Drabbles: #7 and #11
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Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Gen, John & Sherlock
Warnings/Spoilers: TRF basic spoilers
Summary: Two related drabbles, dealing with what's become my pet peeve in this fandom right now - why on earth people think that anyone has a right to be mad at Sherlock for [SPOILERS]



pretending his own suicide. Granted, it could have been done differently, and granted, we don't yet know how long it lasts - but come on, it's not at all like ACD's Holmes, where he pulled something similar and had no leg to stand on as to why he kept the deception up for three years. This is a totally different situation, and it's starting to irk me how far overboard the fandom is going regarding Sherlock's reception once he is able to return. /fanrant

Prompt #7 - Melancholy

John wasn't sure why everyone thought he should be angry with Sherlock for pretending his death.

Perhaps it was due to John's military training, the knowledge that sometimes the right thing is not the easy thing; or perhaps, it was because everyone else seemed to think Sherlock deserved to be punched in the face (which he did, John averred, but not for this). Certainly, it had been deliberate, and Sherlock rarely thought of his actions' consequences - but Sherlock's reason for doing it? How dare anyone fault him for that?

After everyone had had their go, they were left alone in a flat musty from disuse, looking awkwardly at each other.

"Sherlock," John began hesitantly, as his friend looked morosely out the window. "Y'know I would have done the same, don't you? If I'd been in your place."

Sherlock flicked him a surprised glance. "Really?" he asked quietly. John nodded, and Sherlock's eyes closed, head slumped against the window-glass.

"You're the first person to tell me I did the Right Thing, John," Sherlock finally whispered. "I...don't understand."

John's heart broke at the dejected sincerity, and they stood together in the window for a very long time.

Prompt #11 - Complicated

Mycroft, Lestrade, and the half-dozen others Sherlock had shocked by his return received more than one surprise. If dealing with a newly-resurrected Sherlock, high as a kite on adrenaline and glee was bad...well, dealing with a furious ex-Army medic was ten times worse.

John vicariously considered it well worth being thrown out of The Diogenes (again), to see the flabbergasted look on Mycroft's face when he finished.

Lestrade was quietly and calmly and very scarily warned that if he didn't recognise that he'd be a smear of blood and brain matter on his office wall if it hadn't been for Sherlock, and if he neglected to apologise for decking the amateur, John was in possession of some information his superiors would be quite interested in, given the DI's still-shaky standing at NSY.

"I never pegged you for blackmail, John," he spluttered, only half-heartedly.

"I never pegged you for someone a criminal mastermind would be able to - successfully, mind - use as leverage against a man you believe to be a sociopath, Greg," John countered meaningfully.

And for the first time, Lestrade realised that somewhere along the way, Sherlock Holmes had become a Good Man.