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She stiffened as she heard a small thump, then footsteps. So he was in a tree, perhaps. To the left behind her. That meant he had good balance, and that he didn't weigh very much. So he was only a boy. She imagined what he looked like. He probably had black hair, to blend into the shadows. He would have a green or brown shirt...And blue eyes, since they were the most common. She pictured him smiling, and then frowned. No, he wouldn't be smiling. She put a scowl on her mental image. There. His clothing would be ragged, but it would fit him. How old would he be? Probably about...15 or 17. Old enough to live on his own, but young enough to retain a boyish look. Maybe he would be older, though. He seemed to possess wisdom. Or maybe he- "You can turn around now." His rough, boyish voice spoke.

Krissa did, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. But he was gone. Sighing, she asked him; "Well? What do you think?"

"I does not belong in these woods."

"What do you mean? I found it in 'these woods'." Krissa frowned.

"It gives me a bad feeling. I do not like it."

"What do you suggest we do then?"

"We? 'We' are not going to do anything. If you choose to leave, I will stay here."

"Why? Wouldn't you want to come?" Krissa's tone was confused. Surely he would want to come, he sounded as curious as anyone.

"No. Contrary to what I said before, I live here. I have been traveling for some years, and have found a place I can sleep comfortably at night in. Why should I choose to leave when I have only just settled down? I do not wish to leave."

Krissa sighed. "Alright...where would I go, anyway?" She sneezed, twice.
Ren was silent.

"I mean, really, where would I go? I wouldn't know where to begin, and besides, I don't have any Pokémon to protect me if I did."
"Why would you need a Pokémon to protect you? You seem sensible enough." Ren shifted position in his tree, and Krissa smiled. There he was. She could just imagine him, sitting on a branch with a leg dangling off, with maybe a backwards baseball cap on his head, and a frown on his face.

"Well...the world outside is tough, at least, at least that's what my mom tells me."

"Humph. Don't I know it." Ren muttered quietly.

"What?" Krissa questioned.

"I said; 'She's right. It is tough." Ren blinked, sighing.

Krissa heard the sigh. "How do you know? Is that why you live out here?" Ren tensed. The meaning behind the question was innocent...the question itself, not so much, and Ren struggled to think of something to tell her. Settling on the roundabout answer, he said; "I do not live out here because of something that has happened in my childhood, I live out here because I want to, because I like it."

Inwardly, he winced. Some subjects should be buried in a dark hole and forgotten. Closing his eyes, he again saw the flash of lighting, felt the pain in his back as his life was ripped out of him, heard his own scream. Yes, he liked to live here in the woods...but he couldn't quite in a house. He had lived in a a the desert, which he abandoned after three days of near constant aura sight because the desert sand blinded his eyes.

Eventually, he had made it upwards to Eterna forest...and he lived there for a period of time, but had abandoned it because it was a regularly trafficked place for humans, and he couldn't run that risk of him being seen...and recognized.

Krissa got a confused look. 'Has' happened in his childhood? A past something had happened in his childhood. Had it made him like this? She wondered what could be so bad to make someone leave his own home. How old was he, she wondered...sure, she had assumed him to be, but how old was he really? What if he was much younger and his experiences had given him wisdom? What if he was a child, only eight or nine?

" old are you?"

In the tree, Ren's red eyes widened. Another first for him; no one had asked him his age before. He was only about 6, even in human years, but 6 was a short time to the humans, wasn't it? Maybe he should say higher...Or not at all.

A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he said; "Why does it matter? If I told you I was 19, or if I told you I was six, would it make a difference? I would still be here, talking to you, and nothing would have changed between us." Excepting on the off chance you think I am human...then people would be sent into the woods to search for the six year old boy and I cannot have that.' Ren thought.

On the ground, Krissa was staring at the tree with her mouth open. "Well? Did you think I would tell you my actual age, girl? If I am unwilling to even show you my body, then what would make you think I would tell you anything about myself?"

Krissa shook her head. "I just thought...maybe you would talk to me, open up a little. I'm not dumb you know, I noticed the past tense, which told me you did indeed have something happen in your childhood...and it made me think of how old you really are. I'd pegged you as 15 or 17, because of how you speak and act...but then I thought maybe you were younger, because you seem very curious about everything about you."
"Your logic would be infallible; if it were right. I am not old, but nor am I young, by your standards. Again, it does not matter."

" standards? What other standards would you use?"

'Gah ...She always picks up on the key words in my sentences...I should stop talking now. Why, why, does she insist on talking to me and asking questions? Does she even know how to be silent for any period of time? It is a complicated thing, this...I have to tread carefully. Now...what other standards would I use, besides Pokémon ages scales...Human age scales are out, since that is her standard...Augh, I've dug myself a hole, and only the tips of my ears are sticking out.' Ren sighed. Closing his eyes he said.

"Age differences...Pah, fine. I'm not as old as you, but I'm not a child, either." He said, a tinge of...defeat? Coloring his tone.

