Chocolate brown orbs watched as the ground got closer, through a rectangle airplane window. Sighing in content the owner smiled and whispered, "Home." "What did you say Kagome?" Asked a woman around the same age with brunette hair and rich brown colored eyes smiling over to her friend Kagome squealed, "I am finally home Rin, now you get to meet all of my family and friends." Kagome said buckling her seat belt as the plane touched down on the runway, not wasting anytime she unbuckled it a second later and was trying to keep her patience as people filed off the plane slowly.

Grabbing their luggage the women made their way to the exit, chatting lightly Kagome scanned the sea of faces looking for anyone she recognized. Before turning back to her friend she heard a few shouts of her name, turning in the direction she smiled widely as she saw a small group of people. Hurrying along she gave them all hugs and introduced Rin to them, "guys this Rin. We met in middle school and have been going to school together ever since, Rin this is Miroku, Sango, Ayame and Koga. I've known these guys since I was a baby, but you will meet the rest later."

After saying that Kagome frowned because she was expecting a certain someone to be there, as if knowing who she wanted to see Sango looked at her apologetically. "When we left he was still sleeping," smiling Kagome waved a hand, in attempt to hide her disappointment. Migrating towards the exit the seven people lightly chatted, finally getting to their car Rin and Kagome packed their suitcases into the back and got in. It took twenty minutes before they reached the outer gate of the house, as they drove up to the house Rin was shocked into silence at the sheer mass of the place. Helping the girls take out their baggage Miroku then closed the car and led them towards the house, "Kagome you grew up in such a beautiful house." Laughing Kagome nodded her head, walking over the threshold of the home gave her a nostalgic feeling.

It had been ten years since she left for America and she was back, right where she belonged. Breathing in the familiar scent calmed her nerves, gazing around the foyer brought a small smile to her face. The entire entrance was lined with gold and complimentary furniture; there was a large portrait of a family hanging on the light amber coloured wall. Wheeling her suitcase to the stairs Kagome motioned for Rin to follow her, "you will be in the room across from mine." Smiling Rin followed happily behind her friend, climbing the spiraling staircase both women took a right on the second floor. Entering their separate rooms Kagome half expected to see, bright pink walls and girly things. Although to her surprise the walls were a dark silver colour with a black border, the carpet was black and her bed was upgraded to a four poster canopy bed. Inspecting closer she had black and silver silk sheets, placing her suitcase beside her metal desk Kagome looked to the far wall.

On each side of the wall were a set of doors, guessing one was a closet and the other led to the bathroom. Making a little eep noise when she saw the black plasma mounted on the wall, "boy Sesshomaru really went all out for my room, well better him than Kagura." Kagome thought, stretching she was about to go check out the closet when there came a knock on the door. Telling the person to come in, Kagome smiled brightly. "Hey Rin so how do you like the place?" "Oh my goodness Kags you really grew up in this place?" Rin asked looking bug eyed at her friend, if it was possible her eyes grew bigger when Kagome confirmed her question.

"Hey Rin I got to go see someone for a second, you can either stay here or head back down and hang with everyone." Heading down the hall she stopped in front of a door, opening it slowly she had to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. Closing the door behind her Kagome slowly snuck over to the bed and studied the man occupying it; he looked the same as the day she had left. His hair was still as white as snow with two little triangle ears peeking through the mass of tangled hair, that twitched at every inhale and exhale of breath. Smiling Kagome lightly caressed it and relished at how velvety soft it was, before she enjoyed it too much Kagome removed her hand and placed it lightly on the bed. The sudden urge to close her eyes became so appealing that she climbed into the bed and instantly fell asleep.

Several minutes later the man stirred from his slumber when he felt someone snuggling into him, cracking open a honey coloured eye he immediately frowned. "I don't remember bringing anyone home last night," he thought before he got a sweet scent of Tahitian Orchid. Opening both eyes he sat up pulling the covers away revealing a very beautiful woman napping beside him, not believing his nose Inuyasha wiped the sleep from his eyes to make sure. His little Kagome was back after being gone for ten years, but something was totally different about her. Looking her over he noticed that her hair was a lot longer and she lost her baby weight and had filled out in ALL the right places.

Watching her flip over made the breath hitch in the back of his throat, now he had a better view of how matured she had gotten. There was a sudden thought that came to him; he was probably still sleeping because there was no way Kagome would be there. He had to pick her up at…..Taking the knuckle of his pointer finger he began to poke her to see if it was really a dream, she felt real to him and when Kagome opened her eyes he felt like kicking himself. He totally forgot that he had to pick her up that morning, smiling apologetically Inuyasha got up and was about to say something when Kagome sat up looking mad at him. "You forgot didn't you?" She accused pointing a finger at him, "now, now. Let's not put the blame all on me, you could have been clearer on explaining when your flight was." Inuyasha said holding his hands up in defense, huffing she stood up on his bed glaring down at him.

"What in the world do you mean, I should have been clearer? I fully said Inuyasha our flight will land in Tokyo at eight thirty in the morning, which means eight thirty am. How much clearer did I need to be?" Crossing her arms she never dropped her glare, "I was really excited on seeing you at the airport too. NO you had to ruin everything, thanks a lot my whole day is ruined." She pretended to whine turning her head to the left, since she was little Inuyasha had always fallen for her fake little temper tantrums. Feeling guilt ridden Inuyasha took a step closer to Kagome, "Kagome I'm really sor….Oomph." Was the last thing he could say as she jumped unto his unsuspecting body, grabbing her around the waist while she hooked her legs around his waist. "I've missed you so much Inuyasha," Kagome said tightening her grip around his neck. Smiling into her neck he mumbled like wise, the two stayed like that for minutes relishing in each others presence.

