So, this was a topic of conversation and I decided to write a fic. It will only be a few chapters, but yea, fun stuff! I want it to be more romantic comedy than angst, cause lets be real, we get enough of that shit in my other fics!

Title was a steal from someone, so I can't take credit! This is a Heya, so if that shit bothers you, well, I don't know why you're reading this then. ;) Um, it's basically about the Mexico speculation, and well, here's my take! Enjoy!

p.s. Brief Toldey. I promise, BRIEF!

Forgetting Heather Morris

Chapter 1
Wanna Get Away?

Naya wasn't sure if this was the best idea she ever had, but going to Mexico for a few days, just to get away, was what she needed. She needed to get away from all things associated with the United States: Her family, her friends, her co-workers, and the one person who was making her life so hard right now.

Things with Heather used to be so easy. They could hang out for hours, lounging on a couch or by a pool all day, and it was never tense, never weird. Soft touches and sweet kisses were easily shared; never in public, of course, but they were still there. But now, with all of this exposure from the tour starting to settle in, things were not how they used to be.

Their 'mouse kiss' in Dublin caused a Fox melt down, causing higher up executives to threaten to castrate Ryan if he let them continue to parade around like two love sick school girls. It wasn't soon after when Naya's PR manager received a very brief, but also very ridiculous e-mail; the one that caused her to flee the country for a few days.


Please inform Naya that she and Heather Morris are no longer to be seen at public events together. They need to be separated at all times to prevent any more rumors from spreading and to keep the secrets of the show intact. This is all for the sake of Glee and is only a temporary thing; but it must be enforced.

Naya had read the e-mail and immediately lost control. She couldn't believe that Fox was capable of putting a rule in place to stop her from talking to Heather in public, but Steve was insistent that she kept up with the charade. She knew that he was only looking out for her well being, but it really got under her skin that it was happening.

She was packing a bag before she even realized what she was doing. She had called her sister, begging her to come to Mexico with her, offering her everything but a Mercedes to be her plus 1 for the week, but she had a photo shoot that she couldn't miss and apologized all over herself for not being there for her older sister. Naya called Telly, but found out that he was still being a bum in Canada and found herself wishing she had stayed there for just a little bit longer.

The stress of needing to get away from L.A. was starting to get to her and the itch to run as far away as possible was setting in. She sat on the bed, her open suitcase spilling over with bikinis and jean shorts, and looked through her phone again. There was Kevin, and Lea, and, and… she took a deep breath as she passed over Heather's name, ignoring the feeling in her gut that told her she should ask her to go with her instead. But she hadn't talked to Hemo since they got back from Canada and she didn't want to try and sort through that while on vacation.

As she continued to scroll, she came across a name in her phone that caused her to pause again.

Mother f'n Di

Dianna had put it in there like that almost two years ago, and just like the other nicknames in her phone book, she had never changed it. As her finger hovered over the Send button, she thought quickly about how it would be to spend a week on the beach with Dianna.

Sure the girl was quirky and had a huge case of word vomit, but she was a good friend to Naya, a great one even. She knew all about the Heather drama, the only one who knew exactly how deep their relationship ran, and after the ignored phone calls and text messages to Heather over the past week or so, she knew she needed someone who would understand. Also, they had gone to Paris together and it had been so care free and fun, that she knew Di was who she needed with her now.

"Baby girlllll!" she heard through the ear piece. When did I push send? I didn't even hear it ring? She thought. She was going to give this huge speech about needing to just relax on a beach and blah blah blah, but instead, she gave the short version.

"I need to leave this country and I need you to come with me." Naya rushed out, trying hard not to sound desperate but needing Di to realize this was serious.

"Ok, so, who did you murder while I was gone?" Dianna laughed out. She couldn't help but notice that Naya sounded like she killed someone and was fleeing the country and needed an accomplice. It's not like Dianna wouldn't do it for her, but she still couldn't help but burst out laughing when she heard how frantic Naya sounded.

"Hardy freaking har." Naya mumbled into the phone, "And what do you mean gone? Where are you?" She knew now that this plan was a lost cause if Di was out of town.

"I'm in New York silly! Well, I'm in JFK airport, trying to blend in with the common folk before I get on my plane."

