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Be It Ever So Humble

Chapter Two

Catching the box mid-air, Reid stared at it. "What's this?" he asked blankly, staring down at the bow and card attached to the top flap.

"You tell me, Genius," Morgan replied, dropping his head to his crossed arms as watched Reid's agile mind work.

Tearing the envelope off the box and tucking it under his arm, Reid plucked the card out, his eyes quickly reading it. "You remembered our anniversary," he said softly, a faint smile playing at his lips, his expression suddenly much softer as he let out a long breath.

"Well, one of us did," Morgan teased, snagging Reid's towel with a long arm and tugging the younger man toward the bed.

"Now, just a minute," Reid hedged, blushing as he held up one hand in defense. "I can not be held entirely responsible for the alleged oversight. As I recall per our last discussion on the matter, the actual date of our anniversary remained unclear. As I recall, today is not the anniversary of our first date," Reid said, using air quotes to emphasis his argument. "But, rather our first sexual encounter."

"So I put the cart ahead of the horse every once in a while," Derek said as he grinned wickedly, wriggling his eyebrows. "What can I say, Pretty Boy? You made it memorable for me," he told his lover as his hand loosened the towel around Reid's waist.

"Hmmm, I'm going to choose to interpret that statement as a compliment," Reid murmured as he made a grab for his falling towel, his fingertips barely glancing against the slipping terrycloth.

Wrapping his hand around Spencer's wrist, Derek's eyes glimmered as Reid lost the battle for his towel. "C'mere, baby," he invited smoothly, a chuckle hidden in the depths of his words. "I wanna watch you open your gift."

"Like you just opened yours?" Reid smirked as he looked pointedly down at his now naked torso.

"Something like," Derek rumbled against Reid's shoulder when the younger man perched on the edge of the bed. "C'mon...take off the lid so that we can get onto the private celebration I've got planned," he ordered, gently nipping at Spencer's collar bone.

"We have to work," Reid reminded his horny lover with a smile as he felt a shiver slide down his spine.

"I already called Hotch. We'll be late," Derek snorted, wrapping a hand around the nape of Spencer's neck and guiding his head down for a slow, wet kiss.

"Construction is inconvenient," Reid mumbled against Derek's mouth, returning the kiss enthusiastically. He was prepared to use any logical reason as an excuse when Morgan touched him like this.

Smiling at Reid's soft moan of protest when he reluctantly ended the kiss, Morgan nodded at the white box his lover held in his hands. "Don't you wanna know what's in there?" he asked hopefully, not wanting to completely sacrifice his well laid plans.

"In where?" Reid asked blankly, blinking rapidly as he tried to convince his body to stand down.

"Your gift, Baby Boy," Morgan chuckled, shaking the box Reid held between his slack hands.

Dropping his eyes, Reid shook his head. "Oh! Uhmm, yes, of course," he said, removing the lid on his box. "It's a piece of paper," he frowned, glancing up at his amused lover.

"Look closer, Spence," Derek suggested, pressing his lips against Reid's neck.

Lifting the single page from the box, Reid scanned the document quickly, his jaw dropping as he realized what he held. Twisting suddenly, he met Derek's satisfied eyes.

"Shocked?" the black man asked with a grin.

"It's a lease!" Reid gaped, his eyes wide.

"Yep, it is," Morgan nodded.

"...with both our names on it," Reid babbled excitedly, his clutching fingers wrinkling the single sheet as he kept reading every single line.

"I'm told that's pretty normal for a couple looking to move in together," Derek replied blandly, his broad shoulders rising and falling as he shrugged.

"You want us to live together?" Reid asked, his heart pounding in his chest. "In the same place? I thought you told me you didn't want to think about commitment," he added, shaking his head as he tried to process what was happening.

"I said that a year ago, Pretty Boy," Morgan replied with a groan. Leave it to the literal man in front of him to throw his hastily spoken words of a year ago at him. "In case you missed the past three hundred and sixty-five days, I've sort of gotten used to the concept. I think it's time for us to move to the next level. And by the way, that total recall thing you can do with your memory is seriously hacking into my high here, babe."

"Roommates?" Reid asked, tilting his head.

"If by roomies you mean lovers that share lots of benefits together, then yeah, roommates," Morgan chuckled, sliding his hand around Spencer's neck again and drawing the younger man closer. "I love you," Derek said solemnly. "I want us to be together."

"Really?" Reid asked hopefully.

"Really," Derek answered gently. "What do you say, Pretty Boy?"

"It depends. Will Clooney have his own room?" Reid asked suspiciously with a look toward his chewed up loafers.

"He'll have a whole garage at his disposal," Derek promised, his fingers tightening on the younger man.

"In that case," Spencer grinned happily, "I'd love to move in with you," he said eagerly, leaning forward press a kiss against Derek's lips. "We have to hurry though," he whispered between kisses as Derek rolled him onto his back. "Work, remember?"

Settling above the younger man, Derek shook his head. "Work can wait. I want to play with my gift now."

"But, I didn't get you anything," Reid gasped as warm lips found one of his flat brown nipples and talented hands stroked his body.

And without a single word, Derek Morgan disproved Spencer Reid's theory at great and detailed length.

And neither man made it in to work that day.