Shizuo pushed Izaya against the door of his apartment in eagerness. The way the pest's tongue was roaming his neck made it very hard to fumble for the keys, and Izaya relished in his counfoundedness. He couldn't help but to laugh against the skin of his lover as he dropped the keys with shaking fingers and cursed.

"What's the matter, Shizu-chan?" he whispered in his ear. "Having some trouble?"

"Fuck you, pest, this is all your fault..." Shizuo huffed, bending down to retrieve the damnable things.

Izaya laughed. "You're in a pretty good position there, Shizu-chan, you sure you want to wait?"

"Knock it off," Shizuo gasped, head swimming in the lust for the now documentably insane informant. He retrieved the keys and shoved them into the lock, not willing to wait another second for another taste of Izaya.

And this time it seemed, Shizuo wasn't slapped with shock. Izaya was very pleased to find him the one under the spell of uncontrollable lust, though he couldn't deny that it was heatedly reciprocated.

Shizuo shoved Izaya down on his couch and captured his mouth again. Izaya laughed in sheer giddiness and it turned into a moan very quickly as Shizuo's teeth sunk into his shoulder. "Ooh, you're rough, I like it... uhn..."

Shizuo bit harder as his hands sought to be rid of these barriers called clothes. Izaya's hands wandered between them and found that familiar erection, aching to be handled in the worst way. A noise escaped Shizuo from the contact as Izaya yanked and pulled on his pants. Stupid button...

Impatience won out, and the button went flying when Izaya tore it clear off. Shizuo didn't really care, he was just eager for skin on skin contact again. Izaya could feel the want radiating off of his rival, and wanted to give him a chance at dominance. He wanted the brute inside of him, he wanted to feel the friction, he wanted that throbbing member to hit that spot inside of him...

"Jesus, would you just fuck me already?" Izaya moaned in eagerness.

Shizuo spat on his own hard on and shoved Izaya down, much to his delight. "Then quit squirming." His entry was a might bit painful, but wonderful at the same time. Izaya let out a heated cry as Shizuo secured himself within him. His face flushed in pleasure, his heart raced and the noises of approval sort of came out of his throat without his consent. It was alright – Shizuo needed to know that goddamn this was good! Fuck, god, fuck, FUCK!

Shizuo rocked into Izaya, claiming him, marking him, gaining revenge for the earlier offense of catching him off guard and making it loud and clear that he was no one's bitch, no matter how insane or overwhelming Izaya might be. "Dammit Pest..." Shizuo breathed raggedly. "You're gonna make me come..."

Izaya grabbed Shizuo's hand and wrapped it around his erection. "Then you better make me come too. God, do it to me! YES!"

The encounter was over within minutes of Shizuo's hand on Izaya's member. He went off seconds after Shizuo finally grunted and let loose inside of him. All he could do was huff a string of curses. At last! This was freedom at its finest! To fuck at one's leisure! "Oh FUCK, Shizu-chan!" he threw back his head and laughed hysterically. "I LOVE FREEDOM! YES!"

Shizuo sat back with a chuckle, wiping the sweat off of his forehead with the back of his hand. "Never would have thought..."

"Thought what?" Izaya purred, detangling himself from Shizuo's arms and legs and looking about for his boxers. The fact that the man hadn't even let him get his jacket off before his need to completely claim him was both fantastically erotic and somewhat awkward.

"YOU, of all people..."

"Take a minute to catch your breath, Shizu-chan," Izaya laughed, pulling on his underwear and rising to see where his pants had ended up.

"Do me a favor."


"Don't you EVER get committed again," Shizuo ordered, laying back on his couch and shaking his head. "And then don't leave me hanging for about a week either!"

"Heh, deal," Izaya agreed, crossing his arms. "Care to throw anything heavy at my head?"

"Not particularly."

"Pity, our game is over."

"Don't say it like that..." Shizuo said with a frown.

"Fine. A new game starts." Izaya buttoned his pants and leaned over his lover, brushing his lips against Shizuo's. He grabbed his crotch quite suddenly, making Shizuo stiffen. "Catch me if you can!" Izaya licked Shizuo's face and darted out the door with a wink and a wave.

Shizuo grinned and fumbled for his clothing. "You're on."