This had always been a joke between them. Neither ever tried to really ignore fans or other people who recognized them in airports, but they were always labeled 'ninjas' for being able to bypass paparazzi in their every-day lives. They always wore big sunglasses and hats, hoping to look as normal as possible so they could just get to where they were going.

Stop screwing around Naya! Think!

"Are you coming back to L.A?" she asked, "Because, I need to get out of this town before my head explodes."

She didn't have to explain anymore than that; she knew Dianna would get the big picture.

"I'll be back later today, what are you thinking?" She knew she had Dianna hooked just by hearing those words. Di was an adventurer and if it involved getting to do something fun, she was all for it.

"I'm thinking Mexico." It was all she needed to say; the squeal through her phone gave her the answer she wanted to hear. She smiled a little when Dianna rapidity said 'yes yes yes!' into the phone and she could picture her jumping up and down in the crowded airport, most likely drawing way too much attention to herself.

"Holy shit Nay! I'm so excited right now! Like, stupid grin excited! When are we going? We have the premiere in like a week and a half."

Naya had forgotten about the premier. She had been so focused on leaving that she had forgotten about her job obligations that at the moment seemed extremely inconvenient to her.

"We'll go tomorrow." And the plans were made. Dianna was going to land in L.A., go home to unpack and repack, and meet Naya in the morning to take off for Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Neither girl could believe how fast it was all happening, but they didn't mind. In the morning they would be off to a resort, pampering themselves to massages and tequila, and come back to L.A. ready to take on the next round of job mania.

When they stepped off the plane, it was like getting hit in the face by a water balloon. You know what I mean, that surprised but still refreshing feel that washes over you. That's what it was like for Naya to see the palm trees that look so much like the ones in L.A., but these were Mexican Palm Trees, and therefore, they were better.

A car was waiting to take them to their resort; a nice place sitting right on the beach. It had a good amount of tourist traffic but neither girl minded. It was nice to be out of the spot light and able to just chill around people who didn't care who they were.

Half the time, when they went to a beach in Malibu or Hermosa, they were bombarded with people asking for autographs or pictures, but here, it was just so calm. One look out over the water and Naya knew that she had made a good choice in coming here. She needed this, and by the pale look Dianna was sporting, she needed it too.

Naya had Steve pull a few strings for her and got her and Di a gorgeous suite facing the ocean. Two bedrooms, one on each end of the suite, had doors that opened up onto balconies overlooking the beach below and a clear view of where the sun met the sea. They both immediately went to unpack, only stopping to pop a bottle of champagne that was on ice, waiting for them to arrive.

With flutes full, Dianna gave a small toast.

"To us, for being some spontaneous bitches and running off to Mexico!"

They clicked their glasses together, and so began the most insane vacation either girl had ever taken.

It was day one in Mexico and they were already three Tequila shots in when Dianna broke the ice.

"Care to tell me why we just randomly flew to Mexico?" She looked over at Naya who hid her face behind her sunglasses, obviously trying to ignore this conversation. "Look, it's not that I'm not loving this idea, because God knows I needed the sun, but really Nay, what's going on?"

She looked over and saw just barely how Naya's lip trembled, how her eyebrows came together just a tiny bit and how her hands were now making small twitching movements at her side. Dianna flipped over to her stomach and laid her head down to face Nay and just waited. She knew the girl was trying to get her thoughts figured out, so being patient was super important. Finally, she heard her let out a deep breath and opened her eyes to see Naya pushing up her sunglasses.

"She's still with Taylor and apparently he's moving to L.A." It was all she needed to say. It basically provided every bit of information that was on her mind; it clumped it all together for Dianna to analyze and figure out in her own time. Naya grabbed her sunglasses and pulled them back over her eyes, mumbling to herself that it didn't matter anyway.

"It does matter Nay." Dianna said, reaching over and grabbing Naya's hand, pulling it between them so their fingers were in the sand. "I know this isn't easy for you, but, she loves you babe. Everyone knows it. She's going through a tough time right now. With your PR telling you to stay separate, her surgery, the tour, everything; it's a lot for both of you to deal with and she just needs something familiar to cling to. She's scared of where all this is going, just like you, and she took a few steps back. It happens; but it doesn't make me doubt what she feels for you."

