact that her own children were taken Lamia also killed every child she met in an attempt to have other women feel what she felt as her children were taken. One of her children is the mythical creature Scylla.

- This story will take place just after Harry started his fifth year.

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