OK. So I'm back, with a new story. This one is put up to get you guys occupied while I type more of The Green Journal, and Kiba's love. Honestly, do you guys even read and like those? XD So yeah, Im back. This is the prologue of this... the next bit will be up in a week or two weeks. Or less, if someone notes me and says put it up NOW.]

The Seeds Of Sadness Chapter one

Bubbles...so many. Why were there bubbles? He waved a hand in front of his face; the fur on it seemed to be floating. The blue, yellow, and black Pokémon looked upwards. The green circle of light...it shimmered tauntingly at him. He tried to move, to swim upwards. He had just woken, floating on the top of the water, the cold, cold water...and suddenly he was falling. 'What...why am I in the water...Oh yeah.' The Pokémon thought. A flash; a man, laughing. A bolt of electricity, a scream of pain. The Pokémon watched mesmerizing-ly as a red tendril floated past his eyes. Blood? He hit the bottom of the sandbar, and suddenly his world was pain. Pain laced up and down his back and through his head. Sharp, clear pain. The pain intensified as the sand grated against his open wounds and darkness grew at the corner of his eyes. Why was there so much pain?