Note: NSFW warning is probably not needed, but I'll give it anyways – Do not read in public and/or anywhere where you don't want people to know that you're reading smut. Porn. Erotica. Whatever. Enjoy. ;P




"Yes, to what, sweetheart?" Quinn asked softly, dragging the pad of her middle finger over Rachel's nipple. She had posed two options to the brunette and she wanted to be sure of what her lover was asking for.

"Yes, I think you should tie my hands to the bed," Rachel answered in a voice that was low and rough, and dripping with need. She held Quinn's questioning gaze unflinchingly and felt her heart skip a beat in anticipation when she saw the blonde smile and nod ever-so-slightly.

"Okay," Quinn murmured, sliding backwards off the foot of the bed and walking across the room to the dresser.

Brown eyes watched with rapt fascination as first one robe, then the other, was unfurled and the thin sash was stripped from the loops of each. Rachel licked her lips as she drank in the way the blonde's hips swayed as she returned to the bed, the thin white sashes from the robes dangling loosely from her fingertips, and she swallowed thickly as two toned, pale thighs straddled her waist.

"If it becomes too much, tell me to stop and I will," Quinn said, staring intently into Rachel's eyes as she looped one end of a sash around the brunette's right wrist.

"It won't," Rachel murmured, moving her left hand up to lie beside her right before the blonde could ask for it. She might not have any experience with this, but that didn't mean she didn't want it.

Quinn nodded and finished tying off Rachel's other wrist, slipping a finger between the fabric and her lover's skin to make sure that it wasn't too tight. Pleased with what she found, she climbed off of the brunette and knelt beside the bed, looping one end of the second sash around the leg of the bed frame and tying it around the metal support.

"What are you doing?" Rachel asked, craning her head to the side to see the blonde.

"There's no headboard," Quinn answered, tugging against the knot she'd made to make sure it would hold. "So I'm getting creative," she explained, smiling reassuringly as she got back to her feet and tied the free end of the sash in her hand around the material stretched between Rachel's arms. "You're going to have to turn on a bit of an angle," she murmured.

Rachel's brow furrowed for a moment before she understood what Quinn was asking of her, and she smiled bashfully as she shimmied across the bed until her hands were brushing the far left corner of the mattress. "Better?"

"Much," Quinn replied, as she pulled the sashes tight so that Rachel wouldn't be able to lift her hands to touch her. She gave the joined restraints a tug to check that they would hold and looked up to gauge Rachel's reaction to what was happening, "Okay?"

"Yes," Rachel answered, her eyes trained on Quinn's face. She bit her lip as a beatific smile shone down on her and moaned when the softest of kisses was pressed to the inside of her wrists, just below the sashes that were holding her in place. "Mmm, Quinn."

Quinn smiled and whispered, "I love you," as she pressed another kiss to Rachel's upturned wrists. Hazel eyes held brown captive as the blonde climbed onto the bed, once again straddling Rachel's hips as she brushed her lips down over the brunette's inner arms. She traced a line over Rachel's shoulder with her tongue, and chuckled softly as she finally lifted her head to claim the brunette's lips in a slow, deep, passionate kiss.

The kiss seemed to go on forever and when Quinn finally pulled away Rachel licked her lips and whimpered, "Please." She had been on edge before, but she was surprised by how much more intense even a simple kiss was when she was bound like this. She was completely blown away by how much more strongly her body reacted when she wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch the blonde but couldn't.

"Patience," Quinn murmured, smiling as she pushed herself up onto her hands and eased her knees between the brunette's legs.

Rachel spread her legs willingly, giving Quinn more than enough room, and felt herself grow wetter as she watched the blonde sit back on her heels between her legs, dark hazel eyes focusing on her dripping sex. The sight of Quinn's tongue sweeping slowly across her perfect, heart-shaped lips sent a wave of desire through Rachel and she was helpless to stop her hips from rolling toward the blonde beseechingly, giving her an even better view of exactly how turned-on she was.

"Jesus," Quinn muttered. She sucked her lip between her teeth and let it drag slowly out as she stared at Rachel. "So beautiful," she murmured quietly to herself as she reached out and ran her hands up and down the brunette's inner thighs, spreading her open wider beneath her. She licked her lips again as she brushed her thumbs over the soft skin at the very apex of Rachel's thighs, and forced herself to pull away as a low, keening moan rumbled in the brunette's throat. "Soon," she promised, her voice low and rough.

