This story is based on the Silence of the Lambs. Elena Gilbert is an FBI trainee who is sent to talk to infamous serial killer Damon Salvatore in the insane asylum asking for help on a case she's working on. But will her connection to him be more than she can handle?

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Killer's Insight

Part 1

FBI Headquarters-Washington DC

FBI trainee Elena Gilbert was just finishing her 5-mile run when one of her FBI trainee friends, Anna, ran beside her.

"Elena…Dr. Saltzman wants to see you in his office right away," Anna told her, trying to keep up with Elena's brisk pace.

"Ok, thanks Anna," and with that, she ran off the path to the sideward toward the main FBI building.

Elena had been training for about 3 years now to be an FBI agent. It took many hours of studying and even more hours for actual training. But it was all worth it.

Her father had been a small-town cop all his life and she remembered him coming home every evening after work when she was a young girl. Those memories always brought both happiness and pain to her.

Running until she reached the front entrance, she slowed down to a walk before entering. She passed offices and took the elevator up to the 5th floor. She was wondering what Dr. Saltzman could possibly want with her. Maybe he had an assignment for her, and that was her ticket to graduating with a promise of a job on the FBI team.

When she reached his office, she knocked.

"Come in please," a voice called from within.

Entering, she saw Dr. Alaric Saltzman, head of the department of criminal psychology of the FBI, sitting at his desk looking at a report.

Looking up he smiled at her. "Elena, please come sit down. I have something important I must discuss with you."

Sitting down, she smiled at him. "I must say I was surprised when you called me here. Is there something we need to discuss?"

"Actually, there is. I just got a report on a case the FBI is currently investigating. I must warn you though, agent Gilbert, that the contents of this case must remain confidential and the nature of it is, well, somewhat gruesome."

Elena waited for him to continue.

Dr. Saltzman was hesitant for a moment.

"Well, the reason why I called you here is because I have a favor to ask of you."

Elena's eyebrow rose. "Whatever it is, I'm up for the challenge sir." And it was true, if she pleased Mr. Saltzman in her assignments and tasks while in FBI training, she would graduate with full recommendations.

"I'm sure you're aware of the new serial killer named Buffalo Bill. He's killed a total of 10 women so far and skins them alive. We are currently reviewing the case but have absolutely no leads. We're stuck."

Elena nodded in understanding. She had been keeping up with the newspapers but didn't know the full details of the case.

"How can I help sir."

"Well, we need insight from a certain someone, someone who has experience in these kinds of killings…" he was looking down at the papers on his desk now.

"So why hasn't this person been interviewed? We need to catch this guy before he kills again," Elena exclaimed, trying to reason with her advisor.

"Well, he doesn't talk to just anybody. He's being kept in the maximum-security insane asylum prison in Baltimore. He's highly educated and extremely intelligent, one of the reasons we had trouble catching him."

"Who is it, sir? And what does he have to do with the case?" Elena was curious now.

Alaric stared at her for a moment. "Agent Gilbert, are you at all familiar with Damon Salvatore?"

That name made Elena's heart stop. Her eyes grew wider with her fear at the mention of his name.

"I…I'm familiar with him sir. Wasn't he the serial killer who kidnapped women and (gulp) drank their blood. He was nicknamed Dracula Salvatore if I recall." She shivered. She had seen pictures of him in the newspapers after he was caught. While being an exceptionally beautiful man, he had the eyes of ice and a reputation for being unmerciful to his victims.

"That's exactly who I'm talking about. And he prefers to be called Dr. Damon Salvatore. He graduated with a PhD. in psychology when he was only 22 years old. He's killed 30 people that we know of and that number is probably a lot more. We don't know when he started killing but he's an expert at it. We were wondering if someone talked to him, and showed him the case maybe he can help us figure this guy out and catch him." There, he had told her and said it all.

"Forgive me for speaking so bluntly, but why haven't you talked to him or someone else in authority?" She was curious as to why he was bringing this up.

"Well, I've tried talking to him. He hates people of authority or people who try to study him. He needs to see someone that he doesn't know-you, agent Gilbert."

Elena's mouth opened in shock. He was asking her? What in the world could she possibly do to make this monster talk to her?

"I'm sorry sir but I have to say something," she managed to squeak out.

"Speak freely Agent Gilbert."

"I'm not sure how to feel about this. You want me to go talk to him, that's it?"

"Yes, see what he says. Chances are he'll be more helpful to a beautiful lady such as yourself than to me or anybody else in the FBI."

Elena thought about it for a moment. She was scared out of her mind that she was going to meet a real serial killer. Then again, she had to get used to it-she'd be dealing with them for the rest of her career. What could one little conversation with this man hurt?

"Alright sir, I'll do it. If it will help the case."

Alaric smiled. "Excellent. Report to the Baltimore asylum tomorrow morning and come back and to tell me what he said."

Elena left the office feeling excited…and terrified out of her mind.

Next chapter she'll meet the infamous Damon Salvatore. Stay tuned…