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Thy Kingdom Come

1. Homecoming

Ferrister Bloomen flung his gargantuan arms around his beloved wife's tiny frame as the pair cowered under the menacing figure before them. The sinister man, draped in black, tightly clutched onto a lit torch and held it only inches above the thatched roof of their family home. The Bloomen's young children had successfully evacuated the village upon the first hearing of the incoming invasion. Ferrister only hoped that they had fled far enough to save them from having to witness the horrifying smoke clouds which consumed the humble village. He was sure that the towering inferno could probably be spotted from miles away. The once thriving Ordon settlement had rapidly descended into chaos.

Esther Bloomen let out an involuntary high pitched shriek as she witnessed the flames lick the air surrounding her home. She clutched her husband tightly as she prepared to watch her entire life burn before her eyes.

The offending man in black spat out a strained yell which was strangely reminiscent of a war cry.

"May the Hylian Royal family perish in the fires of hell!" His words exuded a twisted, almost gleeful, enthusiasm which chilled the couple to their core. His dark piercing eyes were wide and had begun to resemble that of a wild beast.

The man in black then lifted his hand to gesture in their direction and screamed at them again.

"And may you filthy rebels burn with them!"

Thick crimson liquid began the froth from the villainous man's lips as he gargled and spluttered on his own blood. The torch which had been in his grip crashed to the ground. The man's eyes wide as he stood for a few moments in a state of disbelief. He outstretched his arms and gazed down towards his chest. The perfectly timed arrow had entered through his back and pieced his lung as it ripped straight through his torso. The arrow head gruesomely emerged through a grizzly exit wound in his chest. Ferrister couldn't help but watch in a suspended state of amazement as the second arrow freed the man from his agony and silenced him for good.

The blood spray quickly sprinkled on the couple as Esther let out a scream of both shock and horror. She quickly turned her head to save her eyes from the horrific sight of the slain man and the bloody pool which he lay in. She burrowed her head into Ferrister's chest and began to sob, becoming overwhelmed by a strange concoction of relief and sorrow. She had extruded all of her strength to the extent that her knees began to buckle under her own weight. Esther was swiftly saved from her fall by her husband, who continued to be astounded by their miraculous escape. Ferrister franticly searched for their saviour amongst the merciless sight of his friends and neighbours frantically fighting for their lives. He was somehow able to block out their anguish as his eyes eventually fell onto the young man holding the bow.

He had returned.

Only the hour of twilight seemed to offer a slight moment of clarity and peace for the remaining residents of Ordon. The miraculous appearance of the heroic archer had seemingly driven away the attackers. His triumphant presence had sparked a sense of fear into the savage bandits and caused them to flee after witnessing the death of one of their own. The threat may have left the once proud village for the time being, yet the destruction and devastation they had cause still lingered. The once green pastures which housed the peaceful settlement were now charred and blood-soaked. The bodies of the most esteemed members of the community were scatted around in an undignified state. Mayor Bo, the most respected of them, was the first to meet his brutal end at the hands of the invading men. Even though his death had acted as the perfect catalyst for the villages to fight back against their attackers; their quiet lifetime of farming was of little use when faced with brutal warfare. The community soon found themselves easily overwhelmed and at the mercy of the men dressed in black. That was until Ordon's 'lost son' arrived.

The blue eyed, sandy haired boy didn't have name when the Bloomen's found him. He must have only been a few weeks old when his hand-made cot was discovered deep within the villages' bordering woodland. Esther Bloomen had branded the infant as a gift from the goddesses. She named the child Link as a homage to the hero in the ancient legends which were common folklore in Hyrule. Ferrister and Esther raised the boy as their own, sharing as much of their love, devotion and knowledge with him as they did for their own children, who were welcomed into the family around the time that Link turned ten.

After years of searching, the Bloomens' were eventually able to track down their Link's mysterious origin. His mother had tragically perished during a turbulent childbirth. In turn, this caused his distraught farther to take his own life and leave the boy orphaned.

With the help of their ever faithful community, the Bloomens' were able to raise Link to be an outstanding member of Ordon village. He was kind, helpful, courageous and extremely popular amongst the younger residents. Esther and Ferrister thanked the heavens each and every day for blessing them with the perfect son. And in truth, Link was content with his humble life in the quiet village deep within the woods. That was until the day that he was chosen to answer the call of duty.

Ferrister was told long ago by Ordon's great Mayor Bo that Link held a sacred, holy power deep within the confines of his mortal body. His destiny was far greater than those around him; he was to be the saviour of this land, the beacon of light in the great Kingdom's darkest hour. Both Ferrister and Esther knew in their hearts that one day, they would have to let him go, let him find his own path and become a legend in his own right. However they were deeply conflicted about letting their young 17 year old son venture into the darkness.

