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They had had a big discussion on the crib. With Aubrey, Sam had tossed and turned over which crib for months. While pregnant with their second child, Aubrey was too young to be moved out of her crib at eighteen months- there would be no way, they needed another crib.

Jack made a strong pull for the old O'Neill crib that even Sara wouldn't let him use with Charlie; she didn't like the stain color. Sam, on the other hand, didn't like the fact that it was old. Jack had told her that everything was to code- the bars were strong and were only 2 inches apart as opposed to the 2 3/8 that was regulation. The bed was strong and sturdy and had survived baby Jack O'Neill, and it held a sentimental value to him since Gramps O'Neill had made it for his parents before Jack was even born.
In the end, after Sam checked the crib out for the millionth time, she relented and let Jack have his crib. Everything was just as Jack said, strong and sturdy and to modern specs.

Fast forward to just after James' second birthday, and Jack was shocked to see little eyes peering over the edge of their bed one morning.

"Sam?" Jack asked while nudging her on the shoulder.

"Hmmmm." Sam replied.

"James is up."

"It's your turn," the muffled voice said as she cuddled further into the blankets.

"No, I mean he's out of his bed."


"Sam, he got out of his crib and he is staring at us right now." Just then a giggle escaped from the little boy at the foot of the bed.

"James!" Sam said in shock, finally waking up. "Little man, what are you doing out of bed?" He giggled again as he tried to climb up on the bed. Jack reached to the foot of the bed and pulled the little boy up. "Guess we need to get the crib net out again." Sam commented.

James quickly crawled over to his mother, and Sam scooped him up and gave him a big hug and, unfortunately, she took a big wiff.

"Oh boy, little man, you are stinky."

"I've got him." Jack said as he picked up James and walked toward the little boy's room. "Sam, I think we need more than a crib tent." Jack called from the hallway.

Sam jumped out of bed and joined Jack in the hall to see the sturdy O'Neill family crib in shambles. "Holy Hannah," Sam gasped.

"Little man, what did you do?" Jack asked in disbelief.

"Book!" the toddler said, excitedly, pointing to the book at the corner of the crib.

"Book," Jack parroted as he walked over and picked up the book. Looking at the board book and then handing it to his son, he shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh my. Book!" Sam said, also excited, from the doorway. She walked toward the little boy and took the book from his hands. Jack raised a quizzical eyebrow. Sam looked Jack in the eye, "Book!"

"Ummm, Sam?"

"He used the book, Jack." Jack watched as Sam walked the book over to the Old O'Neill 'sturdy crib' and used one of the board book pages to twist the screw.

"Are you sure?" Jack said, doubtfully.

"It fits, Jack." Sam said as she went over and picked up James from Jack's hands. "Good job, little man! Now, let's change that stinky diaper."

Jack stood there in shock, "Great, really outnumbered and she's encouraging them."