8: Remember the Alamo

Jack opened his eyes. The tree house was back in the tallest oak tree.

"I wonder what happened to the Alamo." Annie said.

Jack opened the research book again and read:

After a matter of days, the Mexicans took the Alamo. They killed almost everyone. They allowed a few of the women and children to live, but otherwise all were shot. 183 men defended the Alamo against a much larger force of Mexicans. Travis had predicted that the defenders would make a victory worse than defeat. To an extent, it was true. At 600 dead or wounded, Santa Anna lost about a third of his attack force. 46 days after the Alamo fell, the battle of San Jacinto took place. It lasted 18 minutes. The Texans' wild fury swept through the Mexican lines. As the Texans attacked, they shouted "Remember the Alamo!"

Jack stopped. When he looked up, he was trying not to cry. Annie had tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Davy, Travis, they all died," Annie said softly. "And what good did it do?"

Jack thought for a moment. "Remember what the book said about the battle of San Jacinto? They shouted "Remember the Alamo!" It did do something. It gave the Texans something to fight for."

"I guess even a defeat can help win a war," Annie said. She smiled. "Travis was right. The taking of the Alamo was worse for Santa Anna than being defeated."

Jack smiled, too. "Come on, we need to get home."

Just as Jack was about to climb out of the tree house, Annie said, "Wait! Look, it's a note from Morgan."

Jack looked at the note Annie was holding. It said:

Jack and Annie,

Come back in one week for your next mission.


Annie looked up, "One week. That's not long. I wonder where we'll be going."

Jack shrugged. "Let's go."

They climbed down the rope ladder and walked toward their house. Just as they reached the porch, Jack thought he heard the "BOOM!" of a cannon.

"Annie, did you hear that?" Jack asked slowly.

Annie grinned. "Remember the Alamo!"

They both started laughing.

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