She would get there, but first she wanted to tease. To worship. She smiled as she pitched forward to capture Rachel's mouth with her own, bracing her hands outside the brunette's upstretched arms as she rocked into the kiss and thrust her tongue greedily into Rachel's mouth.

Gasping for air, she finally broke away and she felt her stomach clench at the sight of Rachel's lust darkened eyes and kiss swollen lips. "God, do I love you," she murmured as she slid down Rachel's body, letting her lips drag over the sensitive skin of the brunette's throat. She swallowed thickly as she opened her mouth wider to rake her teeth over Rachel's clavicle, knowing that the rougher touch did wonderful things to her body, before she moved on, peppering light kisses down the plane of her chest until her chin brushed against the swell of Rachel's breast.

Rachel whimpered as Quinn's tongue painted a broad swipe across her already peaked nipple. "More," she grunted, arching off of the mattress in an attempt to force more of herself into the blonde's mouth.

"Patience," Quinn purred, even as she moved to take the erect bud between her lips. She spread her own legs wider to hold Rachel open beneath her as she suckled, nipped, and licked at first one nipple, and then the other, taking her time and bringing both to a state of throbbing arousal.

Unable to move her hands because of the ties holding them above her head, Rachel lifted her legs off the bed and wrapped them around Quinn's waist. She pulled down with her feet, trying to force the blonde into her, and she groaned when she felt Quinn pull away completely. "Quinn!"

The blonde chuckled softly and pushed herself up to kiss the brunette softly. "Yes?"

Rachel bucked her hips beneath the blonde beseechingly. "Touch me, baby. Please!"

"Soon." Quinn dropped one last kiss to Rachel's lips and then began kissing her way down the brunette's body, through the valley between her breasts and lower, over toned abs and past the point of a hip, until she was nestled between her legs. She looked up into desire-blown eyes and smiled. "Soon," she promised again.

Rachel groaned and rolled her hips up into the blonde as she whined, "Quinn!"

"I know," Quinn murmured, dipping down to press a light kiss to Rachel's stomach. "I know," she said as she sat back up and winked at the brunette.

Rachel groaned as she watched Quinn sit up between her legs and she couldn't contain the plaintive whimper that fell from her lips as she watched the blonde move further down the bed.

That was most definitely not what she wanted.

Quinn smiled softly and mouthed 'I love you' as she lifted the brunette's left leg to her lips. She closed her eyes she ran the tip of her tongue around the ball of Rachel's ankle and hummed softly as she wrapped her lips around the joint and sucked against it lightly.

Rachel arched off the bed as a jolt of electricity coursed through her from the surprisingly erotic touch and she whimpered when the blonde's teeth raked over the bone. "Fuck."

Quinn smiled at the expletive and moved her lips higher by only a fraction, the corner of her mouth still brushing against the brunette's ankle as she kissed her again. She worked higher and higher up Rachel's leg, moving forward by millimeters as she blazed an agonizingly sensual trail over perfect olive-toned skin. She stopped and paid special attention to every spot that made the brunette moan throatily, and spent more than a few minutes teasing the back of her knee before she finally moved on. Higher she went, each kiss placed closer to the last as she took her time enjoying the feeling of Rachel's skin against her lips, the sound of the brunettes whimpers and moans, and the sweet, musky smell of her arousal that grew stronger and more heady the closer she got to her center.

Rachel groaned as she felt the tip of Quinn's tongue trace the line where her leg and torso met. Every one of the blonde's touches was more intense than she'd ever expected they'd be and she couldn't contain the helpless pleas and whimpers that were spilling from her lips as Quinn teased her to near insanity. She writhed as the blonde's breath fell in heated waves over her throbbing sex, so close and yet so incredibly, frustratingly far from where she needed her. She bucked on the mattress and tugged futilely at her restraints, wanting nothing more than to tangle her fingers in Quinn's hair and force the blonde's mouth onto her. She was so wet now, so ready, that she could feel it dripping down onto the bed beneath her, and yet Quinn seemed content to continue to tease her.

She pulled again at her restraints as she rolled her hips hard toward the blonde's mouth and groaned loudly when she felt her pull away. "Quinn!" she yelled, canting her hips upwards once more.

The blonde made a small noise of agreement as she leaned in and pressed a soft, lingering kiss to the brunette's mound. She nuzzled the soft curls adoringly and had to bite back her own whimper when she pulled away because being that close to what she wanted and forcing herself to hold off was torture.




