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No, no no,... Maka thought, trying to hold onto the dream she had been having about Soul. Admitting that the dream was beyond recall, and that she was now fully awake, she reluctantly opened her eyes to see Liz and Tsubaki peering at her.

"Must have been some dream you were having," Liz commented. Her tone indicated amusement, but Maka could see worry in her eyes.

Maka blushed, hoping she had not said or done anything too embarrassing in her sleep. "What are you guys doing in my room?" she asked. Looking around, noting she was in the dispensary, she added, "oh," as she recalled the events of the past few days. Stretching she felt some remnants of pain but otherwise was almost fully healed. Seems Kim worked on me some, she concluded, glad to be escaping a couple of weeks recuperating.

"You're looking a lot better than when we first found you." Tsubaki leaned over and gave her a small hug, careful to not squeeze too hard. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay. Guess it must have looked worse than it was." Maka reluctantly lied to her friend. Kim's status as a witch being a secret only a few members of the DWMA knew about. "Where's Soul? Is he okay?"

Liz and Tsubaki pointed. Maka turning saw Soul was sleeping on a cot not far from her. "He's okay." Tsubaki added.

Satisfied Maka settled back down, still aching some. "What happened after I got knocked out? Were the people under the illusions okay?"

"They were," Tsubaki answered. "Soon as the illusions stopped they woke up, dazed and confused but otherwise okay. We didn't get there until about twenty minutes after that though. There were some riots from panicking but nothing the police couldn't handle."

"How many dead?" Maka reluctantly asked.

Tsubaki looked away. "When we got there a little under a thousand."

"Altogether?" Maka asked. "How many people did my mother kill altogether?"

Tsubaki and Liz looked at each other. "Estimates are over a hundred thousand," Tsubaki finally admitted.

"Is she dead?" Maka asked, devoid of emotion at the news. My mother killed a hundred thousand people. The thought devastated her.

"You don't know?" Liz asked in reply.

Maka shook her head. "I think she is, I managed to hit her, but then she hit me and I didn't see what happened to her. I came to a few minutes later and the illusions were gone. I didn't actually see her die."

"She's dead," Tsubaki confirmed.

Maka closed her eyes. I killed my own mother, she thought, feeling a knife-like pain slash into her heart.

"No choice Maka, you know that." Soul was now at her side, having awoke at the sound of voices.

"I know." Maka's tone indicated otherwise. "I know," she said again, trying to make herself believe it. "I know it had to be done Soul. There were corpses all around her. A lot of them, I stepped on them during the fight." She looked up at him. "I want to go home." Soul nodded and helped her stand.

Twenty minutes later the two of them were in the kitchen of their apartment. Liz and Tsubaki had been stopped at the door. Maka was preparing a meal. Trying to act as though everything was normal, Soul realized. He watched as Maka took out some rice and tossed it into a pot of boiling water. "You know, I think it's my turn to cook," Soul stated. Maka shrugged.

"Don't you feel anything Soul?" Maka asked a few seconds later. "All those people."

"I do," Soul answered. Maka looked at him, waiting. Soul looked away. Maka saw tears on his face and didn't push. She turned back to the rice.

Classes were cancelled the next day. Too many people were still helping with the cleanup of the Deity mess. Maka had talked with her father a number of times, his concern for her obvious. His actions, though still embarrassing, were easier to tolerate now. Still got to talk to him about that paper, she thought, but it was something she couldn't do while he looked so broken. The news from Houston was good. The people under the influence of the illusions had returned to normal. Events had been explained away as broken gas lines that had been damaged throughout the area due to a minor earth tremor. Also, to Maka's relief, there had been no reports of a witch in the area by any member of the DWMA.

She leaned her head back, letting it rest against Soul. "Where's the gang?" she asked.

Maka felt Soul shrug. "Don't know," he replied.

"So what do you want to do?" she asked.

"What do you want to do?" he parroted back at her.

"Go to school and pretend nothing happened," she answered. She looked down at her brand new boots. She hadn't wanted to wear boots she had been using to dance on corpses. She could still feel the way they had squished under her as she had dodged her mother's attacks.

Soul felt Maka shudder. Holding her he asked her, "how about instead we do something fun?"

"You mean like read? Since when are you into reading Soul?" Maka asked.

It was Soul noted, a poor attempt at a joke by Maka, but still an attempt. "We could go to the library or browse the bookstores?" he suggested.

Things I would like to do, Maka noted, appreciating Soul's efforts to cheer her up. Wonder what he would like to do? I know. Maka grinned. "Or we can do this." Maka turned and kissed him.

An hour later Maka sat beside Soul as he played the song he had written for her called 'Maka'. Turning to her he asked, "So, does it meet my girlfriend's approval?"

