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Family ties

Chapter 28

Letters, books '…'
Spells, inside the memory, vision …

Parseltongue ":…:"
"Mind talk"


Harry carefully sat up, mindful of the disorientation caused by his still burning scar and pounding headache. Luckily, the headache and the pain in his scar was slowly starting to fade away. It had started at the same time as the presence in his head had disappeared – the only positive thing on the moment – and Harry suspected that it had something to do with Voldemort and the vision he had just had.
"What did you mean with 'he has Sirius'?" Hermione asked carefully, "do you mean…?"
Harry nodded as he rose shakily to his feet, "he has him. Somewhere in the Ministry of Magic."

The group shared looks as he tried to gather himself back together and get his still rampaging emotions under control.
It took him almost a full minute before he finally managed but he jumped into action as soon as he had by stumbling towards the castle.

"Wait Harry!" Hermione called out and she quickly made her way towards him before he could get away, "just wait until you feel at least slightly better. And we need a plan, we can't just barge into the Ministry without a plan."
"He has Sirius," Harry spat as he whirled around, only to stop half way in his spin due to dizziness, "and what do you mean 'we'? I'm going alone, I'm not going to risk you guys too! It's bad enough he has Sirius!"
"And you are in no shape or form to help him. Especially not alone," Luna pointed out dreamily, "you might have gotten Loser's Lurgy."
"Er… how does one cure that?" Neville asked as he blinked in confusion before he added, "and Luna is right, we are going with you. You are not going alone. Not when he is there too, because he won't be alone."
"Oh, very easily," Luna said with a soft smile, "by resting."
"There is no such thing as Loser's Lurgy!" Hermione snapped.
Luna looked ready to argue with the girl – or make a comment about her not able to see certain things – but Harry interrupted them.

"Sirius, Ministry, Voldemort!" he almost shouted desperately as he tried to fight the nausea, "ring any bells?"
The others flinched but they turned their attention back on him.
"Sorry Harry," Luna murmured as she made her way over to him, dragged him back towards the tree and placed her hands on his shoulders to push him down, much to the displeasure of Ginny.

Harry huffed in annoyance but relaxed back against the tree before he asked, "did someone notify a teacher?"
Ron shook his head, "couldn't find a teacher. Not even in their lounge."
"Dumbledore? McGonagall?" Harry asked as he rose again – fluently this time – and started to move away from the tree and towards the castle again, only to stop a few feet away from the tree to wait for the others, having given up on trying to get them to stay.
"I already checked the map, both are gone," Ron told him as he put his hand in his pocket and pulled the map out, "here, check for yourself."
Harry accepted it, quickly spoke the password and quickly searched the map for someone, anyone who could help them.

"Then we have to go by ourselves," he finally spoke after a couple of seconds, "anyone an idea what the fastest way is without alerting anyone?"
"Flying," Hermione said, "we can't apparate, use the floo or use a portkey."
"We don't have enough brooms," Ron said, "and two of you can't fly. Er… no offence."
"Thestrals," Luna said seriously, "they are fast and safe."

Ginny looked around in confusion, "can anyone tell me what Thestrals are? And where they are?"
"Some kind of really bony horses with wings," Ron said, "they like raw meat. There are a couple of them in the Forbidden Forest."
"A Thestral is a kind of horse with a skeletal body, reptilian features on its face and bat-like wings," Hermione lectured with a roll of her eyes, "they are very rare, very dangerous according to the Ministry and mostly seen as bad omens as they are only visible to those who have seen death at least once. They can be domesticated and they are an alternative for apparition or flying. If they are well trained they will be very diligent and willing to carry their trainer everywhere. Hogwarts has a herd of them in the Forbidden Forest."

"There must be a faster way," Harry said stubbornly, "we are miles away from London and I've a deadline."
"How long do you have?" Neville asked nervously.
"Three hours," Harry responded as he started to pace on his spot.
"You could ask Umbridge," Luna said hesitantly, aware of his dislike of the toad-like woman, "her office has a floo connected to the Ministry."
"And tell her what?" Harry said agitated, "that we want to rescue Sirius Black – a known murderer – from Voldemort – the guy that supposedly died almost fourteen years ago?"
"It's terrible idea," Hermione agreed, "anyone a better idea?"