But she knew her restraint would be worth it in the end, so she licked her lips and moved back down the bed until she was once again kneeling between Rachel's feet. She glanced up at Rachel's face as she wrapped her left hand around the brunette's right ankle and lifted it to her mouth with a murmured, "I love you."

"Goddamn," Rachel muttered, lifting her head off of the bed enough to look into Quinn's eyes as the blonde's tongue began painting soft circling around her ankle. She tugged at her restraints again and groaned in annoyance when they held.

She just wanted to touch.

Strike that… she just wanted to be touched.

Yes, that was what she wanted.


But Quinn was content to lazily work her way up her leg again. She swore softly with each brush of lips against her skin, and moaned wantonly whenever she felt the swipe of a tongue or the gentle nip of teeth. Every connection of the blonde's mouth against her was electric, causing her clit to jump and her heart to skip a beat. Her nipples were so painfully hard that she found herself arching her chest forward, blindly searching for some kind of friction even though she knew, physically, intuitively, cogently knew that Quinn was between her legs and unable to touch her breasts because the blonde's nimble tongue was busy drawing what felt like hearts behind her knee.

"Fuck, baby, please," Rachel whimpered as Quinn's lips brushed over the knob of her knee and she groaned as she felt the faintest flick of a tongue teasing her inner thigh. It was heaven. It was hell. It was so goddamn excruciatingly pleasurable that she felt like when Quinn did finally touch her that she'd come in an instant.

Quinn, for her part, was having similar problems containing her arousal and had to stop herself, on several occasions, from grinding herself onto the bedding as her body sought its own release. The scent of Rachel's arousal surrounded her the further up the brunette's body she traveled and she found herself repeatedly licking her lips as her mouth watered, wanting to taste the source of the sweet nectar. She pushed the brunette's legs open wider, marveling in the Broadway star's flexibility, and groaned as she trailed her thumbs over full, outer lips. "My Rachel."

"Yours, all yours," Rachel mewled, her hips bucking wildly as she sought some sort of contact. She tugged again at her restraints as she pleaded, "Touch me, Quinn. Please touch me."

"Fucking gorgeous," Quinn muttered under her breath as she extended her tongue to deliver the lightest of licks to the brunette's clit. She had to fight to keep Rachel's legs from closing around her head as she dipped her tongue down to lave a broad swipe through dripping, swollen folds. She moaned at the taste of the brunette's desire and wasted no time repeating the movement, again laying a solid swipe up through intimate lips.

"God yes," Rachel cried out, her hips rolling up into Quinn as she wrapped her hands around the soft sash restraining her. Her forearms flexed as she used the material holding her as leverage to work her hips harder and faster against the blonde's mouth, the white-hot tingling sensation of her impending climax spreading through her belly, up into her chest, and down into her thighs as Quinn's tongue continued to move against her. A low, rumbling, primal scream tore itself from her throat as the blonde's tongue pushed inside her, and her hips bucked so hard that she was literally arched off the bed, her ass hanging in midair as she tried to take Quinn deeper. "Fuck," she gasped, as Quinn's hands latched onto her ass, holding her up against the blonde's mouth as she began slowly fucking her with her tongue.

A particularly feral scream pulled Quinn's eyes up onto Rachel's face and she faltered for a moment at the unfettered pleasure and desire she could see etched into the brunette's features. Wanting to extend the moment for as long as possible, she pulled back, wincing slightly at the desperate gasp that fell from Rachel's lips, and kissed her way up the brunette's sweat-slicked, heaving body. She used her knees to keep the brunette's legs from closing as she braced herself above the gasping woman and dipped her head down to claim her lips in a slow, deep, lingering kiss.

Rachel moaned at the taste of herself on Quinn's tongue and broke away with a grunt. The kiss was nice, but she needed more. "Quinn," she said, her voice a unique blend of determined, annoyed, and pleading.

Quinn hummed softly. "You are so fucking beautiful, Rach," she murmured, as she dipped her chin and kissed the brunette softly. She smiled into the kiss as Rachel made a small sound of annoyance but she swallowed it eagerly as she eased her right hand between their bodies. She chuckled when she felt Rachel buck in surprise against her hand as she dipped her middle finger between the brunette's swollen lips, collecting the arousal that was pooled there on the pad of her finger before moving to rub broad, soft circles against the writhing woman's clit. "I love you."

"Please Quinn," Rachel whimpered, rolling her hips against Quinn's hand, trying to force the blonde into a firmer touch.