It had taken her several seconds to realize what Soul had called her. 'It does," she had replied, smiling at her boyfriend.

The cleaver in Soul's hand blurred as he chopped meat for a simple beef stew. At least it's not rice again, Maka thought. She stretched and noticed Soul glance her way. "No need to make so much," Maka commented.

"Just as well. It won't hurt in the fridge for a few days and simpler to just heat something up than make it from scratch." The cleaver continued to blur.

"So this is just an attempt to get out of cooking when it's your turn again?" Maka questioned.

"Yep," came the response.

"Just like a guy." Maka grinned.

Soul looked at her. "Well, I could just make rice again next time I cook."

Maka made a face. "No. Leftover beef stew will be fine." Maka made a mental note to make double portions too the next time she cooked. "Hope classes go ahead as normal tomorrow."

Soul made a face, matching the one Maka had made a few moments before. "Maka don't wish for such a thing." He gave an exaggerated shudder.

Maka laughed and grinned at her boyfriend. Boyfriend, she thought, liking the way it sounded.

Soul looked at Maka as she laughed and thought, girlfriend, also liking the sound of the word.

"I probably should review my notes from the last class." Maka said. "You probably should too. Knowing Stein there might be a pop quiz."

"Maka, studying is so uncool." Still he made no complaint an hour later when she dragged him to the couch and they sat down. He listened to her read the material and then they questioned each other on it.

It was Blair that woke Soul up the next morning. "Blair is here, did you miss Blair?" The cat in human form cheerfully asked Soul who was immediately wide awake and panicking.

"Blair get off me before Maka sees you!" He tried to push her off him. The attempt was futile and eventually brought Maka to the room. MAKA CHOP! Soul slumped into a semi-conscious state. MAKA CHOP! Blair slumped down on top of him, a position that Maka did not like. MAKA CHOP! Blair returned to cat form and scurried under the bed.

"Ouch! Maka why you hurt Blair?" The voice came from under the bed.

Soul sat up. "This has got to end." He rubbed his head and eyed an angry Maka. "Tell me how to stop her Maka and I will."

"As if you want her to." Maka was furious. A large book was in her hand, ready to fly.

Soul sighed and looked at the time. "Well, I would have much preferred another half hour of sleep than being mauled by a cat." He led back down on the bed.

Maka sighed. Blaming Soul she knew was wrong. That damn cat! she thought. "Whatever," she muttered.

Soul turned and peered under the bed. "You know Blair, Liz has been talking about a sexy kitten a lot lately. She was probably talking about you. Why don't you visit her?"

Blair crawled out from under the bed. "Really? Liz call Blair sexy kitten?" She purred.

Soul nodded. "She's always talking about her sexy kitten. I bet when she gets up she will want to take a bath."

At the word bath Blair had perked up even more. "Blair visit Liz now. Blair be her sexy kitten." The woman turned into a cat and jumped out the window.

Soul looked back up at Maka who was struggling to keep a grin off her face. "Well that sets the Liz project into action," she finally remarked.

"Why are you up so early?" Soul asked, as Maka sat down beside him. Reaching out he pulled her closer.

Snuggling against him she yawned. "Just going over notes again. Last few days haven't studied nearly as much as I should have." There was a long pause. "I know I overreact when it comes to Blair. Sorry. But I don't think I can stop. She has everything a guy wants in a woman and I just know you must see her that way."

Soul gave her comment some thought. "Nay, wasn't an overreaction that time. Before we were a couple it was but now I don't think it is. But you are wrong if you think she's what a man wants in a woman. For one thing she isn't a woman."

"My father seems to like her," Maka commented dryly.

"Maka, she's not even human!" Soul didn't know whether to be exasperated or amused at Maka.

"Got to be some way to stop her," Maka continued, not acknowledging Soul's comment.

"I could set traps around the bed." Soul was only half joking.

'Would you?" Maka asked. Soul stared at her for several seconds before he realized she was joking.

They snuggled together for a bit before Maka reluctantly pushed at him. "Get up and get ready for school or we're going to be late." Soul nodded and left the room.

Liz woke up as a hundred pounds of voluptuous woman jumped on top of her. "Blair is here! Sexy kitten is here! Soul said Liz liked Blair! Liz called Blair her sexy kitten!" Oh God no, Liz thought as she was mauled by the cat. Damn it Maka I will get you back for this. She tried to push the cat off her, to no avail. Eventually her struggles brought Patty running.

"Sis, are you cheating on Maka now with Blair?" the younger sister asked grinning.

"Damn it Patty, help get her off me!" Liz's scream was loud enough to wake the dead. It did bring a Death God running to see what the trouble was.

Kid stared for a few seconds. "Oh! Sorry I barged in Liz," he finally said, red faced. "Thought you were in trouble, not that you had someone over." He fled.

