The first chapter of my newest story Spynet. I like to thank Mephilles2 for his help with my story. Plot: Connor is put on an official mission, but he must leave his family and Gisela behind. Meanwhile Cordoba is under attack by Spynet, an organization led by the mysterious Commander Z and his loyal followers. What are they after. Find out in Spynet, my newest story.

Mr. Reuben Heath was listen to the radio in his latest mission. Protecting the airfield of Toronto. A week ago the airfield was attacked by a mysterious plane lead by chairman Azul who was after Gisela. But along with Ed Garcia he was able to defeat and arrest Azul.

Reuben was together with Ed on this mission. They sat there in the main control room of the airport. "Anything out of the ordinary Ed?" Reuben asked. Ed shook his head "no not yet" he said.

They sat there for a while. Reuben thought about his family, his wife Julia, his sons Connor and Ty. And Gisela who was hiding with them from enemies.

"Wait there is a mysterious helicopter coming towards the landing field" Ed suddenly said. Both stood up and looked out of the window to see a mysterious helicopter landing on the ground.

A few soldiers grabbed their guns and ran towards the helicopter. Cornering it.

Ed talked trough the mike and said "whoever you are in that helicopter come outside with your hands up in the air."

The door of the helicopter went open. But no one stepped out.

Instead a shot was fired and a soldier fell down. The other soldiers instead of fighting ran away scared.

Reuben started to panic a bit. While Ed, like always remained calm.

A big man stepped out of the plane. He was bald and wore a white vest which was ripper around the neck. His arms where large and hairy, and also wore brown baggy trousers and a black belt. And finally black shoes.

And also another man. A skinny man with short black hair, in a grey jacket, black shirt. A blaster was literally attached to his left hand. He also wore blue jeans with a grey belt. On his vest was a mark shaped like a giant eye with a spear trough it.

Ed and Reuben panicked and tried to ran away. But when they came downstairs the two man where already there.

The skinny man shot the soldiers who where all around the building. And the big man walked towards Ed. "Lugger destroy big man" he said and launched himself at Ed.

Both men fell down to the ground and wrestled. Reuben just watched, the man called Lugger hit Ed in the jaw. He stood up, grabbed Reuben and threw him against the wall.

"Lugger is superior" he yelled and threw his firsts in the air in victory. The skinny man walked towards him "stop it Lugger. The boss doesn't like it when you celebrate over every victory" he said.

"I don't like what Jonah" a mysterious voice said.

Jonah turned around and looked in horror.

A man came out of the shadows. It was a tall man who ware a black jacket, black jeans, and his face was hidden in a cowl. His hands where hidden behind his jacket.

Lugger and Jonah got on their knees and bowed "Commander Z. Master we got these two men" Jonah said. The man looked at Ed and Reuben. "Yes and what more Jonah, these are just two ordinary man" he said.

Jonah walked shivering to his master "I know that oh great master. But that big man is the bodyguard of president Calicos" he said. A smirk could be seen on the still hidden face of the man apparently known as Z.

"Well that makes a big change in everything" Z said. He walked towards Ed and grabbed him by the throat "where is that girl" he said harshly. But Ed said nothing.

Minutes past and Ed still didn't say a word. Z got mad and kicked Ed in the gut. "This man doesn't say anything. Very well then" he took out his right arm and on it was a huge cannon attached.

He looked at Ed for a while. Then he fired a shot.

Reuben looked in horror but when Jonah said "what about that man" he was even more scared. Lugger grabbed him and threw him into the wall once again.

Commander Z walked to him and held his cannon at him "I've heard about you Reuben Heath. They say you where Gisela Calicos is. So where is she" he said in a demanding tone. Reuben was scared but managed to say "I will never tell you."

Z said and nothing and pulled his cannon away. He walked to Jonah and Lugger.

A few minutes later…

Another soldier who apparently worked for Z gave him a paper.

Z looked on the paper and smiled. "This artifact is exactly what where looking for, and Calicos knows where it is." He rolled the paper and put it in his pocket. He then looked at his followers who raised there fists and said "all hail Spynet" Z smiled once again.

"And what more" he said. They once again raised there fists "all hail Commander Z" the ruler of Spynet smiled once again.

Meanwhile Reuben knew which artifact they where talking about.

As the troops walked away Reuben yelled "fool you can't take that artifact. You will burn."

Z turned around and looked at Reuben before taking out his arm with his cannon "I already have" he said and fired a shot.

Then he walked away. Without any remorse, only a victorious smile on his hidden face.

I finished chapter 1 of Spynet. Once again I thank Mephilles2 for his help. I'm planning to write more chapters soon. But school is getting harder then ever for me. So don't expect the next chapter to be uploaded fast. Until the next chapter.