Summary: Duncan finds something that makes him rethink his position in Veronica's heart. Just a short something that popped into my head.

Note: Though D/V are an item here, this not really a Veronica/Duncan romance fic. I do not do that sort of thing.

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"So what do you think, you wanna see a movie or something?" Duncan asked.

"Sure." Replied Veronica. "What's playing?"

"Well, I here the new Jack Black movie is funny."

Veronica smiled. She knew what a fan her boyfriend was of the comedian. "Sounds good."

"Cool. I'll call and check for times." He flipped open his mobile and frowned. "Batteries dead." He pronounced. "Can I use yours?"

"Sure." Veronica handed him her phone.

"Thanks. Oh hey, looks like there are some people in desperate need of a table over there?" He nodded toward the entrance of the coffee bar.

Veronica twisted around to see the small group gathered there. She sighed dramatically, "A hostess' work is never done." She rose to her feet and smiled at Duncan. "I'll be right back."

Duncan watched her walk away, admiring her in her Java uniform. He thought she looked adorable in that little vest. It was because of this distraction that instead of hitting the call button he hit the pictures button instead.

He grinned at the photo of Veronica kissing the pink stuffed elephant he won her at the back to school carnival a few weeks ago. He scrolled to the next pic and his smile fell. It was of Logan. He was in his swim trunks by the pool at his house, posing for the camera in a muscle flexing pose with a stupid expression on his face. He was still bruised so Duncan knew it had been taken early in the summer. He went to the next pic. Again, there was Logan. Still by the pool, this time lounging on a chaise, and had his lips puckered toward the camera. He scrolled down again. Yet another photo featuring Logan this time with Veronica. It looked like the same day as the previous two. Logan still sporting his trunks, Veronica was in a bikini. He was standing behind her arms wrapped around her waist. He was kissing her neck. She was smiling, that big smile of her that made her eyes scrunch up.

So this was it. The proof. He had wondered a lot about if Veronica still had feelings for his ex-best friend. He thought her aggressive hated toward him seemed a bit overkill. He wondered if maybe it was a front for something else. And now he knew. She had to still have feelings for him. What other reason could she have for keeping these pictures? For Duncan, there was no other explanation. He let out a sort of sardonic chuckle. Man, what a fool he's been.

Deciding he was a glutton for punishment he was just about to see what other photo's Veronica had of her ex-boyfriend when her voice shook him out of it.

"So, did you get the info?" She asked sitting back down across from him.

He quickly snapped her phone closed. "Yeah," He said somberly, "I think I got the information I needed."

The End.

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