Harry wrecked his mind in an attempt to think of anything that would be faster and more inconspicuous than a Thestral but he came up empty.
"I can't think of anything," Ginny huffed, "anyone else?"
The others shook their heads, even Hermione.
"I hate riddles," Ron murmured as he kicked against a stone, "let's get those Thestrals shall we, we might make it in time…"
"No, wait," Harry said slowly as he realised something, he had stopped listening as soon as Ron had uttered the word 'riddle', "we could actually ask Umbridge. We just need to omit the details."
The others gaped at him as he briskly walked towards the castle before they quickly followed him inside.

After all, if he had to go against a master manipulator he might as well use the things he had been taught by said master manipulator. He might not like it but as long as it helped him to get Sirius back he didn't exactly care.


Harry knocked softly on the door and opened it quickly as soon as the teacher inside gave the go-ahead to come inside.
He strode confidently towards the desk which seated the with pink obsessed teacher. He still disliked the colour and her office greatly but he had seen the room often enough to have become able of ignoring the highly disturbing pink and with kittens filled monstrosity. The only normal things inside the room where the wooden desk and the fireplace.
His friends weren't so lucky though and he was vaguely aware that Ron was gaping at the décor, that Neville had averted his eyes to the normally coloured floor, that Ginny looked around with interest, that Hermione looked around in distaste and that Luna was just staring straight out of the window.

"Harry," the woman said surprised, "what can I do for you?"
"I had the hope that you could help me, professor," Harry said as soon as he reached the desk, "you see, I just got a message that my godfather got himself into some trouble."
"You have a godfather?" the woman said surprised, "you don't mean Sirius Black do you?"
"Of course not, madam, he is one of the reasons my parents died," Harry lied smoothly, "no, the muggles that raised me named a family friend of them godfather. He is a squib who works closely with some wizards and witches."

"Do I know him?" Umbridge asked, a curious gleam in her eyes.
"I highly doubt it, professor," Harry said with what appeared to be a genuine regretful shake of his head, "we decided some time ago that he should keep to himself as much as possible to keep him… well, safe. His only contact with our world are the wizards and witches he works with."

Umbridge hummed, "so how can I help you?"
"As I mentioned before, he managed to get himself in trouble when dealing with one of the wizards," Harry stated, "according to the message I received he should be somewhere near the Ministry. Someone I know pointed out that you have a direct connection to said Ministry and I wondered if I could use it to find my godfather."

Umbridge blinked at him, accentuating her likeliness to a toad, before she simpered "I would love to help, but I don't think… You could get into trouble and we can't have that!"
She ended her sentence with a high pitched, nervous giggle which made the others twitch. He just ignored them all in favour of the woman in front of him.
"We will not get into trouble with anyone," Harry said as he stared at her piercingly, "all I ask of you is that you let me get one of the last members of my family."
"I-I…," she stuttered, clearly not aware of what she should do.
"Please, madam," Harry nearly begged, "he is all I have left."

"Alright," Umbridge conceded, "will your friends go with you?"
"Yes," Harry nodded, "the message didn't say exactly where I could find him so they will help me search for him."

Umbridge nodded as she rose from her overly stuffed and pink chair and made her way over towards the fireplace. She rummaged around for a bit only to turn back towards them with a small bag filled with floo powder.
"If you need help, just call me," Umbridge ordered him sharply before she added sweetly, "can't have my best and favourite student get hurt, now can I?"
"Thank you, professor," Harry said softly as he took a handful of the powder, "I truly appreciate it."
He turned his back on her and made his way over to the fireplace.

The last thing he saw before he disappeared in the flames was the freaky, genuine smile she sent him.


"That was scary," Neville said with a grimace as they made their way over towards the elevator at the end of the Atrium, "please don't ever do that again."
"I agree with Neville," Ron said with a shudder, "you reminded me a bit too much of Malfoy senior with how you acted just now."
"How did you manage to convince her?" Hermione asked him as she stared at him, her gaze calculating, "I thought she hated you."

"Long story," Harry said curtly, "and not really relevant on the moment. We just have to find Sirius and get out of her as fast as possible."
The others nodded and they picked their speed until they were almost running towards the elevator. The moment they neared it the doors opened and they piled inside.

