So, anyone remember the old Transformers Ladybird Books? If you don't, ask your grandparents. A while back I decided to write a couple of stories set in that continuity, using some characters they didn't use and setting them in the future. And I thought I might as well post the first one on here. All comments welcome.

Once long ago, a race of robot beings called Autobots were forced to wage war against their evil counterparts, the Decepticons, to bring peace to their home planet of Cybetron. When chance brought both sides to Earth, the war went on. Over the centuries, leaders have come and gone. Now the war has reduced both sides to a handful of robots on Cybertron but the Decepticons are determined to fight to the last. Can the Autobots end their menace once and for all?


In their base on Cybertron the Autobot leader, Springer, was consulting with his most important generals: Sandstorm, Scattershot and Rollbar. "All our intelligence indicates the Decepticons are holed up there,"he announced, gesturing to a position on a map.

"Then let's get in there and teach them a lesson!" Rollbar decided.

"That was my plan,"Springer confirmed,"I want to surround that base and catch them all unawares. This could be a chance for us to defeat the Decepticons once and for all."

"It's been a long time coming,"Scattershot agreed.

"Scattershot, Rollbar, I want you to prepare your teams. We will move out in one hour."

"What about me?"asked Sandstorm.

"You will remain here, Sandstorm.I want you to take charge of the base in my absence."

As Sandstorm left the meeting, he encountered Broadside in the corridor. "What's the news, Sandstorm?"he asked,"When do we move out?"

"We don't,"Sandstorm replied.

Broadside looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"You and I will stay here and guard the base."

"But Springer can't go without us!"Broadside protested,"This could be our best chance to finally defeat the Decepticons!"

"I know, Broadside,"Sandstorm agreed,"But Springer's the leader and these are his orders. We remain here."

Soon after, Springer had gathered together the two units of Autobots that he had chosen for his taskforce: the Technobots, Scattershot, Strafe, Nosecone, Lightspeed and Afterburner, and the Throttlebots, Rollbar, Wide Load, Chase, Searchlight and Freeway. "Remember, all of you,"he told them,"We may have the element of surprise but the Decepticons are no fools and nor will they try and go without a fight. All of you must be ready for a confrontation."

"We are ready, Springer,"Scattershot confirmed.

"I'm glad to hear it. Autobots…transform and roll out!"

As the taskforce departed, Sandstorm turned to the few Autobots remaining under his command. "All right. Let's make sure we're ready to mobilise if we're needed."

Chase did a wide circuit of the area in his car mode before returning to the other Autobots, transforming back into robot mode. "I saw no sign of any Decepticon lookouts,"he reported,"If they are in there, then they won't know we're here."

"So when do we get to start this fight?"asked Afterburner.

"Now,"Springer decided,"Autobots…to your positions and move in!"

The Autobots charged at the building from every direction. All entrances and exits were covered and the Autobots went in, following the corridors to the central chamber. They readied their weapons for the fight but there were no Decepticons in sight.

"Springer, there's no-one here,"Scattershot realised.

"We must have been misinformed,"Springer decided,"Prepare to withdraw back to the base."

At that moment, concealed panels throughout the room sprang open and Decepticons emerged. The Autobots were surrounded and opened fire at their enemies but, taken by surprise, they were soon overcome.

The Decepticon commander, Hun-Grr, surveyed his prisoners in triumph. "At last, Autobots, you are at my mercy!"

"We may be,"Springer accepted,"But other Autobots will rise up and defeat you!"

"You are a fool, Springer,"Hun-Grr replied,"I allowed you to believe this was the Decepticon base because I knew you would bring your mightiest warriors here to attack us. Now all of you are defeated. And the few Autobots you left behind will be no match for the Decepticons!"