Title: Assurances in the Night

Summary: B'Elanna's learning trust....

Disclaimer: If I owned them, you think I would bother writing fic? There would be a VOY 24/7 channel. With Seven in real clothes. Kiss this 18+ males.


I watch her sleep. I like to do that. Earlier, before our passion for each other had outweighed the need to talk, she had told me about her father. How much it hurt when he left, and how she became convinced no man would want her for more than a fun night together.

As I examine her elegant face, her beautiful ridges, her feline and definitely female form, I wonder how he did it. How he could've let go of this beautiful, funny, brilliant, incredible, loving woman is beyond me. I certainly wouldn't be able to do it.

This woman....at first I thought I was actually addicted to her. I needed her, as much as I needed air, if not more. Then I realized what I felt - what I felt wasn't addiction or obsession, but love. I have never been more terrified or exhilarated in my life. The tug on my heart every time she smiles that smile, laughs freely, or confesses to me a hope, a horror from her past. When she wakes up from an occasional nightmare with my arms around her. When she's leaning over a console, working determinedly, and I have an almost irrepressible need to thank her for the joy she has brought to my life.

I have never felt so much as when I'm with her. I can joke and tease but I know she's looking right through it. Right through me.

I suppose that's what amazes me most. She knows all, but she still wants me. She's told me that more than once. Shown me that over and over. My worst nightmares used to be about Caldrik Prime and Auckland Prison. Now they're joined by her leaving me forever.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

I open my eyes to see the vivid blue orbs I adore staring at me, a bemused but gentle smile on the owner's face. Tom's face.

"Hey," I murmur.

"Hey," he breathes, leaning down to kiss my forehead.

I stretch my legs, still entwined with his, and sigh.

He chuckles and pulls me closer, so I wrap my arms around his neck and pull his head down.

"Mmm....What are you thinking, Tom?"

"How lucky I am." I lean back and study him. Seeing the look in his eyes, I know he's not joking.

"Good." He looks suprised at my retort, but pleased. "Good, B'Elanna?"

"We can't have you taking me for granted and running off to some beautiful woman's bed, can we?"

"You have nothing to wory about." I smile smugly.

I know.