"Do you know which floor he is on?" Hermione asked as she stared at the many buttons the elevator panel contained.
"Move over," Harry ordered her and quickly pressed the button he had seen pressed in his vision. The elevator shot off at a crazy speed and everyone pressed closer to the walls or each other.
"What's on that floor?" Ginny asked curiously as she moved closer to him until he could feel her breasts press against his back.
"I don't know," Harry said shortly, "and frankly, I don't care."

The betrayal still hurt. He had started to trust Voldemort slightly even though he had known – more like suspected – that the man would only use him. Dumbledore had once told him that the man was incapable of feeling love or any positive emotion but Harry had hoped that being the man's heir meant at least something.
He closed his eyes briefly at the slight sting through his chest, only to open them again with a sense of determination. He would get Sirius back, no matter what.

A soft ding sounded and everyone sighed in relieve as they left the death trap.
"Now what?" Ron asked.
"We walk," Harry said simply as he moved towards the closest door, "we are looking for a very long corridor with a lot of doors."
The others nodded and they quickly followed his example of opening doors.

"Found it! At least, I think I did…" Neville said a couple of minutes later and the rest quickly made their way over to his door.
"That's the one," Harry nodded and he carefully stepped inside. The others followed him just as carefully.

They were a few steps into the room when the door slammed close behind them with a loud bang. They all jumped and turned to look at it before they exchanged glances and made their way deeper into the corridor, aware that there was no way back.

They had only walked a couple of steps when Ron suddenly spoke up.
"Something is wrong," he stated slowly as he stopped Harry by keeping him back with an arm.
"You mean: except for the fact that Sirius is somewhere around here being tortured by Voldemort?" Harry stated cynically with a raised eyebrow.
But Ron ignored him as he looked around, still holding the others back from moving forwards.
"There are no guards," he finally muttered, "at night, when everyone is gone – or even when some people are overworking – there should be guards. There should even be someone to check the wands, dad told me that once. But there was no one there."
The others blinked and shared glances.

"You are right, the only reason for both professor McGonagall and professor Dumbledore to be away from Hogwarts is when there is something concerning both the Ministry and the school," Hermione said surprised, "because otherwise one of them should stay behind to make the important decisions. Hogwarts, a History said so. So they should both be here."
"But they aren't," Ginny stated, "there would have been more people if they were."

"Run," Harry said suddenly. Something tingled and his gut told him that they should move right now. He didn't know why and he didn't care as long as they just moved!
"Now! Run!" he shouted and he took a sprint forward as he didn't doubt that the door behind them wouldn't open. Hermione and Ron – too used to his weird instinctual feelings – did as they were told and the others quickly followed them.
They had all barely managed to move half a meter from their original spot when a red coloured spell hit the spot they just stood on.
"Make your way to the door!" Harry shouted as he put more speed behind his movements, quickly outrunning the others in his attempt to make his way to the door at the end of the very long hallway so he could open it before the others reached it. Because he did not want to get them all caught in a long, narrow hallway in which they didn't have a chance to fight back.
And they wouldn't have a chance if they managed to get caught in the hallway they were in on the moment.

It took them about a minute to reach the mentioned door and they quickly sprinted inside the room behind it. Harry slammed the door shut and Hermione quickly spelled it locked with one of her many spells before they finally turned around to check their surroundings.
They couldn't help but gape.

Rows and rows , placed in casings reached up towards the almost invisibly high ceilings could be seen as far as the eye reached. Every row was filled with small, spun glass orbs and every small orb shimmered with their own mysterious light, the only light sources inside the gigantic room.
"Wha-what is this?" Ginny stammered.
"No idea, but I don't think that it is a very good idea to stay near the door," Harry said and he slowly moved forward, only to stop near the first casing to stare at the ornate number 1.
"Harry?" Neville asked.
"97," he murmured as he motioned towards the number, "in my vision I saw the exact same style but instead of the number 1, I saw the number 97."
The others stared up at the number he had mentioned.
"We need to find 97 if we want to find Sirius!" he stated and he started to run forward, only to stop at the next row, "yes, see! This is 3!"
He took off again and the others quickly moved after him.

