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Chapter 30

They had spent the rest of the evening just being together and had nodded off late into the night in the living room, only to be woke up by a loud vehicle pulling up to the front of the house a few hours later. To Sam and Bobby's surprise Dean had already been awake and standing with a curtain pulled back as he stared out the window. Dean grabbed Bobby's shotgun and beat everyone to the front door when he saw who stepped out of the truck that had pulled up, "Hold it right the fuck there!"

"Listen boy…" Rufus began only to have Dean snarl.

"I ain't your boy, now get the hell back where you came from." Dean growled as he took a half step forward.

"This here ain't your place and until he tells me to leave I ain't…" Rufus' tirade was interrupted by a shotgun blast that had him tumbling backwards off the steps.

"That's your last fuckin' warning!" Dean roared as he aimed the shotgun at Rufus' chest and stepped out onto the porch.

"I think you better do what the my boy wants." Bobby stated as he walked up and pushed the barrel of the gun down but didn't try to take the gun.

Sammy came to stand on the other side of Dean, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared silently in support for Dean.

"Your boy?" Rufus scoffed as he stood and dusted himself off.

"Family ain't only about blood, you used to know that Rufus." Bobby stated sadly as he watched his old friend stare at him with what could only be described as contempt.

"Well you know how that worked out." Rufus stated coldly.

"Yeah, I do Rufus." Bobby shook his head as he looked back into Rufus's cold brown eyes. "Maybe you ought to consider retiring yourself."

Rufus laughed as he commented, "Like that'll happen. The only way I'll retire is in a pine box."

"I can help you out with that." Dean said in a low voice, no longer shaking with rage but tempered in calm determination to finish this thing once and for all.

Sammy looked at Dean and stepped closer.

Bobby asked with a sigh, "What do you want, Rufus?"

"You can't really still be pissed at me?" He asked sounding genuinely surprised.

Bobby snorted as he snapped, "You of all people are you really going to stand there and act like you don't already know the answer to that?"

Rufus raised his hands in surrender as he admitted, "I got in over my head, okay… and I'm sorry you and "your boys" got dragged into it. That's all I wanted to say."

"Okay. You've said your piece." Bobby told him bluntly.

"What? You aren't going to invite me in for some of that secret stash you have just for me? Ya know, my bottle of…" Rufus said trying to smile his way past the anger radiating off the porch.

Dean interrupted with clipped words that he barely kept in a civil tone, "He doesn't have it anymore. I drank it."

Rufus frowned before he said, "Fine. Call me when you decide to quit being so damn bull headed."

Finally Sammy had something to say, "Have you not met my brother? He's the King of Grudge Holding."

Rufus said as he walked away, "I know I was talking to Bobby."

They watched him walk away before Bobby opened the screen door and asked, "You ready to really drink that bottle now?" he sent a smile Dean's way before he gave Sammy a pat on the back and a slight shove towards the open door.

Dean glanced over his shoulder at Bobby as he said, "Sounds good, give me a minute."

After Dean made sure the porch had been vacated he said to thin air, "You can come out now."

A sleek black body came out from under the porch step and sat on the top step and watched him.

He felt like an idiot as he told the cat, "I don't know what the deal is with you but I don't think you're here to hurt us…" he watched the cat as it lifted it's head and looked at him.

"But if you do hurt my family I will kill you. Do we understand each other?"

She gave a slight nod and stood, walking over to him she wrapped herself around his legs and meowed.

"Good. I don't want to have to have this talk again." Dean stated as he picked her up and walked into the house closing the door behind them and from inside Dean could be heard questioning Sammy with a laugh, "The King of grudge holding?"

"Shuddup, jerk." Sammy snickered out his retort.

'bitch." Dean snarked back.

"Boys." Bobby said in that tone that made both boys laugh. It was good to hear and it had been missed.