Krissa was thinking of almost the same thing, but her thoughts were going in an opposite direction. 'Why is he so quiet? Did I offend him, has he left? Why is he always so quiet anyway? Is he just not used to it, or does he simply not want to answer my questions? And what did he mean by my standards...what if...what if I have him all wrong? What if he isn't even...human? If I were to find out that he's an alien or something, like Deoxys? Would I still come here to talk to him?' She paused for a minute. 'Yes. I would. Even if he might not be human, he is still lonely inside, I think, and wants some company. I mean, everyone needs a friend, and this guy...Ren, doesn't seem to have any. Should I ask him if he has any? No, that would be rude. But maybe...after he accepts me as a friend, ill ask him.'

Startled, she realized he had said something. "Hmm? I'm sorry, I didn't catch that." She said, staring at the tree he was supposedly in. She paused, getting a confused look. Something seemed...different about the tree.

She stared at a patch of blue that stared her in the face...Maybe she was wrong about the shirt color. Maybe it was blue, not brown or green. So maybe... She blinked. It had moved, and was suddenly...gone. Just...a blink and it was gone. He was really fast. Krissa thought, searching for him in the trees. Getting up, she moved towards the tree where she had thought she had seen him.

In a new tree, Ren watched her silently. That...was close. He was sure she had seen him, and had moved accordingly, to the next few trees over, now behind her. She walked over to the tree and peered up at it. Ren could see the processes going on in her mind. "I said; I'm not as old as you, but I am not a child, either. And that is pointless, trying to see me."

Krissa whirled around, now peering into the trees behind her. "How do you do that?"

"Do what?" Ren deadpanned. Oh, he knew what she was talking about, but he rather like this game of hawk and sparrow.

"Just...up and disappear like that. It's unnerving, but it explains how you can walk so quietly, you must have very good balance."

"I do. I was born with it, and other things besides." Such as a furry tail, tall ears and a muzzle.' Ren smirked, amused with his own thoughts.

"Oh. So… wait, you're younger then me? I'm only thirteen! And you live out here, alone? That's...not healthy." Krissa said, almost...outraged, Ren realized. Did she really and truly care for him, even though she had only known him for three days? Ren's expression, currently a scowl, softened.

Bit by bit, this girl was gaining his trust. And... That was one of the last things he wanted. He had lost all trust in humans long ago, within three weeks of him evolving. Quickly learning that all humans were out to capture him, or hurt him, or hurt his family… Yes, he had a family. Simple memories now, simple memories and scars.

He had fled to the woods, leaving his trust behind. Really, he had hoped that he would find someone who about him, who would hold the Riolu in a Lucario's body and say; 'Shh, it's alright. I'll take care of you.' But it was not to be. At least, not yet. The first human he met had tried to capture him, sending out a weird Pokémon he had never seen before. He would learn later it was called a Froslass. He shivered, memories of cold flooding his mind. His first battle had not been pleasant, nor had his second...or his third. And after his eighteenth battle with a human who had wanted him simply because Lucario were rare, he had snapped. Ignoring the Rhydon charging at him he had sent an aura sphere at the trainer, sending him flying into a lake. The Rhydon had turned in mid-charge and ran into the lake, fishing the unconscious trainer out, while he walked away, unscathed in body...but not in mind. At that instant he resolved to never trust a trainer, nor anyone who saw him as a tool, or an item.

He had known he would never find that person who would care for him like a parent. He could hardly remember his own, having been torn away from his home at so early an age. He remembered with perfect clarity how old he had been when he evolved. Three months, probably the youngest Lucario ever, and he had had almost no childhood before he was forced to grow up. Well. Besides pranking his teacher and running around loose with his brother...

He smirked, and closed his eyes, noticing it was quiet. Too lazy to open them, he let his sensors rise and felt around for her, Krissa. Ah. She was leaning against the tree where he had been previously, her eyes closed. Raising a non-existent eyebrow, he leaned in closer. Was she alright? Shaking his head, he cleared his mind of such thoughts. Why would he care if she was alright? He should not care. Would not allow himself to, anyway. She was probably just sleeping. A pause.

Taking a chance, he hopped down from the branch and walked towards her, his mind racing. If her eyes snapped open...she would be able to see him, in all his scarred glory. He was sure she would recognize him...after all, what had happened in Canalave city was no small thing. And she would stand up, maybe gasp, and then run. He would have to leave, to go into hiding, because almost certainly... he... would hear, and...And his life would be shattered. There would be people sent after him, and he would be captured. Best case scenario... he would be praised for fighting the gang, and showered with questions and gifts; which he would have no idea what to do with.

Worst case...

The wrong people found him. There was a reason he went into hiding. Too many people, all wanting the same thing. Him.

As he reached the girl, he bent over and looked her over. She was indeed sleeping, just like she had on that first day, as he carried her through the pouring rain, flinching every time there was a lightning bolt. He had staunched the bleeding on her wrist and head, and had laid her in his hammock. Then he had sat in a tree...and waited. As he stared at her, he noticed some things. For one, she had not been lying about having no Pokémon. He could not see the slightest inkling of the red and white death spheres. Maybe that was why he stuck around. It would be so easy to just leave, right now. But every other human he had met had been a trainer, out to get him.