They ran through the maze of rows and casings, quickly losing sight of the entrance.
"The 70 row is here!" Luna mentioned, slightly breathless, after they had taken yet another turn.
They stopped briefly to get their breath back and to look around.
"I think the 90 row is one turn away," Hermione said as she squinted, "there couldn't be more than 15 rows in front of us."
Harry nodded and they started to move again. This time however, they just walked.
They made their way forward slowly and carefully, mindful of all sounds around them in fear that they would warn Voldemort of their arrival.

It took them nearly ten minutes – although it certainly felt longer – before they finally reached row number 97.
They stopped just beneath the number and looked around in suspicion.
"There is no one here," Ginny said, "are you sure that you saw Sirius here?"

But Harry didn't hear her as something seemed to be calling out towards him from somewhere on the row. His feet carried him forward without him even noticing until he suddenly stood in front of one of the small orbs, his hand outstretched and his eyes firmly locked onto said orb.
"What are you doing?" Hermione hissed, "don't touch it!"
"It has my name on it," Harry said almost dumbly as he inclined his head towards the small label.
"Don't touch it Harry," Neville said, uncharacteristically solemn. But Harry didn't listen and – almost hypnotized – picked up the orbs from its resting place.
It felt warm in his hand and the magic inside of the orb beat softly in sync with the beat of his own heart.

And it was right at that very same moment that all hell broke loose.
Men – or women, the masks and heavy black robes made it rather hard to see – suddenly surrounded them from all sides. They were dressed in long, concealing black cloaks and their masks were white and bony. He recognized them almost immediately from the Graveyard. Death Eaters.
Harry stepped immediately in front of Luna and Ginny and he felt the others move until they were back to back, their wands drawn.

"Give us the prophecy, Potter," one of them – the one closest near them and probably the leader – said and he raised his hand. It was clear that it was a man and his voice was a harsh and cruel, not someone Harry wanted near his friends.
"Why?" Harry said warily in an attempt to get them some time, "why should I give it to you when it clearly belongs to me?"
"It doesn't belong to you," one of the other Death Eaters spat at them and made their way forward, her – as it sounded quite female – wand raised menacingly.
"And to whom does it belong than?" Harry asked silkily, his mind working at a mile per hour to come up with a plan to get them out of the trap, "you?"
"Of course not!" the second Death Eater sneered, "it belongs to our Lord!"
Harry laughed, a hollow, empty, cold laugh which made Ginny flinch and the Death Eaters twitch.
"I don't see him here," Harry said humourlessly, "and only people mentioned in the prophecy can touch it. So how do you think you can get it to him?"

The second Death Eater opened its mouth but the first was faster, "this is taking too long. Hand it over now!"
"Where is Sirius?" Harry demanded, ignoring the threating way the Death Eaters had started to move closer to them.
The second Death Eater laughed and he noticed how Neville flinched at the crazy sounding cackle.
"Did wittle baby Pottew believe that the big bad Dawk Lowd took his gowdfathew?" the female Death Eater mocked, still cackling, "you shouldn't just believe anything unless you are completely certain!"
Harry's eyes narrowed as he caught sight of something behind the Death Eaters.
"Just wondering," he said with a shrug. He knew that they would never be able to fight the black cloaked group in front of them. They didn't have the experience or the power needed to defeat them all.

"The prophecy, Potter," the first Death Eater hissed, "NOW!"
Harry carefully moved until he was sure he had a clear shot at whatever he had seen behind the Death Eater. He couldn't manipulate him with words, he wasn't Voldemort, and he couldn't fight them. Trickery was the only thing that could safe them.
He lowered his wand slightly before he bellowed, "Reducto."

The spell flew past the Death Eater and hit something behind the man.
The Death Eaters started to laugh.
"Seems ickly Potter can't even hit a unmoving target," the female Death Eater laughed.
"Can't I?" Harry whispered silkily, aware that it would annoy them.
The Death Eaters stopped laughed and turned to look at what he had hit.
And that was all he needed to gesture for the others to fire spells towards the Death Eaters to get away.

Stupefy's hit several of the Death Eaters and they went down easily, not having expected the barrage of spells. The small group of students managed to move several meters, dodging spells left and right, before his intended target – one of the supports of the large casings – finally collapsed and the many glass balls started to fall down, hindering the sight and aim of the Death Eaters. The casing sacked forward with a deafening groan, hitting the next casing with a loud screech of metal on metal.