Though when he finally did return home to them, and the kingdom was once again safe, he had changed. Maybe it was witnessing the unforgiving bloodshed and terror invading the land; maybe it was the enormous pressure resting upon his shoulders, the fact that he had to grow, change and adapt more in a few weeks than he had ever had to in his short 17 years; maybe it was the temptation of the many vices offered by the darkest, seediest corners of Hyrule. They didn't know. But when Link returned, weary and victorious, he no longer desired to take back the life his humble beginnings had once offered him. He had also become hot-headed and sometimes irrational; he had hardened to the world and was unable to retain the youthful charm that the community had grown accustomed to.

Link only remained in Ordon for a short time before he ultimately decided to travel again. He simply told the Bloomens' that he wished to explore neighbouring lands, maybe to track down his true origin. However they suspected that his exit was caused by a much deeper, underline issue. He departed swiftly on a new journey, one from which he would not return from until three years later.

When Link finally returned to his homeland; he was welcomed by the devastating sight of a once thriving Kingdom torn apart and brought to its knees by a divided nation. The green fields of Hyrule had become the setting of a bloody, vicious feud.

Esther sat motionless on the wooden porch of her humble home. She hadn't moved or spoken since the violent siege on her hometown. She watched silently as the stronger-willed villagers worked on moving the slain bodies of her beloved friends and neighbours against the backdrop of a hazy sunset. The middle aged woman was so caught up in her daze that she jolted slightly when a blanket was delicately placed around her shoulders. Her attention never shifted though, not even when Link sat down quietly beside her.

Esther had always been considered beautiful. When she first married Ferriser, people would often tease her about being a trophy wife, as the two were so vastly different in appearance. Ferrister stood at an impressive 6 foot and proudly showcased a hefty muscular build. His thick raven hair was as shaggy as his stubbly beard. He had worked his whole life as goat herder and took a part time interest in becoming a local handyman. Esther, on the other hand was a petite five foot. She had elegant, gracious features, milky skin and long, thick auburn hair. Time had been good to Esther and she had transcended into middle-age graciously.

Link slowly let his eyes fall on his distraught mother next to him. He noticed the drastic changes since he had last saw her. Wrinkles and dark bags had created deep crevasses in the skin around her hazel eyes. Her once luscious hair was now streaked grey and limply sat on her shoulders. Her skin had always been pale, yet now it radiated a greyish hue. Her expression blank and vacant. He daringly inhaled and opened his mouth to speak.

"What happened?" The young man's voice was cautious, yet it seemed distant and lost.

"Where do I begin?" Ferrister's deep, harsh voice caused Link to flinch and quickly turn to see the figure of his farther standing behind them. He held a pipe to his lips and wore an expression of sadness as he took a seat beside them. "Those men invading the village like to call themselves 'Borin's Upholders'. They were here to either kill us or convert us." He spoke in a bitter tone.

"They came for the queen." Esther mumbled in a vacant voice.

Link's eye's widened; he turned to Ferrister to confirm his mother's words. The older man simply nodded and took another puff of his pipe. He then cleared his throat and spoke.

"It had begun two years ago, when the princess reached the rightful age to inherit the throne. Hyrule had been without a proper ruler since the dear King had perished under the reign of Ganon." Ferriser paused for a brief moment of patriotic reflection before he continued.

"However the dear princess Zelda was not yet married and had decided to not accept a marriage proposal until she found a worthy suitor, a man that she loved. There was gossip at the time that she was in fact waiting for someone in particular, but it was never proven" Ferrister paused again and caught Link's gaze. His last sentenced had caused a stirring with the young man, and they both knew it.

"Only a woman as strong willed a Zelda was able to valiantly go forth and take the title of queen without a husband. She was fearless and courageous, we admired her for that." The older man allowed himself a small smile of pride before continuing.

"But alas, such a drastic and unexpected alteration to tradition caused uproar. It was inevitable. You see, Hyrule had never been blessed with an independent female ruler before; there had always been a king. The noblemen of the royal council did their best to convince the princess to marry. Yet she remained true to her word, she could not and would not be deterred."

Ferrister took another puff of his pipe before continuing.

"That was when the people began to divide. Those of us who stayed loyal to our queen. And those who were sickened by her betrayal. As they say; 'in every crisis, there is a window of opportunity' and during the time of a divided nation, a council member known as Nobleman Borin ceased his." The older man stopped. His usually calm demeanour seemed to drop slightly as he grimaced, he hated this part and it almost broke his heart to have to recite the words to Link.

"Borin had concocted an idea in his twisted mind to form an alliance with those who rebelled against the Queen; to organise them into his own private army. He's ultimate aim was to overthrow her, to take the throne as his own. He was a man who shared a common view with the corrupted souls he had gathered and in turn, this made him very dangerous." Esther had eventually turned to look at her husband and son. She placed a reassuring hand on Link's when she noticed his pained expression. She then nodded at Ferrister, urging him on.

