Well, this is the end of the first story in this series. I am beginning to write a SEQUEL and should have the first chapter up later next week. I'll let as many of you know as soon as it's up.

I just wanted to say thank you all for your love and support. I love writing and whenever I get positive feedback (all of it has been positive so far), this really encourages me to continue. So thank you so much for all your wonderful reviews and taking the time to send them! Thank you : )

This is the epilogue, but the sequel is under way as we speak. Enjoy this ending and prepare for a new beginning.

Epilogue—A New Life

3 Months Later

Ernie, prison guard at Baltimore Asylum, was enjoying his vacation in Florence, Italy. In the summer, it was especially nice; the fresh breeze, the hot sun, the lively local market full of vendors selling their food and specialties. The atmosphere was just perfect.

He was passing a stand selling fruit when he noticed a couple a few feet away, holding each other closely. They were next to one of the stands. The woman was wearing a pale yellow sundress, a hat, sunglasses and had wavy long dark brown hair. The man was wearing khaki pants, a light button up shirt and a hat as well. If you looked closely, you could tell he had dark hair underneath his hat.

Ernie was fascinated by the couple. He was sure they looked familiar…

It wasn't until he looked more closely that he noticed the bump the woman had under her sundress. She was very pregnant for sure. Her lover stooped down to her stomach, kissing it and rubbing it gently, much to the woman's delight. Her smile widened at the sweet gestures. He stood back up and kissed her gently on the lips, holding her face and looking at her with an intimate look only lovers share.

He watched the man wrap his arms around the girl's shoulders. Ernie was about to turn away when he stopped after he got a good look at the man as they walked past him.

It was none other than Damon Salvatore himself. And now he had no doubt that the woman with him was Elena Gilbert, former FBI and was on the missing person's database.

Ernie's shock must have shown on his face. His mouth was gaping open and closed like a fish.

Damon turned his head, his all-to-familiar icy blue eyes staring right at Ernie. His breath caught in his throat as fear started taking effect in his heart.

Then he smirked at Ernie, tipping his hat toward him in greeting and leaving him in a continuous state of shock. Then he held Elena to his side and continued walking down the street, the rest of the world completely oblivious to his dangerous presence in their world.

The end….or not ; )