"Sexy kitten want a bath. Liz take a bath with sexy kitten." Blair dragged the struggling woman up and went off in search of a bathtub. Patty was too busy laughing hysterically on the floor to even think about helping her sister.

Maka dodged the book that came her way. What the heck! she thought, wondering where the projectile had come from. Another missed her head as she ducked. Turning around she spotted the source - a fuming Liz with a cart loaded full of books. The rain of literary material continued unabated for several minutes as Liz took one book after another and flung them at the evasive Maka. Finally, cart empty, Liz settled for just glaring at Maka.

"I take it you didn't like your wake-up call this morning?" Maka asked, rubbing her arm where one of the books had struck her a glancing blow.

"Not funny Maka. That cat almost mauled me to death." Liz's response made Maka grin.

"With all that talk about sexy kittens I thought you would have loved it." Maka answered.

"She almost drowned me. What sort of cat likes water any way?" Liz continued to glare.

Maka sniffed the air. "Is that you?" she asked.

"She uses pumpkin scented bubble bath Maka. I smell like a pumpkin." Liz turned her glare onto the empty cart wishing she had more books to throw.

"So what's with the books?" Maka wondered.

"I'm going to learn how to LIZ CHOP! people," Liz answered. "And you Maka are going to be my practice dummy. Now if you don't mind I need to pick these books up so I can practice on you again tomorrow."

"Where's Kid and Patty?" Maka asked conversationally as Liz started to pick up the books.

"Patty decided she liked the smell of the pumpkin bubble bath and is probably soaking in it right now. Kid, not sure there. Something about ordering some cement to fix the driveway I think." Liz picked up another book but it fell apart in her hands. "How come the books you MAKA CHOP! with never fall apart like that?"

Maka shrugged and started to help Liz gather the books. "Not sure. They probably should but for some reason they don't."

"Where's Soul?" Liz asked.

"He said he was going to the library but knowing him he's probably anywhere but there." Maka placed another book on the cart and wondered about the wisdom of helping Liz refill her ammunition.

Maka entered the apartment only to be hit with the overwhelming odor of lemons and oranges. She traced the source of the smell to Soul's room. Knocking she opened the door to find him sitting at his desk, writing what seemed to be music. He was wearing a mask to help cope with the smell. He tossed another mask to her and she put it on. "Soul?" she asked, her voice muffled.

"Orange peels and lemon peels Maka. Supposed to keep cats away. Also got some bitter apple in case that doesn't work. So what's for dinner?"

"Anything but oranges and lemons," Maka uttered as she fled the room.

Twenty minutes later the two were in the kitchen preparing dinner as usual.

"You think that will keep Blair away?" Maka asked.

"Given a choice it would keep me away." Soul replied.

Maka shuddered. "Me too." She admitted.

"So you and Liz came to a truce?" Soul asked.

"Yeah. No more sexy kitten names and no more setting Blair on her. Knowing my luck thought this lemon and orange peel thing will work and Blair will move in with Liz. That would be great except I would end up having to dodge a couple of hundred books each morning." Maka cringed. Liz had thrown those books pretty hard.

"Wonder when classes will be starting again?" Soul wondered.

Maka grinned. "Missing them?" she asked.

"Heaven forbid Maka. Just wondering. Also curious about why they are being cancelled. There's no reason for the DWMA to be interested in Houston now." Soul lowered his voice a little. "Also worried about you know who with all those people from the DWMA running around there."

Maka nodded. "Me too but Marie can look after herself. She's been doing it for a long time." She stirred the canned soup she was heating up. "Weird isn't it. We've only seen her a few brief times yet still."

Soul nodded. "Though I have a feeling we're going to be seeing more of those two."

Maka poured some of the soup into two bowls. She placed the bowls on the table, along with some bread, and sat down. "Think so?" she asked.

Soul nodded again. "Just a weird feeling I have."

The two dug into their simple meal as thought it were a feast. Content just to be together.


Note: Obviously Blair would see through the trick Maka and Soul are playing on Liz and only goes along for the fun of it. According to the Wiki on her that is something Blair might do. Also, her being a cat, her actions can't be seen as sexual in nature.

Had several items I wanted to include in this chapter to conclude the story but wasn't sure how to go about it. It's probably the least coherent chapter. Had to have them set Blair on Liz since it was talked about so much earlier. Had to take a brief look at how Maka and Soul would handle the aftermath of such a conflict. They had to become boyfriend/girlfriend. Soul had to play the 'Maka' song he was writing. Mainly thought wanted to end on a note where Maka and Soul are together in a more peaceful setting.

Maka didn't talk to Spirit about him not being her father. But that probably isn't something one would open a talk about at such a time. It just didn't seem to fit in.

Also left things open for a sequel should I ever decide to write one.

So ends my first FanFiction story.