"She was banished, Zelda, she was literally forced from her own kingdom. Deprived of her birthright and cast out by the people who she had loved so dearly. Those of us who still remained loyal to the Royal family were outraged, but there was nothing we could do. Borin's army continued to grow as the man brainwashed them with his twisted propaganda. Some of us attempted to regain order and peace in Hyrule, but those unfortunate souls fell under the brutal influence of 'Borin's Upholders'. The name he gave them was deceiving, like they were upholding some sort of order; yet they were the ones causing the chaos!"

Ferrister clenched his fist tightly as his usually calm nature gave way to his temper.

"However the power Borin had was not enough. To this day he is still driven mad by rebels like us who defy his order and withstand his corrupted propaganda. Those of us who do what we can to defend ourselves from the deviant souls who raid our towns, burn our homes and slaughter us. Word is, that Borin is also using his followers to invade the towns in search of the lost queen; he has become so corrupt that he will not rest until he knows that she ceases to live!"

The slam of Link's fist into the wooden decking beneath them caused both Esther and Ferrister to flinch. The young man simply rose to his feet and walked away from his home. It was clear that Ferrister's words had stirred something violent within him. Link carelessly ignored to calls of his farther as he continued to stride away from the house. In truth, he had no destination in mind; but he hoped that the walk would help to clear his distorted thoughts and the confounding emotions threatening to overwhelm him.

Ferrister made a move to go after his son but was halted when his wife placed her small hand on his upper arm.

"He'll come back when his is ready." She spoke in a timid, yet wise voice. "You know how easily he gets worked up, especially when the subject of her is brought up. It's just a lot for him to take in, my dear." Esther did her best to offer her husband a forced smile and affectionately rubbed his arm. Ferrister bowed his head in defeat and followed his wife inside their home.

Nightfall had long since arrived before Link finally ventured back home. He had taken a long detour through Faron woods, hoping to find some clarity amongst the thoughts in his head. An almost epiphanic moment caught him off guard as he brashly and foolishly began to form an idea. Even though Link was intelligent in his own right; his biggest fault was sometimes viewing matters in the most simplistic of ways

Ferrister was still awake and sitting at the kitchen table when his son cautiously walked in. The large, older man offered Link a small, warm smile and gestured to the seat next to him.

"Your mother is sleeping; she needs it after an ordeal as horrific as the one she faced today. I fear the terror may put her in bad health." Ferrister spoke in a gentle hushed tone.

Link ignored his father's invitation to sit and instead walked over to the window and leaned on the ledge. Ferrister glanced over the young man and somehow could read his son's inner conflict.

"You never were blessed with wisdom were you, my boy?" His voice caught Link's attention and had caused the young man to shoot his farther a questioning look. Ferrister continued.

"You may have matured physically, yet your heart has remained foolish, has it not?"

"Trust me farther, I'm no fool" Link carelessly spoke back in a slightly disrespectful manor. It had seemed that in a three year absence, the young man had developed a slight attitude.

"That recklessness, it's still there, I can catch a glimmer of it in your eye. I know you far better than you may assume Link." The small smirk which had previously occupied Ferrister's features slowly faded to a stern frown. "Your going to search for her, aren't you?"

Link stood motionless for a second, his grip on the window ledge tightened as he silently turned his head to peer into the night sky. "Then I guess that you do know me well."

His son's carefree attitude suddenly caused Ferrister to erupt as he launched up from his chair and slammed his fists into the table.

"You have witnessed for yourself the madness which these men possess! Impulsiveness is not an option! Do you not think that we have tried to find her, to keep her safe! Every last one of our efforts only ever ends in tragedy. You cannot and will not let you take such a risk without proper thought!"

The older man's round face had turned a shad of red. His eyes were wide and his expression was stern. He could not let his dear son be so reckless. Ferrister would not be able to forgive himself if Link were to fall to the same fate that many of his friends had. Link had turned back in his father's direction and shot the angered man defiant look. He then chose his words carefully so as not to aggravate the older man even more.

"Do you not have faith in me? I saved this land from damnation once before. And I promise you that I will find her, even if I have to travel to the furthest corners of the kingdom."

Ferrister shook his head in a display of defeat as he calmed down his fiery temper and spoke again.

"Link." He started in an apathetic tone. "We don't even know if Zelda is alive, and, even if she is, why would she reside here in Hyrule? She knows full and well that there is a bounty on her head." Ferrister paused for a brief moment. "And even if you did find her, what could you possibly hope to achieve?"

Link remained unconvinced by the older man's lame attempt at reasoning with him. He then manoeuvred around the kitchen furniture to place his hand on Ferrister's shoulder as an offering of peace.

"Farther, with all due respect, that isn't going to stop me."

A defeated sign escaped the older man's mouth as he offered his son a forced grin.

"I figured as much, you always were stubborn. You get that from me." Ferrister then peered passed the young man and through the window, admiring the night sky. "Link, if you are indeed planning on leaving, please do so before your mother wakes; it would break her sweet heart to have to say goodbye to you again."

Content that he had won his father's approval; Link threw his arms around the older man as Ferrister quietly joked.

"I swear, that girl will be the death of you."

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