Harry put the small orb in his pocket, somehow managed to grab the person nearest to him – which happened to be Ginny – and dragged her after him. He quickly used the confusion to make his way towards one of the many doors they had briefly seen when they had searched for row 97. He was hyper aware of the fact that the others struggled to follow him. He was just as aware when he noticed the large black clouts raising from the floor and flying after them.

"Faster!" he shouted and he picked up speed even as he continued to drag Ginny after him. They took sharp turns and he noticed that every once in a while that one of the black shapes would slam into the casings, hitting it with a loud thud and causing it to turn back into a human shape. The hit didn't take them out completely but it did slow them down.

They finally managed to reach one of the doors and Harry quickly fired a spell towards it to unlock it before he slammed it shut as soon as they were all through the door, only to end up in yet another corridor.
"We need to split up," Harry said seriously, "Ginny, Luna and Neville, you go one way. Ron and Hermione, you go the other way."
"NO!" Luna said, "you shouldn't go alone!"
"I'll have to," Harry said wryly, "no offence, but I can run faster than all of you can. Besides, I have what they want."
Luna looked ready to keep arguing – as did the others – but the noise of something heavy hitting the door made them jump and Harry said calmly," split up, I'll be alright."

They nodded and they took off but not before they took one last glance backwards. It didn't take long before they had entered another room, leaving Harry alone.
With one last look towards the door he ran towards the closest door and entered the room behind it. It was filled with desks and cabinets. In the middle was a large open space with a stone bowl resting on a pilaster. Its content glowed blue and it reminded him of the Pensive he had seen in Dumbledore's office last year.
At the other end of the room was another door and after he had closed the door, he quickly made his way towards it. But not before he heard the sound of loud voices in the corridor he had just exited.

He quickened his steps as he heard a voice say, "point me Harry Potter."
He knew that he would never be able to get away but he had to make sure that his friends would be safe.
He pulled the door open as soon as he reached it and – without even bothering with closing the door – made his way over towards the next door, not even bothering with studying his surroundings.

It went on like that for quite a while. He would enter a room or a corridor and run towards the closest door, the voices would follow after him and every once in a while he would hear someone use the point me spell to make sure they were still tracing his steps.

They were closing in as, even if he was fast for someone of his age, they had longer legs and he knew that it was only a matter of time before they would have caught up with him.
So he skidded to a halt in the next room he entered, which happened the be the room with the strange veil on a stage in the middle.
It called out to him but he ignored it in favour of keeping an eye on the door he had entered through, waiting impatiently for his pursuers – his wand held loosely in his hand, pointed towards the floor. He was afraid – only a fool wouldn't feel fear – but he knew that he would have to make a stand.

He didn't have to wait long at all as they barged in just a couple of minutes after him.

The Death Eaters didn't even look around but immediately made their way towards him as he just watched them silently, unmoving and seemingly unafraid. They formed a circle around him, their wands pointed straight towards his head.
"You're surrounded," one of the Death Eaters said, a different one than the two who had spoken before. This one sounded haughty and aristocratic and it didn't take long before Harry had figured out who had just spoken.
"And you are stating the obvious," Harry drawled, "Malfoy."
The Death Eater bristled visibly at his words but a harshly spat command from the Death Eater that had spoken first made him close his mouth – though it was very clear that Malfoy absolutely loathed the fact that he had to listen to the other man.

"Give us the orb," the one in command ordered briskly.
Harry cocked his head, "I repeat, how will you bring it to him?"
"Don't worry your pretty little head over it," another Death Eater – one behind him – said. His voice was oily and arrogant and Harry shuddered mentally.
"Last warning, hand it over," the first man commanded as he stalked forward until he stood directly in Harry's personal space.
Harry stared back at him unflinchingly and his voice rang out clearly, "no."

The man's hand – the one not holding the wand – shot forward and closed around Harry's throat, cutting of his air supply.
Harry kept staring at him in defiance, even when the lack of air caused black spots to appear in his vision and his thoughts started to slow down in an attempt to keep him alive.

Suddenly the lack of air didn't matter anymore as his scar burned harshly and his head felt as if it would split open. He screamed in pain and raised his hands, not to claw at the hands as the Death Eaters clearly expected but to claw at his own scar which felt as if it burned straight out of his head. For the second time that day.