"I love looking at you like this," Quinn murmured, licking her lips as her eyes raked over the brunette's face. She eased her teasing fingers lower to press lightly against Rachel's opening. "Flushed and wanting like this," she continued, her voice low and dripping of sex as she thrust into the brunette to the first knuckle. "Bucking, writhing beneath me as I work you closer and closer to the edge."

Rachel groaned and did as Quinn described, rocking her hips upwards hard as she squirmed beneath her.

"Mmm, just like that," Quinn confirmed throatily. "So fucking sexy. How in the world I managed to get you to love me I'll never know-" she began really thrusting into the brunette "-but I swear that I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel how much I love you."

The room filled with the wet, desperate sounds of sex as Quinn worked Rachel higher and higher, the brunette's keening wails growing in volume until with a final thrust, one last slap of the blonde's palm against her clit, she came undone with a strangled scream.

"So beautiful," Quinn murmured adoringly. She sighed as she dipped her head to brush a soft kiss across Rachel's lips as she gentled her touch to ease the brunette through her release.

"God… Quinn… Love you… So much…" Rachel gasped, as she continued to tremble with the force of her climax. There was a faint buzzing in her ears that was growing louder and louder the longer her orgasm continued to roll through her and she felt herself growing distinctly lightheaded, even as she continued to buck against Quinn's hand, trying to draw out her release for as long as possible. "OH HOLY FUCK!" she grunted in surprise when a second orgasm ripped through her, sending the buzzing in her ears to a deafening level as the room around her disappeared into a warm, comforting black fog.

Realizing that Rachel wasn't completely with her, Quinn wiped her hand off on the sheets and moved to untie the brunette's bonds. Once the delicate wrists were free, she pressed a soft kiss to the inside of each and moved Rachel's arms so that they weren't extended above her head. She knew that the brunette had been pulling at the restraints a little and she wanted to make sure that when Rachel did come back around that she would be as comfortable as possible. She settled beside her half-coherent lover and ran a comforting hand over her body, lightly stroking everywhere she could reach as she waited for the brunette to come back to her.

When Rachel did finally return from the clouds, she was greeted with a soft smile and an even softer kiss. She smiled as she reached up to cradle Quinn's cheek in her hand and let out a quiet purr of contentment. "Wow."

Quinn chuckled and nodded, leaning in and capturing the brunette's lips in another kiss. "Indeed. How are you feeling?"

"Mmm," Rachel hummed. "Amazing, actually. That was… you were…wow."

"I'm glad," Quinn murmured.

"How are you feeling?" Rachel asked knowingly.

"I'm fine," Quinn lied.

"Liar," Rachel chortled, as she shifted so that she was laying properly on the bed. What she had in mind would work better if she wasn't angled across the mattress. "Come here."

Quinn moved with Rachel and smiled and kissed her tenderly. "I am here, sweetheart."

Rachel rolled her eyes and swatted a hand at the blonde's hip. "Smartass. Come on, sweetheart. Up. Hands on the…" her voice trailed off as she craned her head back to look at the wall behind them. There wasn't a proper headboard, just a fabric-covered padded piece of wood that was bolted to the wall in place of one. "Put your hands on the wall and get those lovely thighs of yours around my face."

"You're sure?" Quinn whispered, smiling as she flicked her tongue across the brunette's lips.

A huff of playful annoyance spilled from the brunette's lips as she slapped at the blonde again. "Yes. Now… move, Fabray." She smiled as she watched Quinn nod and pushed herself up onto her knees, and she lifted her hands to stroke the back of the blonde's thighs as the former Cheerio moved into position. "Oh wow," she murmured, completely awestruck as Quinn settled above her face.

Quinn glanced down at her lover and asked, "Okay?"

"Mmm, yes," Rachel purred, her eyes locked on the blonde's wet, swollen center. She was more than okay, she was absolutely fucking perfect. It was like she was seeing Quinn for the first time. It wasn't the first time she had seen this part of the blonde, of course, but there was something incredibly different about doing so from this angle. It was like all of Quinn was on display for her and it was absolutely breathtaking. She slid her hands up over the backs of the blonde's thighs to her ass and gave it a squeeze as she pulled what she wanted closer, and she moaned at the feeling of Quinn's thighs brushing against her cheeks as the blonde lowered herself to her waiting mouth.

Quinn groaned at the first flick of Rachel's tongue against her. Though she had cooled off a little when Rachel had been out of it, her body was still primed and oh-so-ready to let go. "Fuck, Rach. Yes," she murmured as she rolled her hips back so that the brunette's mouth would be where she needed it.