Naya knew she made a good choice by bringing Dianna. The girl had literally just summed up every ounce of information and put it all together and even though Di wasn't privy to all the information about Hemo and Naya, she had a fairly good idea of how serious it was between the two.

"You're a good friend Di." Naya said, twisting her head to the side and lifting her sunglasses again to get a better look at the girl next to her, "Really. You are."

"Awww you're not so bad yourself!" Dianna said back in a sickly sweet voice, "And now I do believe it's officially 5 o'clock, therefore, we need to go get ready, head to dinner, and get our drink on at the resort bar!"

Both girls sighed as they pulled themselves up off their chairs, wishing they had a couple more hours in the sun, but the opportunity to get drunk outweighed everything else, and they headed to their rooms. As they climbed onto the elevator, Naya stopped dead in her tracks, causing Dianna to run right into her.

"Damn, why'd you stop?" she asked, going around the girl so she could push the 'up' button to the elevator. She looked up to see Naya staring at the lobby and followed her line of sight, trying to decipher exactly what had caused the 'just seen a ghost' look that the brunette was wearing. When she saw nothing, she turned back to Naya.

"Nay?" She asked, looking back and forth between the lobby and her friend.

"I thought…"

Naya was almost positive of what she had just seen. Long tan legs leading up to a pair of super short shorts, a tank top, and long blonde hair cascading over strong shoulders. It looked just like Heather from behind. She literally had stopped dead because this random blond in their resort lobby looked so much like the girl she was trying to escape. Realizing how absolutely ridiculous she was being, she tried to shake it off, rid her mind of the girl who was now making her see things.

The elevator came and took them to their room, neither girl saying much as they got ready for the rest of their evening. They both forgot about the lobby incident and soon became distracted by all of the cool stuff they hadn't seen in their room earlier. Well, Di got distracted, Naya just watched.

"Holy shit! We have a stocked bar Naya! How did we not see this earlier?" She yelled as she rounded the bar top and poured some strong smelling liquid, Tequila Naya soon learned, into a shot glass for each of them. As soon as the shot was down, Di poured another and handed it to her friend.

"You trying to get me drunk?" Naya asked, a Santana-esque smirk gracing her features, proving she was indeed on her way to being drunk.

"Maybeeee!" Di laughed again, "But for now, its dinner time! Let's go eat!"

The restaurant at the resort was a swanky 5 star eatery that impressed both girls; the food was delicious and the flaming volcano shot they both took after was to die for. Naya's manager had made sure that the resort had a bar, and to their surprise, it was a full out club. The place was packed from wall to wall with people, bodies cramming everywhere to get a decent spot on the dance floor or at the bar itself. It was a little stuffy, but neither girl complained.

Naya was on drink number three when Dianna pretty much fell into her, wrapping her arms around her neck and giving her a big kiss on the cheek.

"So I just saw this girl, out there," She pointed toward the dance floor, swaying slightly and slurring her words, "and I swear it looked just like Hemo. I hadda do a double take cause it was sooo crazy."

Naya winced a little at the mention of Heather. It was just a natural reflex anymore and people learned to not ask Naya where Hemo was or what she was doing, because since the tour, that information was pretty much nonexistent between the two. But instead of dwelling on all that, Naya continued listening to Dianna, nodding at the appropriate times whenever she said something, eyes scanning the dance floor occasionally for the person she knew couldn't be there.

Naya wasn't sure if Mexico had a 'last call' time or not, but she knew it was her last call time. She was beyond wasted, her and Di both, and trying to navigate their way through the still densely packed bar was not an easy task. She almost reached the door when Di took her tumble. It was probably the most entertaining thing she'd seen all evening.

Here was Dianna Agron, Ms. Full of Grace (most of the time), falling flat on her ass because she slipped on somebody's spilled drink. She watched as Dianna tried to right herself, which was equally as entertaining, when she realized they were being watched. Usually it wouldn't bother her because there weren't any paparazzi around to catch this on film, but for some reason, their gaze felt extra intense.

There was a group of people standing right by the door, obviously about to exit, watching them closely. She scowled a little, not liking the fact that people were judging her friend because some ass hat couldn't hold onto their drink but she was also too drunk to care to take in their appearance fully. The crowd was still dense by the door and she lost the group in the mass amounts of people, thankful that she no longer had eyes on her.