He didn't notice when the man released his throat and moved away from him, he didn't notice when he fell down and he didn't notice how someone slipped into the room. All he noticed was the pain in his head, originating from his scar.
And just as sudden as the pain had started, did it disappear as Harry finally lost his consciousness.


Lucius stared at the writhing boy, his wand never wavering from the twitching, screaming and bleeding form.
Mcnair – who had been strangling the boy – gazed around their small group, clearly searching for the person who had cursed the stubborn brat, as that could be the only reason for the boy's agony.

Their Lord had strictly forbidden them from hurting the boy, he had even gone so far as to forbid them from touching him and his friends on penalty of death – if they hurt the boy – or torture – if they hurt his friends.
And someone – besides Mcnair – just broke that unwritten law.

The screams grew louder and louder and it was clear from the flighty looks that some of the Death Eaters started to panic.
"Wands down," Lucius snapped harshly. He knew that he wasn't in charge – the Dark Lord had taken that position away from him and had given it to Mcnair – but the group needed to calm down before they doomed them all.
Mcnair opened his mouth, probably to tell him that he was in charge but Lucius snapped, "NOW!"

His order was followed and the wands were lowered one by one until they all pointed towards the floor. The boy still lay on the floor writhing and screaming and Lucius quickly looked around to make sure that no wand was pointed towards him.
"What is wrong with him?" Rookwood asked loudly, clearly confused.
"I don't know," Lucius murmured as he carefully moved closer to the boy. He gently prodded the boy with the tip of his shoes but the brat didn't react.
"It's not a curse I've ever heard of," Bellatrix shouted loudly in an attempt to be heard by him. She stood directly in front of him, at the other side of the circle, "and I know a lot of curses!"

The boy had fallen silent during her last sentence and her words rang and echoed through the room.
Lucius stared down at the now still, clearly unconscious boy. Blood was oozing from the famous scar on his forehead and the boy's fingers, nails and head were liberally coated in the viscous liquid.
He prodded him again, only to draw his foot back as the boy twitched. He moved back to his spot in the circle but his eyes never left the child's body.
"He's unconscious," Lucius finally said after a couple of seconds in which the boy had yet to move, "search him for the orb."

One of the Death Eaters – a young man which had been recruited rather recently – nodded, pocketed his wand and made his way over towards the prone form. He kneeled down next to the brat and carefully started to pat the boy's jacket.
His hands wandered lower and lower until it reached the waistband of the boy's disgusting muggle pants. He had just reached beyond the waistband when the brat's hands shot out and grabbed his wrists – the boy's wand which had been in his hand fell on the floor with a soft sound.
Lucius raised his wand again. While the boy's body was still mostly lax and his eyes were closed the grip he had on the man's wrists clearly bordered on painful.

The Death Eater tried to rip his hands out of the boy's grip but the boy just tightened his grip.
"I don't like being touched," the brat said softly and Lucius noted immediately that his voice was… of. It sounded darker, smoother. The voice no longer belonged to an awkward teenager who had yet to grow up, it now belonged to a man fully grown. A powerful and confident man.

The Death Eater started to struggle and when he tried to kick the boy in an attempt to get free the grip suddenly turned from borderline painful to fully painful as – with a loud, echoing crack – one of the wrists suddenly broke.
The man let out a loud, agonized scream which echoed through the chamber and Potter released that wrist.

"Let him go," Mcnair growled lowly as he too finally raised his wand again.
Potter let out a high, cold laugh – one that caused shivers to travel over Lucius back – before he broke the man's other wrist and finally released him. Lucius recognized that laugh and it didn't bode well for them.
The man crumbled down on the floor almost immediately in a unconscious heap.

"I believe I asked you to refrain from touching him," the voice – it wasn't Potter's voice he was sure of it, but he was too afraid to admit who it truly was – said. The body was still lax and the eyes were still closed but Lucius lowered his wand.
"What are you talking about, you brat?!" Mcnair exclaimed and Lucius started to back away. Mcnair had never been the smartest person and it was clear to not only him but a couple of the others that he was digging his own grave.

