Chapter 5 already. And I just get right to the summary: Jester has to take Gisela to school and Z and Darci are visiting an old friend. Who is that.

Commander Z, leader of Spynet and his niece Darci where walking in the Presidential House of Cordoba. To visit an old friend of Z.

With them where a few soldiers and Truman.

Truman was a tall man with brown curly hair, a mustache and wearing only grey clothes. It was one of Z's most trusted agents.

"Uncle Z are we really going to visit him. Remember what he has done to you" Darci said. Z still with his cowl on held his hand on the side of his face. "I know Darci but remember if he doesn't tell me what I need to know, he's going to suffer the same fate" he said and both he and Darci laughed.

When they came by the door that lead to the main room a guard stopped them "where do you think your going?" he asked. Commander Z didn't say anything and fired a shot with his cannon.

The guard instantly fell down and Z kicked the door open.

The president of Cordoba instantly looked up. When he saw the person coming in he became shocked. "Hello there president long time no see" Z said as he walked in with Darci and Truman.

"Z" was the only thing the president said.

With Gisela….

Gisela was walking in the school with Jester.

Jester insisted he come along in case of an emergency. She didn't want to say no, he told other people he was her boyfriend.

And suddenly all the boys gave him a death glare.

He walked her to class and said he would wait for her when class is over. Until then he went outside.

"That girl will be silly putty in my hands. And the moment she tells me where the Terrasact is I will make her my princess and together we rule of Spynet" he yelled to the heavens.

"We knew it" he heard someone say.

Jester turned around and saw the skinny Jonah and the big Lugger standing right before him.

"Lugger, Jonah what are you doing here?" Jester asked. "Lugger know you traitor" the big idiot said. "We always knew you where a traitor Jester, now if the master finds out you will be personally executed" Jonah said.

Jester laughed hard "yeah like the master is going to believe the skinny fighter and the big idiot over his second-in-command" he said. "Maybe not but we're still going to beat you up for trying to backstab our marvelous leader" Jonah said.

Jester just kept laughing "don't forget I'm still your higher. I have the command over you two" he told.

"True but not if you're in bandages Lugger" Jonah snapped his fingers and Lugger stepped forward "Lugger beat up Jester" he said, Jester gulped.

(The following scene is to physically graphic for everyone under the age of R, senior citizens and Mephilles2 (sorry dude) while reading this please enjoy the following screams provided by Jester:


Jester was beat up and in pain while Jonah and Lugger smiled and walked away.

In Cordoba….

"Z. I haven't seen you in years. How have you been" the president said and stood up from his desk. "What can I say Cyrano, ever since we went to college together my life couldn't get any better" Z said.

The president walked towards him and said "your still hiding your face from the world." Z laughed "of course Cyrano, why wouldn't I after what you did to me in college" he told.

Z walked around the office as Darci and Truman stood on guard. Cyrano tried to figure out who they where "Z that was an accident. I didn't mean to let that happen to you, we where friends."

Z turned to Cyrano. "Really. You didn't mean to do this" he angrily yelled and pulled of his cowl. His face was finally revealed. His hair was black and out of shape, a part by his right eye, mouth and his forehead where horribly burned and red. And also a big scar around his neck and on his forehead.

"Z I'm truly sorry, because of your face and also the friendship we lost" he tried to grab his arm but Darci pushed the president on the ground.

"Darci let's be nice to our leader" Commander Z said. He held out his hand and pulled the president up. "Excuse me for my niece Cyrano. She had just gone trough a lot so give her a break."

Cyrano wanted to say something but Z stopped him "I want to know something Cyrano. Where is the Terrasact?" he asked.

The president grew a shocked expression on your face. "How do you…" Z cut him off "that's not important. But as old friends, you can tell me where it's hidden" he said.

"Are you crazy Z, that thing is dangerous you will burn" after saying this Z took out his cannon and pointed it at the president "once again, I already have" Z said.

"But since we are old friends I make you a suggestion. Give me the Terrasact or your daughter is going down" he said. Cyrano gulped "yes Cyrano my best agent has infiltrated the Heath household after I took down Reuben and big muscle Ed. So what's it gonna be the Terrasact or your daughter?" he asked with a victorious smile.

Cyrano gulped again, his daughter was all he had. But if he gave away the location of the Terrasact, the whole world would be in danger.

"Truman" Commander Z called. "Yes my master" Truman said when he came to them. "Give Cyrano here his parting gift" Z commanded. Truman nodded, grabbed the presidents arm and placed a metal device around it.

"Three days Cyrano. Then we contact you trough this device, you can also contact us if you made your decision. If you haven't decided in three days, your daughter is history" Z said and walked away from the president.

But he stopped in his tracks "oh by the way Cyrano. If you tell your people about this, you know the consequences right" Cyrano sighed and nodded. Z smiled and said "hail Spynet" he looked at Darci and Truman who also yelled "hail Spynet."

Commander Z then took his eyes to Cyrano who looked confused but silently said "hail Spynet" Z smiled and left with his followers.

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