She was not, and therefore, much, much less of an immediate threat. He doubted he would have brought her to his home if she had been carrying poke balls, just to the path or to the edge of Celestic town. He often wondered if he should have done that anyway. His thoughts were interrupted as she stirred, moving an arm to her front instead of the side. He froze, then inched around to her side, and around to the back of the tree. He peered around it, in time to see her eyes open. Then, noticing his paw prints on the ground, he pressed a paw to his forehead. 'Careless! I am indeed careless for making such a mistake.' He thought, in anger. He watched as she sat up and yawned.

Glancing at the trees and bushes, she frowned. Surely, he would be gone now. She stared at the ground, berating herself for falling asleep. Just when he had begun to open up to her. Wondering why he had taken so long to answer, she thought maybe he had left, offended by her question. Getting off the ground and dusting herself off, she turned to leave...coming around the tree. Hearing a rustling sound and a thump, she froze. Slowly she lifted her eyes to the tree branches above her. Was it possible he had actually stayed? And watched her sleep? She wouldn't put it past him; he appeared to have a lot of patience. Or maybe he just had a lot of things to think about. Shrugging, she continued on, deciding that if Ren wanted her to stay, he would tell her so.

Above her, Ren sighed. Having heard her walk around the tree, he had reacted instantly, a habit whenever he was in danger of being seen, jumping straight up; An easy feat for him, even if he had jumped almost thirty feet in the air, grabbing a branch higher off the ground then the others. He had hung onto it with both paws, watching her as she shrugged and continued walking. Ren swung, once, twice, three times, then he swung up and over the branch, landing on it with his feet, watching her walk away. Making a split second decision, he leapt after her. Maybe he would follow her...He was curious, after all. Where did she live? Did she have family? A brother? He didn't know, but he would find out. Besides; The information might come in use one day. If he was knocked out, for instance. He would presumably wake in her house, and he would know where he was. ' keep telling yourself that.' he thought. 'You just want to make sure she gets home.'

Ren shook his head; dispelling such thoughts and in the process, lost his footing, stumbling and grabbing onto a branch in front of him to keep him from falling, ending up almost parallel to the ground, and coming eye to eye with Krissa, who was staring up at the trees near where he was. 'Great...You are definitely not very stealthy today.' He told himself. She narrowed her eyes, and appeared to stare right through him. He thanked Arceus that his blue merged with the sky, and the yellow merged with a sunbeam...but the black on him was quite hard to hide in broad daylight. He watched, in horror as she sat down, and peered straight at him. 'Gaah! No, get up! Move, look away or something! I don't want to hang here all day!' He complained in his mind. But she didn't. Instead, she just laid back on her back and stared at where she thought he was. Ren sighed inwardly, resigning himself to hanging vertically for a while. Good thing he had lots of patience. Right?

Krissa peered at the trees. Having heard a very large rustle, which shook leaves down onto her, she wondered if Ren...or something was following her. Maybe it was the Umbreon? But as far as she knew, Umbreon weren't tree climbers. She knew that Ren liked to sit in trees, and so she lay on her back and searched the leaves for anything. This boy...he was very mysterious. He was apparently younger then her, he was living in the trees, maybe had a bad childhood, but spoke like an adult. He knew more words then she did. Remembering him telling her that her logic was 'infallible', she wondered what that meant, but assumed it had something to do with strong. She watched as a leaf fluttered down and landed on her chest. Getting an idea, she got out her sketchbook and started sketching out the trees above her. She may have been sketching out a tree, but it was good practice. So saying, she happily started drawing.

Above her, Ren sweat dropped, closing his eyes and hanging a little lower, slipping a little. He sighed. Krissa again looked up. After twenty or so minutes, Ren's arms were shaking. 'Go...look away. Blink! Just...stop...staring up here!' he thought, becoming a tad panicked. 'What if I fall? She will see me for sure...I need to end this...If only...If only they were still here...They would help...I know it. They would make her leave, make her stop pestering me..." His eyes closed as he remembered her voice, the touch of her hand on his shoulder.

'...Why?!' His eyes snapped open, the redness becoming harsher. 'I...Have no choice...' He sighed, closing his eyes again.
As he opened his mouth to speak, to tell her she caught him, and if she could look away…. He would reveal himself.

And then…

She stopped and put her pencil in her pocket. 'Thank Arceus!' Ren thought, as she stood, and turned around. He let her walk a little distance away, before he let himself fall, twisting around in midair to land on a branch a good 20 feet below him. Noting his arms, which were throbbing, Ren sighed. He would be sore in the morning. Heck, he was sore now. Almost a half hour of holding his full body weight up, adjacent to the ground had left them very shaky and cold. Rubbing them to get circulation back he padded off, being careful to not stumble again. After nearly a half hour of a pace almost too slow for him, really, for him the trip would take ten minutes, Krissa arrived at the gates to Celestic town. He stayed in the trees, watching her to see which house she went in. 'Ah...the one in the far corner...With the blue mailbox.' So thinking, Ren turned and headed back to the woods. He had a lot to think about.