Potter's eyes finally opened and the boy rose from his position until he stood in front of them. His entire posture was different from before. Whereas before he had had a confident but slightly slouched defensive position, he now stood straight-backed and tall in a way that showed that he was secure about his own power and knowledge and that he believed them all to be beneath him. The posture was hauntingly familiar but it was the eyes – which were a bright blood red and which showed absolutely nothing – which showed them exactly who was in charge of the body.

"I believe you know exactly what I am talking about," the boy – man – crooned as he bent down to retrieve his – Potter's – wand, "or has the colliding with one of the casings given you temporarily amnesia?"
"N-no, My Lord," Mcnair stuttered as he quickly kneeled down. Lucius – and the other Death Eaters – quickly followed his example.
"Do you remember what I told you about hurting either the child or his friends?" their Lord continued.
The Death Eaters remained silent but bowed down a little deeper than before.
"I asked you something, Walden," the Dark Lord drawled as he stalked forward to the mentioned man. He crouched down before him and forced the man's chin up with a single finger.
"Y-yes, My Lord," Mcnair managed to say.
"What did I say Walden?" he crooned.
"H-hurt his friends in p-penalty of t-torture," Mcnair started, "h-hurt the b-boy in p-penalty of… of d-death."

"Very good," their Lord mocked as he released his chin and patted him on his head, "and what did you do?"
"I h-hurt the b-boy," Mcnair whispered softly as he lowered his head again. It was clear to everyone that he was too afraid to lie or to keep silent.
"Louder," he commanded cruelly.
"I hurt the boy!" Mcnair exclaimed fearfully.
"Yes you did," Voldemort said coolly as he moved back to the centre of the circle, "you know what that means, don't you."
"Yes, My Lord," Mcnair said, clearly resigned.
"Good," he said, "Crucio!"

Mcnair fell down immediately and started to scream. It was clear from his too loud screams that their Lord was beyond angry.

A soft gasp sounded from somewhere behind them and the Dark Lord cancelled the curse, whirled gracefully around and pointed the child's wand towards the one who made the noise.
"A, Ginevra Weasley," he murmured as he gestured for the Death Eaters to rise. They did so quickly, except for Mcnair – who was still twitching – and the new recruit – who was still unconscious – and pointed their wand towards the red-headed girl.

"Y-YOU!" The girl exclaimed, "W-what did you do to Harry!"
"Me?" their Lord asked silkily, "Harry is perfectly fine, just unconscious."
"I don't believe you, you liar!" the girl shouted and she pointed her wand towards him, "let him go!"

Voldemort pointed the wand in his hand towards her and was about to send a curse towards the girl when all hell broke loose.
White trail of smoke after white trail of smoke appeared into the chamber and morphed into human forms. The Order of the Phoenix had arrived.

"Get the girl to the Atrium," their Lord ordered them and Lucius quickly nodded even as he watched in fascination as the red started to bleed away from the boy's iris until they were once again green. The boy stumbled slightly before he finally straightened and he shook his head in an attempt to regain… something – probably his wits and bearing.

It was shortly after that that Lucius lost sight of the boy as he was engaged in a duel with one of the Order Members, Vance if he was correct. The woman had regained her health quite well but it was clear that she was still weak and it didn't take him long before he had taken her out of the fight and moved onto his next victim.

The next couple of minutes – hours, days, it was easy to lose one's track of time in a battle – were a complete chaos. Lucius only barely managed to keep track of the Weasley girl as he tried to fight his way towards her.
He cursed softly as he lost sight of her as she disappeared into the throng of fighters. He quickly – and mindfully of the Order members – made his way over towards the spot he had last seen her and gave a cursory glance around in an attempt to spot her.

He finally managed to see her near the entrance and he quickly threw himself back into the throng to make his way over towards her.

"SIRIUS!" suddenly sounded and Lucius looked up in time to see Sirius Black – the boy's godfather and one of the people they shouldn't hurt on the penalty of death – get hit by a dark purple spell he didn't recognize before he fell down. He followed the path the spell had followed back to its caster only to meet the crazed, gleeful and sparkling eyes of his wife's sister, Bellatrix Black.

The boy let out a anguished shout before he made his way over towards the limp man. He dropped down on his knees next to the body as soon as he reached it and carefully started to search for any signs of life.
It didn't take long before he dropped his arms next to his body and dropped his head on the man's chest.
He was the epitome of a broken, lonely child who just lost the last member of his family.

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