Hun-Grr was preparing the Decepticons for combat when Blot came hurrying in. "Hun-Grr, we're being attacked by the Autobots!"

"By the Autobots?"Hun-Grr repeated,"I wouldn't have thought there'd be many of them left to attack us!"

"By the looks of things, there aren't,"Blot agreed,"I only saw two of them."

"Two or not, this hampers our plans,"Hun-Grr observed,"We have to get rid of those Autobots before we attack their base. Send in the Duocons!"

Transformed into their helicopter and jet modes, Sandstorm and Broadside were making strafing runs on the Decepticon base. "We aren't going to do much damage this way!"Broadside commented.

"We're not here to do damage,"Sandstorm reminded him,"We're here to get their attention."

"It looks like we've definitely done that!"Broadside realised, looking down below.

The two Duocons, Flywheels and Battletrap, emerged from the Decepticon base."Come on,"Flywheels declared,"Let's show those Autobots what having two different modes really means!"

As the Duocons transformed, each of them split in two, with Flywheels becoming a tank and a jet and Battletrap becoming a jeep and a helicopter. Their airborne forms took to the air to battle the two Autobots while their ground-based forms provided covering fire.

"This is starting to get a bit dicey,"Broadside observed.

"It doesn't matter,"Sandstorm replied,"All we have to do is give the Jumpstarters time to free the others."

The two Jumpstarters, Topspin and Twin Twist, had transformed into their vehicle modes. Twin Twist was using his drills to dig a tunnel through the ground to the Decepticon base, with Topspin following him through it. Finally, they hit empty air. Emerging from the hole they'd made, they transformed back to robot modes.

"If our guess is right,"Topspin observed,"then they'll be being held over there."

Twin Twist led the way and saw the cell area. Outside it were the two Decepticons Bomb-Burst and Submarauder. "It's there,"he confirmed,"But so are the Decepticons."

"Then let's get them out of the way!"Topspin declared.

The two Autobots rounded the corner, firing as they went. "Autobots!"Bomb-Burst shouted,"Where did they come from?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"Topspin retorted as he landed a punch that knocked Bomb-Burst out. Nearby, Twin Twist took care of Submarauder.

The two Autobots opened up the cell and Springer and the other captive Autobots came tumbling out. "Well done, you two,"Springer told them,"How did you get in?"

"Sandstorm and Broadside are creating a diversion,"Twin Twist explained,"It gave us a chance to tunnel our way in."

"That probably won't work for long,"Rollbar observed,"Hun-Grr isn't the most patient of robots."

"He'll send in every Decepticon he can find to bring them down,"Wide Load agreed.

"Then maybe we should give them a hand?"suggested Strafe.

"He's right,"Scattershot agreed,"I came here to bust some Decepticon heads and I haven't managed that yet."

"Agreed,"Springer told them,"Our friends need our help. Topspin, Twin Twist, show us this tunnel of yours. Then we can give Hun-Grr the fright of his life!"

Hun-Grr led the Decepticons out of the base, observing the airborne battle with frustration. He had not intended for it to continue as long as this. "Those Autobots are becoming too great a problem!"he decided, "Astrotrain, Octane-help them out!"

The two Decepticons transformed into jet mode and joined the battle in the sky.

At that moment, the other Autobots emerged from the tunnel and charged at the Decepticon position, weapons ready. "The battle will not be won today, Hun-Grr,"Springer declared,"We're leaving. Don't try and stop us."

"If you think I'm beaten, Springer,"Hun-Grr replied,"you are sadly mistaken. Terrorcons, combine to form Abominus!"

Cutthroat, Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin and Blot transformed and combined together with Hun-Grr to form the giant robot Abominus.

"Why don't you cut him down to size, Scattershot?"Springer suggested.

Scattershot needed no further encouragement. "Technobots, combine to form Computron!"

Lightspeed, Nosecone, Afterburner and Strafe mirrored the Terrorcons' movements and joined with Scattershot to form Computron, Abominus' opposite number.

"Meanwhile, I'll give Sandstorm and Broadside a hand,"Springer decided, transforming into helicopter mode and joining the battle in the air.

Skullgrin gestured to the Autobots left on the ground."Come on, let's deal with them!"

The Decepticon Pretenders present charged into battle but, with the Throttlebots now joined by the Jumpstarters, they were easily outnumbered and soon overcome. Similarly, with Springer adding his might to the aerial battle, the Duocons and the two Decepticon Triple Changers were soon defeated.

Only the two giant robots still remained fighting. "You forget you are fighting the greatest minds in the Decepticon army!"Abominus snarled.

"You are less than the sum of your parts,"Computron retorted and, with a mighty punch, knocked the other robot to the ground. Abominus broke apart, leaving the area scattered with battered Terrorcons.

"I think we'd better get out of here,"Springer decided,"They're unlikely to be in a good mood when they recover. Transform and roll for home!"

Later, when all the Autobots were back at base, Springer called Sandstorm in to see him. "You did well,"he told him,"Without your planning, we would never have escaped from the Decepticons."

"Maybe you should take me with you next time,"Sandstorm suggested.

"If I had taken you with me,"Springer replied,"you would only have been captured by the Decepticons with the rest of us."

"That's true,"Sandstorm was forced to conceed.

"If I ever leave you behind,"Springer explained,"it isn't because I don't believe you would be an asset on the mission. It's because I need someone I trust to keep an eye on the other Autobots. That is the make of a truly great second-in-command. And that, Sandstorm, is what you are."