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"Hey, midget."

"What? I thought I told ya ta stop callin' me midget, Baldy!" Hiyori retorted.

"And I thought I told you to stop callin' me Baldy, midget." Shinji retorted, his trademark grin in place.

"Whatever," Hiyori had been getting very much calmer these days. "Whaddya want, anyway?"

"I was just thinkin'...we're technically goin' out, aren't we?"

"Wha—no we're not!" Hiyori screeched.

"Hiyori. Yes we are."

"No, we're not!"

"How can ya deny it? Hiyori. Read my lips. We are going out. You are my girlfr—"


"Uh, Hiyori-kun, Shinji-kun is right, you know. You two are in a romantic relationship, and that makes you his g—" Hachi tried reasoning with her, only to have to dodge a projectile sandal.


"So, then. You don't want to be Shinji's girlfriend?" asked Lisa, raising an eyebrow.


"Is that just because the term 'Shinji's girlfriend' makes it sound as though you are part of his property?"


"Dear God, you're hopeless." sighed Lisa, readjusting her glasses.

"So, Hiyori, would ya be okay with it if we said I was your boyfriend?" Shinji tried.

"Um...fine, whatever. But we aren't going out. I refuse to go on a dumbass date with you!"

"If that's what you want..." Shinji rolled his eyes. The other Vizards stared in awe. Shinji had managed to help calm Hiyori down without getting a sandal to the face.

"Their relationship sure has changed, huh?" whispered Rose in Lisa's ear.

"You're telling me."

Maybe the warehouse was finally going to get some peace.


A few hours later, Shinji knocked on Hiyori's bedroom door.

"Come on, we're goin' to Kisuke's place." he informed her.

"Huh? Why? No one told me."

"We did, Hiyori. At breakfast."

"That doesn't count! I was still half asleep! So, why are we going?" asked Hiyori, pulling her door open.

"To tell him the good news, of course!" said Shinji, brightly.

"What good news?" Hiyori raised an eyebrow.

"Duh. He's been waiting for us to get together since we were in Seireitei!"

"Uh, no! I am not going to that imbecile's place just to tell him about...that." Hiyori blushed, unwilling to say the dreaded words.

"Why not, ya scared he'll laugh?"

"I'm not scared! I just don't want to!"

"Sure...just like you weren't scared that time when there was a spider in your bed" Shinji smirked, reminiscing.

"Oh crap. He blew it." groaned Lisa to Rose, who'd just come out of the living room, looking for the two blonds.

"I WAS NOT SCARED!" yelled Hiyori, ripping her sandal off and slapping him in the face with it. When he fell, she proceeded to beat him to death while strangling him at the same time.

"Gah! Hiyori—can't-breathe!" gasped Shinji.


Rose and Lisa stood, witnessing the scene in front of them. Then, they turned around resignedly and went back through the door they'd come from. Now they thought about it, Hiyori and Shinji's relationship hadn't actually changed that much at all.

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