Fucking glorious, Rachel thought as Quinn's hips began rocking against her mouth. She squeezed the cheeks under her hands, encouraging the blonde's movement as she drowned in the scent and taste of her; the sensation of the bed beside her head dipping with Quinn's movement, the feeling of soft skin brushing against her cheeks.

It was heaven.

A loud, low moan from Quinn drew Rachel's eyes upwards and the brunette felt her breath hitch in her throat at what she saw. Quinn's palms were pressed flat to the wall above the bed for support and her head was thrown back in pleasure. Defined abs clenched and moved in time with the hips rocking against her mouth and the blonde's breasts, which Rachel always loved to look at, to touch, to suckle, were on perfect display because of the way Quinn's back was arched forward. Rachel groaned against Quinn's sex as her eyes landed on the blonde's erect nipples that seemed to be begging for her attention and she instinctively reached up to cover them with her hands. She pinched the buds roughly as she sucked hungrily against the blonde's clit, drawing a gasp of surprise from her hovering lover and she smiled when dark hazel eyes flashed down to look at her.

Rachel hummed encouragingly against the bundle of nerves captured between her lips and gave it another gentle suck as she began tapping the tip of her tongue against it in time with her fingers that were pinching and rolling Quinn's nipples.

A rich, guttural groan spilled from Quinn's lips as the blonde dropped her left hand to tangle her fingers in Rachel's hair. She fisted the strands lightly, holding the brunette where she needed her as she rocked her hips harder against her mouth. "I'm so close. Fuck that feels good."

Determined to push Quinn over the edge, Rachel began sucking hungrily against the blonde's clit and relentlessly lashing the bud with her tongue. Quinn's hips began moving harder and faster against her mouth and she somewhat regretfully released the blonde's breasts and dropped them to her hips to try and control her movement. She gripped Quinn's hips almost roughly as she fought to slow their frantic rocking and she groaned as she pulled her mouth away enough to husk, "You look so fucking sexy right now," before she dove back in, no longer focusing on the bundle of nerves but instead running her tongue everywhere, pressing up hard into whatever Quinn moved into her touch.

"Please, Rach," Quinn groaned, her eyes closing as her body fought to find its release. It was there, just out of reach but she could feel it getting closer with every swipe of Rachel's tongue. "Please make me come, Rachel. Fuck, I'm so close. Please baby. Please make me come. Please make me come. Oh god, Rachel, please baby. Please… please… please… OH FUCK YES!"

Rachel moaned as she felt the blonde clench and tremble above her and she lapped eagerly at the sticky-sweet moisture that spilled from her. She loosened her hold on her hovering lover's hips and ran her hands back up to Quinn's breasts, palming the mounds roughly and rubbing her thumbs over the nipples.

Quinn grunted and groaned as she rode out her orgasm and when it finally faded, she gingerly pushed herself up off of Rachel's face and moved to lay beside the grinning brunette. Too spent to do more than cuddle, she wrapped herself around her lover's smaller frame and held on tight.

The Broadway star could tell that Quinn needed a moment to come down from her high, so she just wrapped her arms around the gasping blonde's body and pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead. "You are so beautiful," she murmured, smiling when she was answered with an unintelligible hum.

Finally, Quinn managed to find the energy to croak, "Oh my god."

Rachel laughed and nodded as she reached up to brush the blonde's hair off of her face. "I agree, sweetheart."

Quinn moaned softly and nuzzled the brunette's cheek affectionately. "I am never giving you up, you know."

"Good." Rachel dipped her head down to capture the blonde's lips in a lazy kiss. "I'm not planning on letting you go anywhere either. For better or for worse, Quinn Fabray, you are stuck with me for the rest of your life."

A broad, beaming smile tweaked Quinn's lips at Rachel's declaration, loving the way the brunette chose words that were commonly used in wedding vows. "What about for richer or poorer?"

Rachel laughed and rolled so that she was laying on top of the blonde. "I don't know about that one," she said, smiling down into warm hazel eyes. "I'm kind of high maintenance. How poor are we talking?"

Quinn laughed and wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist as she lifted her head off of the bed to capture her lips in a lingering kiss. "I love you so much," she murmured, when they finally broke apart.

"I love you too, baby," Rachel whispered, as she dipped her head down and reclaimed Quinn's lips in a deep, passionate kiss.