She helped Dianna up and pulled the blonde's arm around her shoulder, effectively starting the process of navigating through the crowd again. She placed her hand on the door, ready to push, when she heard it; it was her name being called. She cursed under her breath, praying it wasn't some crazy fan about to propose to her (again), because even though she loved it, she really didn't want to deal with that shit tonight. With Di still in her arms, she was struggling to turn toward the voice; the music was so loud, she was surprised she had even heard it in the first place.

She searched the crowd, looking for the person who said her name, when she saw her. Halfway across the bar, a drink in one hand and Taylor's hand in the other, stood Heather Morris.

Naya heart was somewhere in her feet but her pulse told her that she was still very much alive. She couldn't move because that required some sort of thinking and her brain had completely shut off for a moment. Finally, after seconds of staring at each other, her brain switched into over drive.

What in the FUCK is going on?

How is she… what is she… why is she with… hold the fucking phone I didn't even know she was here!

Dianna's head literally looked like it was on a swivel, the way it was rolling around next to her shoulder, and it took all of Naya's will power not to drop her and run to Hemo. She noticed that Taylor was still oblivious as to what was going on and hadn't even seen Naya yet, and as she finally refocused on Heather, she realized she hadn't taken a breath.

With a very deep inhale and a subtle shake of her head to clear her thoughts, she sent a dazzling smile to the blonde, who took this as her cue to run as fast as she could through the crowd, leaving Taylor dazed and confused behind her. It maybe took her three seconds to reach Naya, and when she did, she engulfed her in a hug, sending Naya's senses into overdrive.

Her smell, her smile, her laugh, everything, was causing Naya to freak out a little. She hadn't been expecting this, she hadn't planned on any of this happening, but here she was. Here was Heather freaking Morris, the girl she came to forget, standing in front of her, bouncing excitedly at the fact they were both in the same place.

What in the hell are the chances? Naya thought as Di finally registered what was going on. She looked up and caught sight of the other blonde and groaned a little, much to Heather's confusion and Naya's dismay.

"What are you doing here?" Di said, her voice dripping with accusations, "This was supposed to be our vacation!" She wasn't trying to come across bitchy, but the look on Hemo's face was enough to show Naya that that was how she took it. She pulled back a little, noticing that Dianna had her arms thoroughly wrapped around Naya while her best friend seemed to sink back into herself a little.

She looked upset, but quickly covered it with a mega watt smile. Naya could see the complete and utter fear and confusion and everything else in those blue eyes, but tried to ignore it.

"She's super drunk." Naya stated, trying hard to ignore the impending conversation about how they were both here, both with other people, and neither had told the other.

It had always been a thin line for them; Naya and Heather had been dating for almost two years. It wasn't something they spoke about with other people and up until recently, Taylor had been completely out of the picture. Heather would see him maybe a handful of times during the year, only keeping up appearances when it was called for, while spending the remainder of her time with Naya.

It wasn't the best of deals, but Naya took it for what it was. She was ok with being the other woman because she knew that after all of the Glee stuff came to an end, they wouldn't have a network full of people telling them they couldn't be together. So instead they agreed to wait, they agreed to date in secret and let the press, and Heather's mom, and her PR rep think that everything was gravy with the boyfriend. But this, Heather going on vacation with said boy, was enough to make Naya see red.

"I gotta get her to bed, I'll see ya later." Naya said, spinning a now almost unconscious Dianna around and heading for the door. She felt the hand on her forearm and almost wrenched it away, but she kept her composure a little longer; she couldn't let anyone see her fall apart, not right now. She had to be strong, she had to-


She had to what, again? She couldn't even remember where she was when she heard Heather say her name like that. All soft and apologetic, all full of love and hope and all that other lovey dovey shit.

"Tomorrow Heather. Tomorrow…"

It was all she could say. She wanted to be mad, to yell and scream and punch Taylor in the face, but she knew at this point, it wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth ruining her entire vacation, and possibly her relationship with Heather, by throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a Mexican Resort. So instead, she turned around and carried Dianna up to their hotel suite, praying that she was about to wake up from a nap; burnt to a crisp with a drink in her hand, the beach under her chair and the ocean in her ears.

It's gonna lighten up now! I had to get the initial shock value over with. Hope this didn't suck too bad for all those who wanted to read it! Let me know what you think!