Finally pulling away she stared down into his face studying him, "you haven't changed one bit." "Neither have you Jelly Bean," laughing softly she shook her head. Sliding down till her feet were on the floor Kagome moved away from him and over towards the door, "hey where are you going?" Called Inuyasha following her, turning back around with a bright smile Kagome used her finger to tell him to follow her. "Rin I have someone you have to meet," she said entering Rin's room. Looking over her shoulder she quickly closed her suitcase and went to shake Inuyasha's hand, "you must be Inuyasha nice to finally meet you." Looking a little shocked that Rin knew his name Inuyasha was about to ask how she knew him, when Rin beat him to it.

"Your ears were a dead give away, for the first year or so Kagome would not stop talking about them." Rin replied only to yelp in pain when Kagome elbowed her. Scratching her head in embarrassment Kagome coughed to break the awkward moment, chuckling lightly Inuyasha left the room to have a shower and change into something decent. Seconds later after Inuyasha had left Rin turned quickly to Kagome with a big smile, "He is so freaking hot." Shushing Rin quickly Kagome knew that Inuyasha probably heard the comment, "he might of heard you Rin." "Yeah I heard it;" clamping a hand over her mouth Rin began to laugh and Kagome followed suit, "see I told you he would hear it," laughed Kagome falling down onto the bed and sighing contently.

"Again thanks so much for bringing me," shaking her head Kagome just smiled at her. "Oh there is someone else I want you to meet," Kagome said suddenly jumping up, and then left the room. Walking down the stairs Kagome rounded a corner and then stopped in front of a door, knocking firmly she waited to hear a reply. Once getting permission to enter she opened the door slowly, revealing a beautifully lit office. Full of books and a large oak desk in the middle, with a tall and regal looking man behind it walking to stand in front of him Kagome bowed in respect. Felling shy Rin followed suit, rising she took a good look at him and summed up that he was hotter than Inuyasha. Once their eyes met her breath hitched in the back of her throat, his gaze held authority. Wanting to turn away Rin had a feeling deep down, that if she did then he would think less of her.

Sesshomaru was busy doing his work when there came, a knock at his door he watched as the door opened after he acknowledged the person. Placing down some papers he watched as Kagome entered with a young woman around the same age as her, pleased with the way both women bowed in respect for him. Though he kept his gaze a little longer on her friend, waiting to see what she was going to do. Satisfied with how she held her gaze, Sesshomaru stood silently and walked around the desk. "It is so good have you back Kagome, it really has been to long." He said in his usual emotionless tone Kagome had grown to love, "like wise Sesshomaru-sama."

Turning to look at the other young woman, he gestured for the girl to identify herself. Squeaking a bit Rin cleared her throat, "I'm Rin Yamada sir." She said holding out her hand, accepting her greeting Sesshomaru shook her hand mindful not to crush the girl's hand with his usual business hand shake. "Pleasure to meet you, I am Sesshomaru Tashio." He replied letting go of her hand, bowing again Rin smiled brightly in contrast to his blank face. "The pleasure is all mine Tashio-sama," holding up his hand Sesshomaru closed his eyes and shook his head. "No need for such formalities, Sesshomaru is fine." Bowing one last time the two girls left the room, with a very intrigued youkai fixated on the new comer. Hours flew by as everyone minus the heads of the house got caught up; retiring for the night Kagome had a quick shower and dressed in a pair of boy cut underwear and white tank top.

Grabbing her laptop she turned off the light and walked to her bed, sitting up by her pillows she turned on the computer and watched as it loaded. Going on her instant messenger, a smile graced her lips when a window popped up. Typing a response Kagome laughed quietly, shaking her head she replied to the person. In the midst of her chat she did not notice a body slip into her room until, the voice spoke from the darkness. Jumping a little she placed a hand on her heart, "what in the Sam hell is wrong with you? Creeping up on me like that," she chastised the person. Shrugging Inuyasha walked over to the side of her bed, staring at her then to her computer he became curious as to who she was talking to.

"Why are you up so late?" He asked sitting down next to her, sneaking a peek at her Inuyasha saw that the soft glow of the screen illuminated her features beautifully. Pushing that thought away, he looked down and read a little of the conversation. Feeling his blood begin to fester, at the way this guy was talking to her. Feeling a pang of jealousy he folded his arms, "who the hell is he?" Turning to look at him a little confused at his sudden attitude change, Kagome shrugged it off as being over-protective. "I am up because of the time difference and this, is Jin my boyfriend." As soon as boyfriend left her mouth, Kagome felt the tension in the room thicken.

As if sensing what Inuyasha was going to say she, quickly said bye to Jin and shut down the laptop. Laughing nervously she placed it on the side table and then turned to him. "How long have you two been seeing one another?" Scratching her head she thought for a minute, "over a year." She replied calmly, "I guess you aren't the little girl that I use to chase the monsters away for." Inuyasha snorted, letting a small smile grace his lips Inuyasha was about to leave. Kagome grabbed his arm, "stay with me just for tonight." She said hoping that he would, because over the ten years she had missed when he would sleep beside her. Unable to refuse he got back onto the bed, laying down on his back Inuyasha felt his breath involuntarily stop.

As she place her head on his chest, lightly placing a hand on her arm. The pair stared up at the dark canopy ceiling, in a peaceful silence. Sighing quietly Kagome snuggled into his t-shirt clad form, "I've missed this Yashie." She sighed, using his hand that was draped over her to stroke her hair. Inuyasha chuckled when she used his nickname; she came up with when she was five years old. "I have missed this as well Gome," he replied softly. The two stayed like that for a little longer, until sleep claimed them.